Sakara Metabolism Powder Review – 12 Things You Need to Know

Sakara Metabolism Powder Review 

											- 12 Things You Need to Know
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Sakara Metabolism Powder claims to set your lipid metabolism on fire, curb those irritating cravings, reduce bloat and more all in a plant-based package. There’s no refined sugar, no dairy and no gluten. It seems like a nicely wrapped supplement. But, we never make suggestions based on the official website claims. 

Our team of researchers tackled Sakara Powder – digging into the ingredients, side effects and weight loss to name a few. Take a look at what the researchers found with this metabolism booster.

Sakara Metabolism Powder can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Sakara Metabolism Powder?

Finding the right kind of protein powder is a big part of a fitness lifestyle, but it can be a challenge. Sakara Metabolism Super Powder is advertised as a plant-based alternative to cacao powder, which can be blended into coffees, smoothies, or other beverages. Whether it’s a 30-day jumpstart or a long-term wellness plan, Sakara has several attractive products.

Vegan and vegetarian options like these are increasingly popular in the world of wellness essentials. Do they work? Here’s some research and analysis on the efficacy of these types of products:

  • Medical Journal of Australia: This 2013 study found that with enough care and planning, a vegetarian and/or plant-based diet can give both kids and adults alike the proper blend of nutrients. The meal plans that were developed for the study generally met or exceeded the nutritional requirements for proteins, carbs, and total fat, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and B12.
  • Journal of Renal Nutrition: While emphasizing that not all food and supplement plans are created equal, this study demonstrated that high biological value (HBV) proteins that are present in vegetarian meals can help patients and support their digestive systems.
  • Frontiers In Nutrition: This team of Spanish researchers found that nuts and plant-based fat sources and their positive effect on overall gut health and metabolism.

Sakara Metabolism Powder Competitors

Elevate Coffee

Who Makes Sakara Metabolism Powder?

Sakara is a nutrition brand that focuses on meals, snacks, and supplements with an organic and vegan twist. Unlike some other brands, Sakara doesn’t emphasize calorie counts and instead chooses to have a broader perspective on achieving health and wellness. This includes (among other things) promoting a mixture of greens, healthy fatty acids, and nutrients from other plants and veggies to boost energy. 

They have individual products available as well as subscription-based meal plans delivered straight to your door. The company’s president is Freya Zaheer and they are currently based in New York. Their toll-free contact number is 1-844-904-6716 and you can find their products online at

Other Sakara products include the following:

  • Sakara Detox Tea: plant-based tea with no added sugars and no caffeine
  • Dark Chocolate Granola: specially prepared with non-dairy milk, gluten-free Brazilian nuts to provide energy and focus
  • Complete Probiotic Formula: a daily supplement designed to improve gut health, digestion, and the immune system
  • Metabolism Super Bar: plant-protein on-the-go snack for energy boost

Sakara Metabolism Powder Claims

The website claims that Sakara Life Metabolism can help fight indigestion and bloat, while also improving gut health, burning excess fat, and reducing sugar cravings. The cult-favorite supplement is dairy-free, gluten-free, and has no refined sugars. 


Sakara Metabolism Powder Ingredients

Sakara Metabolism booster contains the following ingredients:

  • Raw cacao powder 
  • Coconut milk powder
  • L-glutamine
  • Horsetail extract 
  • Kelp (laminaria japonica) extract 
  • Gymnema Sylvestre extract
  • Coconut sugar (stevia blend)
  • Luo Han Guo (siraitia grosvenorii) extract
  • Black pepper fruit extract
Does it Work?

Does Sakara Metabolism Powder Work?

What do these ingredients do exactly?

  • University of Milan: This Italian study shows the efficacy of horsetail extract on women; the components of horsetail include minerals that help with bone density and gut health, among others.
  • New England Journal of Medicine: This was a phase three trial that attempted to highlight the differences between L-glutamine and placebo when dealing with patients who have certain illnesses. The report found that the levels of acute pain were lower in patients who took the L-glutamine. 
  • Kurukshetra University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences: This Indian study mentions the historic use of Gymnema Sylvestre as a diuretic in ancient cultures, as well as its modern-day use to treat blood sugar problems. 
  • British Pharmacological Society: The researchers in this paper found that black pepper piperine has valuable antioxidants which can help with various ailments, including inflammation and bowel problems.
  • Journal of Korean Applied Science and Technology: Two researchers from Sangji University found that kelp extract (laminaria japonica) could help restore damaged hair.
  • Institute for Traditional Medicine: This paper shows the historical use of Luo Han Guo, a plant grown in southern China that helps with throat soreness, constipation, and symptoms of blood sugar problems.
Weight Loss

Sakara Metabolism Powder and Weight Loss

Potentially. Sakara Metabolism reviews indicate customers’ positive experiences. While not a weight loss supplement per se, here are some articles and papers that support the benefits of various ingredients found in Sakara Metabolism Powder Super Powder:

  • Phentermine Doctors Network: This article explains the various benefits and side effects of horsetail when blended with tea: it can beat bloat, boost energy, and rev metabolism. 
  • Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics: These researchers found that, when taken in combination with other elements, Gymnema Sylvestre can help obese patients thanks to its ability to suppress appetite, lower cholesterol, and boost metabolism.
Side Effects

Sakara Metabolism Powder Side Effects

Sakara Metabolism Powder contains coconut products and should not be ingested by people with coconut allergies. The website also mentions that pregnant and/or nursing mothers should consult their doctors before taking Sakara Life Metabolism. As is sometimes the case with wellness essentials, the product is not yet FDA-approved. 

How To Use Sakara Metabolism Powder

The product page recommends Sakara Metabolism Powder as a healthy option to mix into coffee, tea, or smoothies. It can also be blended into desserts and/or snacks. According to Sakara Metabolism reviews, this cult-favorite supplement supports your digestion.

Cost And Where To Buy

On Sakara’s website, they sell 10 single-serving pouches of Metabolism Powder for $45, a 30-serving pouch for $90. There’s also a subscription-based option for the 30-serving pouch, starting at $80 per month. Shipping is free, and they also include installment plans with AfterPay. 

Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons


  • Gluten-free
  • No added or refined sugars
  • No trans fat
  • Four grams of dietary fiber
  • Good source of calcium, iron, and potassium
  • Dark, rich flavor


  • Slightly expensive
  • Non-reusable packaging

What Users are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“At first taste this product is hard to stomach. It is a bitter cocoa flavor. But the bitterness is part of what makes this product work. After just two days I noticed a very obvious flatter tummy. It also keeps you very regular (drink it at home). It helps curb your appetite, I notice I eat much smaller portions due to this product and you do get used to the flavor. I use it in smoothies and quite enjoy it. I’ve been using it for 2 months now.”

“I have used it for two months without any noticeable change.”

“I bought into the idea that this product would reduce bloating and help with gut heath. I put it in a smoothie and the taste was brutal. After 30 minutes I felt my stomach churning. I spent the next four hours getting sick with diarrhea in the bathroom. This followed by nausea. I truly felt like someone poisoned me.”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Sakara Metabolism Powder

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder supports your digestion and can be a boon to people who are looking to rev metabolism and energy levels. With minimal side effects, Shakara Metabolism Powder can be blended into numerous drinks. Combined with a quality diet and exercise, this cult-favorite supplement can beat the bloat and improve your overall health. 

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Sakara Metabolism Powder

What does Sakara metabolism powder do?


Sakara Metabolism Powder helps promote a healthy metabolism. It contains organic superfoods such as maca, ginger, and turmeric to help balance hormones, boost energy levels and support weight loss. The powder is also designed to improve digestion and reduce inflammation in the body.

Can Sakara Metabolism Powder help with weight loss?


While Sakara Metabolism Powder is not a weight loss supplement per se, it contains ingredients that have been shown to help boost metabolism and reduce sugar cravings, which could potentially aid in weight loss.

Is Sakara Metabolism Powder FDA-approved?


No, Sakara Metabolism Powder is not yet FDA-approved.

Does Sakara Metabolism Powder contain coconut products?


Yes, Sakara Metabolism Powder contains coconut products and should not be ingested by people with coconut allergies.

What other products does Sakara offer?


Sakara offers a range of organic and vegan meals, snacks, and supplements, including Detox Tea, Dark Chocolate Granola, Complete Probiotic Formula, and Metabolism Super Bar.

Where can I buy Sakara Metabolism Powder?


Sakara Metabolism Powder can be purchased using their Official Site.

Is there research supporting the effectiveness of a plant-based diet?


Yes, research has shown that with enough care and planning, a plant-based diet can provide the proper blend of nutrients for both kids and adults, including proteins, carbs, and total fat, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and B12.

What are some ingredients in Sakara Metabolism Powder that have been shown to have benefits?


Ingredients such as horsetail, when blended with tea, can help beat bloat, boost energy, and rev metabolism, while Gymnema Sylvestre, when taken in combination with other elements, can help suppress appetite, lower cholesterol, and boost metabolism, according to research.

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