Nuez Dela India Review – 16 Things You Need to Know

Nuez Dela India Review 

											- 16 Things You Need to Know

Nuez Dela India is a nut that grows abundantly in tropical climates such as Mexico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands. These nuts are also known as Indian walnuts and candlenuts. These nuts are now sold by developers in an encapsulated form, with a guarantee that the supplement will cause metabolism boosts and increased fat burning.

While the nutritional value of the Nuez Dela India nut is not often questioned, manufacturers of the nut supplement may be misinforming buyers about the nutritional value of the dietary supplement.

Because foods tend to lose nutritional value with age and excessive handling, its likely that the nutritional value of this supplement is significantly decreased. Our research team thoroughly reviewed the ingredients as they exist in the capsule to test for effectiveness. This is what we found.

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What is Nuez Dela India?

Nuez Dela India is a nut indigenous to tropical climates such as Hawaii, South America, India, and the Philippines. Cultivated across the tropical world, this nut has numerous local names, including candlenut, buah kera, Indian walnut, or kukui nut.

Although the nut has several names, most American varieties arrive imported from South American countries like Colombia or Brazil. This is the reason that when purchasing the product in America, you are most likely to find versions labeled Nuez Dela India (Spanish for “cashew from India”). Nuez Dela India has been used for centuries in cuisine or as an additive to cosmetics. It also relieves constipation. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it helps heal insect bites, sores, chapped lips, and open wounds. With the rise of online shopping, you can now buy Nuez Dela India in seed or capsule form.

You can boil the seeds with water to make hot tea, take a powdered capsule as a health supplement, or purchase the product as an oil (often called “kukui nut oil”). Recently, some companies have claimed that Nuez Dela India naturally boosts metabolism and helps burn body fat. Also, product enthusiasts claim that the properties of Nuez Dela India can help lower cholesterol.

Using Nuez Dela India, specifically as a weight-loss regimen, is also known as the Candlenut Diet. While the idea of an all-natural pill or tea that can help you lose weight sounds appealing, it is understandable that many Westerners may have reservations about the product. Since this product is relatively unknown outside of the tropics, it is crucial to get a good overview before ingesting a foreign plant. A look at the essential features of Nuez Dela India can help you decide if these products are right for you.

  • Current Medicinal Chemistry – The nut contains phyto- or plant sterols. Research has shown, “The anti-inflammatory effects induced by plant sterols/stanols have been demonstrated in in vitro studies and in experimental animal models.” However, in clinical practice in humans, the effect is not as supported by science.
  • Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology – Aspartic acid is an amino acid that regulates the release of hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition – Stevia is nothing more than an all-natural sweetener. It doesn’t have an impact on weight loss, other than the reduction in calories if a product removes sugar and replaces that carbohydrate with stevia.

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Nuez Dela India Ingredients

Because the nut itself is the fruit of the Aleurites moluccanus or Aleurites moluccana plant, the raw nut may not have an “ingredients” label. It is very important, however, to understand the significant nutrition facts. The Nuez Dela India nutrition facts are as follows:

  • Total (Unsaturated) Fat – 50 g
  • Sodium – 14 mg
  • Potassium – 876 mg
  • Protein – 17.1 g
  • Phytosterols

Phytosterols are plant compounds that emulate HDL “good” cholesterol within the body, according to research shared in ABC Cardiol. When cell membranes absorb phytosterols to capacity, the body blocks any further absorption of cholesterol from food, the research suggests. For this reason, fans of Nuez Dela India believe that this product can help lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Glutamic Acid

This amino acid is believed to boost metabolism, according to the Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling. Everyday consumers may be more familiar with the sodium salt component of glutamic acid (commonly known as “MSG”). Because glutamic acid may also enhance flavor in food and supplements, some restaurants and health food companies frequently add MSG to their products.

Aspartic Acid

This amino acid helps every cell in the body perform important functions, according to PLOS One. While supplement enthusiasts argue that this makes Nuez Dela India worth taking, it is important to note that aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid (meaning the body produces it even if you do not get it from food or supplements).

According to Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, aspartic acid plays an important role when it comes to the body’s hormones.

If you purchase pills from several Nuez Dela India brands, you should understand that these pills have important additives that can alter any “all-natural” claims. The standard ingredients for Nuez Dela India pills include the following:

Di-Calcium Phosphate

A food additive used to thicken food and also doubles as a preservative. This supplement can improve your calcium and phosphorus intake, but too much can contribute to kidney stones.

This ingredient can play an important role in mineral and bone metabolism, per research published in Nutrition Journal.


Stevia is a commercial sweetener derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, according to Nutrition Today. In the United States, companies can use the plant’s glycoside (pure) extracts as a sugar substitute. However, since Nuez Dela India supplements are foreign products, there is no way to confirm whether these pills contain the more controversial stevia leaf or crude extracts.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is a compound used as a lubricant in pills and capsules. As a natural soap, it does not dissolve readily in water, so it is safe to consume in only small or moderate amounts.

Aleurites Moluccana

Depending on the brand, Nuez Dela India (Aleurites moluccana) may be only one ingredient among other additives and fillers.

OSF Pomegranate Natural Flavor

Natural flavoring used for its high polyphenol content. This ingredient typically reduces the otherwise bitter taste of the supplement.

Microcrystalline Cellulose

A refined pulp used as an emulsifier and bulking agent for this capsule.

Does Nuez Dela India Work?

Nuez Dela India traditionally works as a food ingredient or beauty treatment. The nut is so popular as a traditional ingredient that its the official state tree of Hawaii. As a whole food, Nuez Dela India is a thickening or roasting ingredient in recipes like South Indian curry, Malaysian curry, Siamese fried noodles, Indonesian dessert soup, or Hawaiian pork shoulder. Nuez Dela India has also worked in cosmetic and beauty treatments as an emollient and moisturizer for centuries. You may find the product listed as kukui or kukui nut oil in its cosmetic form.

In oil form, Nuez Dela India may work as a hair conditioner, but there is not enough evidence to prove that it causes hair growth. Nuez Dela India may also work in unconventional ways. For example, the nickname “candlenut” comes from the fact that early Hawaiian explorers used Nuez Dela India as a candle (since its high oil content ensured that the candle would last throughout the night).

Native Hawaiians have also used the nut as a laxative, prompting supplement companies to use it as an ingredient in products designed to relieve constipation. In addition to history and trivia, promising medical research also answers the question, “Does the product work?” For example, organic Nuez Dela India may help lower cholesterol due to its high phytosterol content. However, there is currently not enough direct evidence that the nut (or its supplement form) boosts metabolism or causes fat loss.

Benefits & Results

Nuez Dela India Benefits and Results

The key Nuez Dela India benefits include high oil content and high phytosterol content. Organic Nuez Dela India plants are about 40 percent oil and rich in amino acids. Like olives and macadamia nuts, Nuez Dela India contains oleic oils that supply healthy protein, unsaturated fat, potassium, and magnesium. Also, most reviews praise Nuez Dela India as an essential ingredient for making South Indian and South Pacific food taste more authentic.

Suppose you are interested in perfecting your curry recipe or learning about Indonesian or Malaysian cuisine. In that case, reviewing and familiarizing yourself with how to use raw Nuez Dela India or candlenuts is a good idea. For those who are only interested in Nuez Dela India pills or supplements, a significant benefit or result is that these pills act as a natural laxative.

The reason is that the plant contains potent compounds that cause digestive fluids to react quickly. As discussed, the supplements also contain phytosterols that can help prevent the body from absorbing excess cholesterol from food.

Details on Nuez Dela India and Weight Loss

The primary weight-loss claims from Nuez Dela India companies are that the product helps lower cholesterol, accelerate the metabolism, and burn off fat deposits within the body. While scientific evidence published in Lipids in Health and Disease has proven that products containing phytosterols can lower cholesterol, there is currently insufficient evidence to verify the metabolism or fat-burner claims. We do know that natural Nuez Dela India contains approximately 40 percent oil and a natural amino acid blend (oleic acid, linoleic acid, glutamic acid, and aspartic acid).

As with coconut oil and olive oil, research has shown a high occurrence of these compounds in diets of people with lower overall body fat. For this reason, some people may find it worthwhile to experiment with organic candlenut as an alternative to coconuts or olives.


How to Use Nuez Dela India

If you have raw Nuez Dela India, health professionals recommend cutting the nuts into quarters and using one quarter at a time for brewing tea or preparing side dishes. Those who have purchased tablets or powder, dissolve one-half of the serving size into a large cup of hot water before bedtime. Similarly, any Nuez Dela India pills or capsules should go with a large water glass just before bed.

Where To Buy

Where To Buy Nuez Dela India

The easier way to buy Nuez Dela India is on the official website or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. If you want to purchase the raw form product, you can usually find it in South Asian grocery stores. To determine where you can buy the product in pill form, you can typically find it in vitamin shops or online health-food vendors.


How Much Does Nuez Dela India Cost?

The cost of one bottle of Nuez Dela India tablets is about $19.99. If you buy the nuts in raw form, they are usually available for about 9.99 USD per dozen. Remember that most people cut the raw nuts in pieces and cook them before eating, so you can typically find them at an economical price to meet your needs.

Product Warnings

Nuez Dela India Product Warnings

As with most nut or seed products, people with nut allergies should avoid Nuez Dela India. While there is not much information about kukui nut allergies, the nut has a consistent potency reputation. If you have food allergies, it may be better to avoid the supplement altogether. While taking pills or drinking tea appears relatively safe, it is imperative not to consume raw Nuez Dela India nuts or seeds.

Due to high levels of acid, these nuts are toxic in raw form. Cooking the nuts or seeds breaks down these molecular compounds and makes the plant edible. There have been several documented cases of raw kukui nut poisoning. For this reason, it is best to keep Nuez Dela India supplements out of the reach of children.

Similarly, it is vital to keep Nuez Dela India nuts or supplements away from pets, livestock, or the elderly. Since eating raw nuts or kernels can harm mammals with weaker immune systems, it is better to avoid taking chances with these at-risk populations.

Due to its high oil content and flammability, cosmetic or hair products made with Nuez Dela India (kukui nut oil) may not be safe for all users. Until you know how the ingredient works with your body chemistry, please do not use them around hair dryers or hazardous appliances. People who work around equipment or flammable machinery should also avoid using these products to prevent injury.

If a manufacturer does not thoroughly cook the raw nut or process their supplements properly, they are responsible for the dangerous products that harm consumers. Since there is no way to know whether a manufacturer has cooked Nuez Dela India supplements thoroughly, it may be best to either purchase them organically (and cook them yourself) or avoid pills made with the plant. You may also wish to avoid buying the supplement from countries with a history of raw candlenut poisoning.


Nuez Dela India Toxicity

Nuez Dela India is considered toxic in raw form or large doses. Although it is a popular medicinal plant and food item in South Pacific cuisine, it also consistently ranks among poisonous plants. Scientists consider Nuez Dela India or candlenuts “toxic” because they contain phorbol and saponin.

Since this plant is an integral part of South Asian cuisine, it is important to use legitimate recipes to avoid consuming toxic oils. Typically, you can reduce this type of toxicity through the heat in cooking.

Side Effects

Nuez Dela India Side Effects

Although fans are quick to point out that Nuez Dela India is a “natural” product, it does have some known side effects. You may experience adverse effects by either consuming raw Nuez Dela India or consuming a very potent capsule brand. Because the plant naturally contains phorbol, saponin, and acids, it may affect the digestive and neurological systems. Reported Nuez Dela India side effects include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Body aches
  • Flatulence
  • Muscle spasms

Nuez Dela India Lawsuits

Because Nuez Dela India is imported, there are no known American lawsuits on these products. Any litigation against Nuez Dela India supplement brands would occur in their home countries (such as Argentina or Brazil). However, the product has been subject to several administrative controversies in the United States.

Due to pressure from consumer health groups and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the FDA recently added Nuez Dela India to the national poisonous plant database. The plant has already been listed in the Australian database for years to keep people from consuming raw candlenuts. The FDA also accepts complaints if people suspect the use of Nuez Dela India as an indirect additive to their food or diet pills.

Unsurprisingly, Nuez Dela India also encounters plenty of legal controversies abroad. The Argentine National Administration of Medicines, Food, and Technology (ANMAT) has called for the ban Nuez Dela India due to the 33-year-old woman now brain-dead from taking a botched supplement. The New South Wales Food Authority (Australia) has also called for banning the product due to risks associated with eating raw or under-processed Nuez Dela India.

Nuez Dela India Alternatives

Fortunately, there are alternatives available for each Nuez Dela India form. Whether you cannot find this plant or feel wary about the potential risks, you can usually substitute Nuez Dela India with a structurally similar product. If you are cooking with Nuez Dela India, whole food or nut alternatives include the following:

  • Hazelnut
  • Macadamia Nut
  • Pine Nut
  • Walnut

Those interested in Nuez Dela India or kukui oil for hair or cosmetic purposes may review the following alternatives:

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Hempseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

While there are numerous brands named “Nuez Dela India,” these companies are not always reliable. If you encounter problems with availability, you may wish to consider the following alternatives to Nuez Dela India pills:

  • Semilla de Brasil
  • Pinalim te de Pina
  • Alipotec Tejocote Root
Pros & Cons

Nuez Dela India Pros and Cons

Nuez Dela India has gained popularity as a “natural” product that may lower cholesterol, speed up metabolism, and burn off belly fat.

If you are interested in exploring product work, there are several reasons that Nuez Dela India may be worth giving a try.


  • Pure Nuez Dela India (Aleurites Moluccana) contains phytosterols that may help lower cholesterol.
  • Fresh Nuez Dela India or candlenuts can help you prepare authentic ethnic cuisine.
  • Nuez Dela India or kukui oil may be beneficial to the skin and hair.


  • Raw or under-processed Nuez Dela India nuts are toxic and can yield dangerous results.
  • There is no way to verify the safe practices of foreign companies that manufacture Nuez Dela India.
  • Consumers must also protect themselves from fraudulent schemes and companies that sell “fake” Nuez Dela India.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“It is a good option if you want to lose weight in the easy way but you have to know it has some secondary effects that could be uncomfortable.”

“I lose weight every time I take these. I lost 50 lbs the first time and then 40 lbs. The only down side is the frequent bathroom trips but if that’s the only hurdle to lose weight quick and easy, I’ll tolerate it!”

“It’s possible that these pills will cause weight loss because they do make you vomit. I can’t afford to be sick everyday so I discontinued use.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Nuez Dela India

Nuez Dela India, typically used in food dishes, is a weight loss ingredient. It also is used as a stress reducer and appetite suppressant. While there are some benefits, the science is mixed on this ingredient. However, there are alternatives available.

Weight management comes in many forms, including exercise, a healthy diet and a strong support system. If you have your diet and exercise dialed in, then there’s just the support system.

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Nuez Dela India

What is Nuez Dela India?


Nuez Dela India is a nut that grows in tropical climates and is also known as Indian walnuts and candlenuts.

Where is Nuez Dela India found?


Nuez Dela India is found in tropical climates such as Mexico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands. It is also cultivated in other tropical regions such as India and the Philippines.

What is the nutritional value of Nuez Dela India?


While the nutritional value of Nuez Dela India is not often questioned, manufacturers of the nut supplement may be misinforming buyers about the nutritional value of the dietary supplement. Additionally, it’s likely that the nutritional value of this supplement is significantly decreased due to age and excessive handling.

How do you drink Nuez Dela India?


You will want to begin by crushing the nut and letting it sit in either hot tea or hot water for roughly five minutes before you drink it. As soon as you have reached your weight loss goal, you will want to continue using Nuez de la India as part of your regular diet, but only one quarter of the nut is needed. You can do this three or four times each week. Again, crush a quarter of the nut and the mix it with your choice of hot water or tea. Remember to let it stand for about five minutes before you drink.

What are the ingredients in Nuez Dela India?


The ingredients are Di-Calcium Phosphate, Stevia, Magnesium Stearate, Aleurites Moluccana, OSF Pomegranate Natural Flavor and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Should I be cautious about consuming Nuez Dela India?


Since Nuez Dela India is relatively unknown outside of the tropics, it is crucial to get a good overview before ingesting a foreign plant.

What are the side effects of Nuez Dela India?


Some of the side effects can be headaches, nausea and some soreness in your chest, back and stomach.

What is the Candlenut Diet?


The Candlenut Diet is the use of Nuez Dela India as a weight-loss regimen, although there is not enough direct evidence that the nut (or its supplement form) boosts metabolism or causes fat loss.

What is the price of Nuez Dela India?


On the main website you can purchase the seeds in one bottle or in bulk. The more that you purchase the cheaper your overall cost will be. The price ranges from $9.99 for one bottle up to a bulk price of $79.99.

Where can I buy Nuez Dela India?


You can purchase this weight loss supplement on the main website at

How do I contact Nuez Dela India customer service?


You can call the direct manufacturing company at 1-888-425-1206 or email them at [email protected]. If you need to mail them something the address is 4790 N. Powerline Rd Deerfield, Beach FL 33073.

Can I return Nuez Dela India?


Yes, there is a return policy with the manufacturer. Keep your proof of purchase and call the customer service line.

What are the most common complaints about Nuez Dela India?


The biggest complaint is that some say that they follow the instructions and they have not experienced any weight loss.

How long does it take to lose weight with Nuez Dela India?


Everybody will respond to Nuez Dela India differently. Some reviews report the ingredient can start working in 2 weeks to 2 months.

When should I take Nuez Dela India?


The recommended dosage of Nuez Dela India is two to three capsules twice a day, approximately thirty minutes before meals. For optimal results, it is best to spread out your doses and take them with plenty of water throughout the day. Additionally, you may want to limit your intake of processed foods and eat more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. It is important to note that Nuez Dela India should not be taken in higher doses than recommended, nor should it be taken for longer than six weeks without consulting a doctor first.

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