TruVision Review – 14 Things You Need to Know

TruVision Review 

											- 14 Things You Need to Know
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TruVision, or TruVision Health, claims to offer supplements that can balance out the body’s chemistry. They say their two-pill regimen can benefit “every system in the body,” so we had to investigate. Some of its components have research behind them, but is there enough to help EVERY system in the body truly?

On top of TruVision lacking supporting evidence to its claim, our research team had concerns about some of the ingredients due to reports of side effects.

We dove deep into the science and individual ingredients to see if this supplement is worth it. Here’s a summary of our findings to give you the low-down.

TruVision can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is TruVision?

TruVision Health LLC is located in Draper, Utah. The company sells TruVision supplement using a multilevel marketing platform.

The weight-loss product is a combination of two different TruVision supplements called Tru and Vy.

TruVision Health claims that both are natural supplements that can help you lose weight by “restoring your body chemistry to a state of equilibrium.” The two-pill regiment is promoted as the TruVision supplements to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and enhance mood.

Tru contains plant-based extracts. Vy claims to support optimal weight and energy production to help shed stubborn body fat and make you feel more energized.

These two TruVision supplements work together as a multipurpose low maintenance supplement to help you lose weight without any special diet requirements.

Update: As of May 2020, the  TruVision back office rebranded to become Truvy.

TruVision Health and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Though Truvy is the company’s new name, it has not been changed from TruVision Health on the BBB website. Their file is a little confusing because the customer review rating is 1.52/5 stars, based on 29 reviews. There have also been 97 complaints filed with the BBB closed in the past three years. We’re not sure why customer reviews aren’t taken into consideration by the Bureau.

Tru™ is their secret to supporting blood chemistry. It’s their famous truFIX® formula enhanced with 100% more Green Coffee Bean Extract and formulated using plant-based ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Magnesium, Raspberry Ketones, and Cinnamon. Tru™ supports all systems of the body and makes maintaining your general health easier than ever!

Vy™ (pronounced vee) is an excellent product packed with ingredients that can make you feel more naturally energized, optimize body fat, and suppress your appetite without feeling starved.

Truvy™ products are designed to amplify and support a healthy lifestyle.

TruVision products include:

  • Truvy Boost Drink
  • truFIX® Drink
  • His and Hers Dailies
  • reNU® Detox
  • Truvy truFIX®
  • truSLUMBER
  • Tru™
  • Probiotic Chews
  • Balance
  • truSLUMBER Gummy
  • VitaFIX Gummy
  • Truvy Protein Shake
  • VIBRANT Patch (Emotional Support)
  • HARMONY Patch (Progesterone)
  • Heart & Hydration™ Super Drink

Depending on the TruVision supplement, the packaging states for you to take two capsules per day. The company introduced the supplement line in 2014 as a means of supposedly increasing weight loss results.

Although they advertise their sales incentive program, you can purchase TruVision products on their website or other retailers.

We’re going to dig deep into the ingredients in these supplements, but first, let’s take a quick look at four ingredients commonly used in TruVision products.

TruVision Competitors

Plexus Slim
Thrive Patch
Advocare Spark

Other similar products: FatBlaster


Ingredients in TruVision Supplements

Some of the ingredients in TruVision products include:

  • Green tea extract
  • Dendrobium
  • Bitter orange
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Alpha-lipoic Acid
  • Chlorogenic Acid
  • Chromium
  • Cinnulin
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Selenium
  • Vanadium
  • Zinc

Does TruVision Work?

While no clinical research demonstrates Tru and Vy can produce the result the company claims, the reviews and reports on how well TruVision works are mixed at about 50/50.

However, some clinical research has suggested that some of the individual ingredients in TruVision products may help people lose weight.

Kinetiq is supported by over a dozen clinical trials that show the ingredient can safely enhance alertness and increase energy as well as increasing the thermogenesis, or calorie-burning, process. More recent studies have shown Kinetiq enhances overall training performance. But, we have to keep in mind that this ingredient is nothing more than synephrine – a stimulant that comes with a potentially long list of side effects.

Evodiamine, an extract from the Tetradium genus of nine trees species, has been shown to reduce fat uptake animal trials.


How to Use TruVision Products

Using TruVision for weight loss pills involves taking one Tru and one Vy pill two times a day, the first one before breakfast, and the second in the early afternoon.

The company advises users to take the Tru pill along with a Vy pill for the best results.

Cost and Where to Buy

Truvision products are now known as Truvy. These products can be purchased through the official website and Amazon, though purchasing options for TruVision at Walmart and TruVision on eBay are not available. On the official website, the prices for some of their products include:

  • Truvy 30-Day Combo: $89
  • Truvy Boost 30-Day Combo: $89
  • Truvy Boost Drink: $60
  • Truvy Boost Drink Combo: $99
  • reNu Detox: $22
  • Tru: $43
  • Balance: $29

The prices on Amazon are slightly higher than those on the official website. Additionally, the official website does not offer a full refund. Instead, the company offers a 90% refund for certain items within 30 days. Additionally, the customers are responsible for shipping costs.


TruVision Benefits

Truvision Benefits

While the benefits of taking TruVison are claimed by the company, including boosting metabolism, reducing appetite, and increasing energy while losing weight, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Antidotal TruVision health reviews from users are split, with roughly half feeling they have received a benefit from taking TruVision products and the other half reporting they received no positive, or even negative, results.

For those that reported positive results, the result was said to be limited to appetite suppression and a perceived increase in energy.

For this who did not receive positive results, most said they noticed no difference in their overall appetite or energy levels, with some people experiencing adverse side effects.

There are benefits to TruVision, especially when you take a closer look at the ingredients.

Green Tea

According to the International Journal of Obesity, it had been uncovered that there was a significant difference in body weight with green tea extract than with placebo. There were moderate effects among the studies, as well as considerable diversity. It was then concluded the results from the trials look hopeful, but they lack in quality.

Citrus Aurantium Extract Powder

According to the International Journal of Medical Sciences, p-Synephrine by itself or combined with other products showed that they could increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Bitter orange extract, when administered for 6 to 12 weeks, modestly increased weight loss. More research is necessary to assess product efficacy.

Weight Loss

Details on TruVision For Weight Loss

TruVision for weight loss, or not? The company makes many claims about their weight-loss pills, stating the products “Improve key components of blood chemistry.”

This is supposed to result in:

  • Optimize the body’s metabolic process
  • Curb hunger
  • Resulting in increased fat burning
  • Increased energy
Side Effects

Potential TruVision Side Effects

Potential Truvision Side Effects

While there are no mentions of TruVision complaints, there are some reports of possible ingredients’ effects. Some potential side effects from the elements may include:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea contains polyphenols, which are preserved through a steaming process. While side effects from Truvision products are not mentioned, there could be a chance of effects from Truvision ingredients. According to Clinical Nutrition, “There was good tolerance of the treatment [with green tea extract] among subjects without any side effects or adverse events.”

More research published in Food and Chemical Toxicology notes that green tea extract is generally considered safe.

4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate

In an article published by The Public Health and Safety Organization, Dr. Cohen of Harvard University states, “It’s never been tested in humans. It is absurd that consumers are being exposed to adulterated over-the-counter workout and weight loss supplements sold at some of the largest supplement retailers in America. The risks are entirely unknown.”

According to one study published in Metabolites notes that this compound is found in some asthma medications.


Dendrobium is a plant similar to the orchid. It has found a home in many traditional Chinese medicines and is becoming popular as an ingredient in pre-workout supplements.

Bitter Orange

In a study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, researchers stated that “modest increases in weight loss were observed with bitter orange extract/p-synephrine-containing products when given for six to 12 weeks.

“Longer term studies are needed to further assess the efficacy of these products and affirm their safety under these conditions.”


Caffeine is a stimulant found in many beverages and foods. Caffeine has been proven to increase focus and alertness. It can also have effects on weight-loss. According to research in the journal Nutrients regarding the safety of caffeine, it is “not to be associated with adverse effects, remained generally appropriate despite new research conducted since then.”


The essential trace mineral chromium is a critical component of your diet when consumed in small amounts. Chromium offers many health benefits.

Product Warnings

TruVision Product Warnings

Truvision Product Warnings

There is no product warning on the TruVison website nor its packaging. However, there are always product warnings for all supplements and medications, no matter what a company claims. For instance, no one under 18 should take any supplement without a doctor’s advice, and if you are pregnant or nursing, supplements from TruVision may not be safe.


Is TruVision Safe?

To date, there are no independent clinical studies that prove if TruVision’s formulas are a safe and effective weight-loss supplement. However, many of the individual ingredients in Tru and Vy are tested.


TruVision Health’s MLM Plan

TruVision Health is a health and wellness network marketing company that offers nutritional supplements for direct sales. Truvision’s product line includes a drink and food mixes, vitamins, and essential oils for weight management and optimum health. This company uses an MLM marketing plan to sell its products.

What is MLM?

MLM, also known as multi-level marketing, is a type of network marketing designed for independent salespeople to make commissions based on sales generated from recruiting other salespeople. Salespeople are encouraged to sell the product directly to family and friends and recruit to earn higher commissions.

TruVision Health’s Compensation Plan

TruVision customer service offers high commission rates on product sales, at 52 percent. Commission rates on sales recruits start at twenty percent for first-generation recruits. Commissions payout monthly.

This MLM marketing company offers increased commissions and bonuses for high achievers in the business. Salespeople are encouraged to advance as quickly as possible.


TruVision Lawsuits and the BBB

Truvision Lawsuits and the BBB


2015: The FDA contacted TruVision diet pills about the product truWeight & Energy. According to the FDA, the use of AMP, often referred to as DMBA and bitter orange was presented to violate FDA regulations.

2017: The FDA stepped back in. This time they said, “FDA reviewed your website at the internet address in November 2017 and has determined that you take orders there for the products truWeight & Energy™ Gen 2, Ubiquinol, Omega 3, Pycnogenol®, reNU, and truElevate™. The claims on your website establish that the products are drugs under section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)(B)] because they are intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. As explained further below, introducing or delivering these products for introduction into interstate commerce for such uses violates the Act.”


Currently, 97 complaints have been filed against TruVision LLC out of Draper, Utah in the last three years. 14 have been closed in the last 12 months, which means most of the complaints have come this past year. According to the BBB file, the top complaints are billing, collections, and problems with products or services.

Additionally, 29 customer reviews give the company 1.52 stars, but it has an A+ rating.


TruVision for Weight Loss Competition

Several companies make products similar to TruVison’s Tru and Vy, with some showing varying degrees of success in scientific studies.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“When Trufix & Trucontrol are taken together and the Renu taken at night, these products do work. You will see inches lost even if your weight doesn’t change much at first and that is what you really want to lose the healthier way. Transforming into muscle is why you see inches lost and not necessarily weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat.”

“I haven’t been able to sleep well starting this product, have been constipated on it and my leg pain/leg cramps have intensified. So disappointed!”

“I have battled with eczema my whole life and since taking these pills it is gone. My cravings have diminished and I have energy through the roof.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on TruVision for Weight Loss

So, will TruVision Health help you lose weight? Well, we like that we located some positive customer comments and the use of a few natural ingredients. We also like that the products come from a trusted brand.

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What are the potential TruVision product side effects?


Possible TruVision product side effects may include stomach issues, headache, rapid heartbeat, jitters, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, increased blood pressure, according to some customer comments.

What is in Truvy?


Tru ingredients include Alpha Lipoic Acid, [1] Chlorogenic Acid, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Raspberry Ketones, Selenium, Vanadium and Zinc. (Tru Weight & Energy) AMP, Dendrobium, Bitter Orange, Phenylethylamine HCL, Caffeine, Bioperine, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, and Chromium.

What is the active ingredient in TruVision supplements?


The active ingredient in TruVision is chromium. This mineral is present in the majority of the supplements.

Does Truvy work?


TruVision contains some ingredients backed by science. Chromium could help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Caffeine should help increase energy levels and improve mental clarity. Bitter Orange is also found in this supplement, and it contains Synephrine. But, in other supplement review research, we found  this stimulant can also cause adverse effects. All in all, TruVision may aid with weight-loss to some extent.

How do you take Truvy?


Take one blue and one green capsule before breakfast and lunch, for a total of four capsules daily.

Where can I buy TruVision?


TruVision can be purchased using their Official Site.

Who makes TruVision?


TruVision Health makes TruVision.

Are TruVision reviews real?


As of January 2019, TruVision is having a bit of trouble in terms of customer and weight-loss reviews. In the past 12 months, 14 complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have been closed. That doesn’t seem bad until you see that 97 complaints have been closed in the last 3 years. TruVision reviews outside of the BBB are more focused on specific products – some positive and others negative.

What is the TruVision login?


There is a “Back Office” page where you enter your TruVision login. The page does not explain how to register for a login, but it does tell you how to reset your password. We believe the process to get your TruVision login is: Click Enroll/Buy Now at the top right of the home page. Choose the product or kit you wish to purchase. Click the Buy Now button under the product listing. On the Retail Customer Enrollment page you’ll be asked to choose a username and password as your TruVision login.

Does TruVision have a return policy or guarantee?


The return policy states “The Company will offer a 90% return policy on items returned in Marketable condition within thirty (30) days of the delivery date.”

Marketable products are:

  • Unopened
  • Have no alterations to labeling or packaging.

What is TruVision diet?


The two-pill regiment is promoted as the TruVision supplements to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and enhance mood. Truvy is made up of plant-based extracts. TruCONTROL is said to be intended to support optimal weight and energy production to help shed stubborn body fat and make you feel more energized.

How much does it cost to join TruVision?


The annual membership fee for TruVision is $35. 

What is in the TruVision pills?


Some of the ingredients in TruVision weight-loss pills include green tea extract, bitter orange, and raspberry ketones.

How long does it take for TruVision to ship?


Depending on where you live and whether or not you choose expedited shipping, TruVision products take between 1-7 business days to ship.

Do TruVision products make you jittery?


TruVision sells a large variety of products, most of which are made of natural ingredients. However, due to the caffeine content in some of their supplements, a few customers have complained of jitteriness as a side effect.

How do I contact TruVision?


Their address is 172 East 14075 South, Draper, UT 84020.

You can call TruVision at (801) 281-7420 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MST). Email them at [email protected].  You can chat, text & email between the hours of 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MST).

How to take the TruVision sample pack?


For the sample pack, TruVision, now Truvy, claims users should take one stick of Tru and one stick of Vy each together. This combination should be consumed in the morning and during lunch.

How to cancel TruVision?


Customers will need to contact the customer service department in order to cancel their order. They can do this by using the chat box on the Truvy website.

How much does TruVision cost?


TruVision, now called Truvy, sells a number of products, most of which start at $40-50.

Does TruVision make you poop?


Increased bathroom usage is not a commonly reported side effect of TruVision.

Where can I buy TruVision weight loss?


TruVision, now called Truvy, offers its weight loss products on its official website.

Can you open and eat the powder out of Truvision diet pills if you can’t swallow capsule?


Individuals should not open TruVision capsules to consume the powder.

Can I fast while taking Truvision pills?


It may be best to consult with a medical professional to see if Truvision pills are safe to use while fasting.

Does Truvision contain collagen?


Truvision products do not contain collagen.

Can you take the red and blue Truvision supplements while on keto, and are they keto friendly?


On the official website, Truvision does mention the keto diet, but they do not note whether or not these products are safe to use while on this specific meal plan.

Is Truvision pills supposed to be hard powder?


The powder found in Truvision pills should stay in the capsule. It may appear hard as it is compressed into the capsule.

Is Truvision now TRUVY on the stock exchange?


Truvy is not listed on the stock exchange.

Does Truvision cause you to sweat more; it seems like 30 minutes after I take my pills sweat is just pouring down me and that’s not even doing anything?


Sweating is not a commonly reported side effect of Truvy.

Will taking two capsules instead of four for Truvision still effective?


Users should only take two capsules of each product each day. Taking less than the recommended dosage may not lead to the desired benefits, according to their official website.

Do the Truvision probiotic chews contain Saccharomyces boulardii?


Since Truvision Probiotic Chews are no longer sold, there is little information concerning the ingredients that were found in the blend.

Are the Truvision products manufactured in the United States?


Truvision, now called Truvy, sells and manufactures its products from Utah.

Does Truvision cause skin issues?


Truvision products are not known to have any negative effect on the skin.

Can you take the Truvision pills and drink ketone drink packets?


It may be best to consult with a medical professional to see if individuals can take ketone packets and Truvision pills.

Is Truvision safe and secure?


Although Truvision claims its products are safe to use, it is best to talk to a medical professional to see if they are safe for you.

Does Truvision break a fast?


Truvision does not contain calories, so technically, it would not break a fast. However, it is best to consult with a medical professional to see if it is safe to consume during a fast.

Does Truvision weight loss pills stop being effective?


Truvision, or Truvy pills, claim to stay effective, though it may take users at least a month to feel any benefits.

Sugar content in Truvision Health?


Some of the products available from Truvy, including their Heart & Hydration blend, contain sucralose. Each product contains different amounts of the ingredient, however.

What’s the sugar content in TruVision Health?


TruVision Health does not contain any sugar.

Can you take TruVision with Optavia?


There is no evidence suggesting adverse effects from taking TruVision while on the Optavia diet.

Are TruVision pills supposed to be filled with hard powder?


TruVision pills are capsules with fine powder. So no, your supplements shouldn’t contain hard powder.

Does TruVision cause you to sweat more?


TruVision has not been reported to cause sweating. TruVision side effects may include stomach upset, trouble sleeping, mood swings, jitters, rapid heartbeat, and headaches.

Are the red and blue TruVision supplements keto friendly?


The ingredients in TruVision are keto-friendly and include green tea extract, dendrobium, bitter orange, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, alpha-lipoic acid, chlorogenic acid, chromium, cinnulin, copper, magnesium, raspberry ketones, selenium, vanadium, and zinc.

Is Truvy the same as Truvision?


No, Truvy and Truvision are two different products. Truvy is a nutritional supplement that helps to promote weight loss, increase energy levels, and improve overall health. On the other hand, Truvision is a line of natural dietary supplements and weight management products that promote optimal health and wellness.

What is TruVision Health?


TruVision Health LLC is a company that sells supplements using a multilevel marketing platform.

What are the TruVision supplements?


TruVision supplements are a combination of two different supplements called Tru and Vy that work together to help with weight loss.

What do TruVision supplements claim to do?


TruVision supplements claim to restore the body’s chemistry to a state of equilibrium, boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and enhance mood.

Does TruVision work for weight loss?


While there is no clinical research to support the company’s claims, some of the individual ingredients in TruVision products may help people lose weight according to some studies.

Is there a refund policy for TruVision products?


The company offers a 90% refund for certain items within 30 days, but customers are responsible for shipping costs.

What are TruVision’s competitors?


TruVision’s competitors include Plexus Slim, Thrive Patch, Advocare Spark, Pruvit, and FatBlaster.

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