Protein is at the heart of muscle growth and recovery, but it can also be used with a weight-loss diet. How can you use protein?

What is Protein?

Protein is one of three macronutrients. The other two are carbohydrates and fat. The three round out your diet and provide all the calories, vitamins and minerals the body needs. It is made up of 22 amino acids. There are more but these are the only ones used by the human body.

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How is Protein Used – Diet or Supplement?

There are two ways to get the protein you need to preserve muscle – diet and supplement. Experts agree that diet is the best option as it also offers other nutrients, providing a more well-rounded supply. Supplements, however, are an option that some dieters and bodybuilders use to boost protein intake for muscle support.

Whey, Soy, Hemp, Pea?

Head over to your local vitamin shop and you’ll be taken aback by the number and variety of protein supplements available today. The most common is whey, which is derived from milk. Soy falls in right after. You’re looking for total grams of protein supplied and a taste you enjoy.

Bodybuilders, Athletes and Protein

Certain athletes, especially bodybuilders, tend to consume more protein than the average person. This is because they are using up all the carbohydrate energy, which means the body can turn to protein for fuel. It is stored in the muscle, so supplementing can prevent muscle catabolism. There’s also the extra support needed for muscle growth and recovery.

So Much to Choose From

With so many different options, how will you know which powders, shakes or protein bars will work best for you? Our reviews and reader comments will help you to sift through the plethora of protein supplement options without spending a fortune on the latest and greatest, only to find it doesn’t work well for you. So, take some time to browse our reviews today!

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