Juice Plus Complete Review – 14 Things You Need to Know

Juice Plus Complete Review 

											- 14 Things You Need to Know
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Juice Plus Complete aims to be a meal replacement option for those who repeatedly don’t have the time for ‘proper’ food. The product is well-researched in clinical studies, as the company cites over thirty studies in which Juice Plus has been used. However, the formula may need additional work, as many purchasers stated that the product tasted bad.

When our research team looked deeper, they also found complaints about potential side effects from Juice Plus Complete, like nausea and vomiting. Is this meal replacement both safe and effective? We weighed all the pros and cons and we bring you the bottom line here.

Juice Plus Complete can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Juice Plus Complete?

In today’s world, where living a hectic life has become the new norm, numerous individuals will continually lack time to break for a meal.

However, Juice Plus Complete can assist those who sacrifice meals repeatedly by providing essential nutrients needed to fill the gaps and maintain a healthy diet on-the-go, which is important because skipping meals is not necessarily the best choice for those trying to lose weight.

  • CJD – Skipping meals may seem like the right thing to do right now, but years down the road it could lead to issues with blood sugar and other health problems.
  • American Journal of Preventative Medicine – It’s also been shown that unhealthy weight-loss practices, like skipping meals, can lead to changes in mood.
  • Childhood Obesity – Skipping meals also has an impact on children in the home. They tend to pick up on these habits and follow them – healthy or unhealthy.

Juice Plus Complete currently consists of six dietary supplement variants, each containing just the right amounts of protein, nutrients, and fiber, to be used in place of any meal; breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or as an in-between snack, to help promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Flavors of this mixture include Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla.

Juice Plus Complete is manufactured and sold by Juice Plus. Other products include:

  • Juice Plus+ Capsules
  • Juice Plus+ Chewables
  • Juice Plus+ Omega Blend
  • Juice Plus+ Perform

Juice Plus Complete Competitors

Where to Buy

Where Can You Buy Complete by Juice Plus?

Initially, you can purchase any of the Juice Plus Complete products right from their website. Hence, you can also buy the French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate Shake mixes from Amazon for around the same price, more, or less. These products have received different reviews from consumers.

Juice Plus offers multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities so individuals can open their own virtual franchise business and sell Juice Plus. You can buy Juice Plus Complete from these individuals through their virtual location.


Juice Plus Complete Ingredients

Juice Plus Complete ingredients include:

Soy Protein, Cane Sugar, Acacia Gum, Fructooligosaccharides, Natural Flavors, Plant Cellulose Soy Fiber, Chickpea Powder, Pea Protein, Rice Protein, Guar Gum, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Carbonate, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Sprouts and Ancient Grains (Broccoli Sprout, Alfalfa Sprout, Radish Sprout, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Millet), Pumpkin Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Rice Bran, Digestive Enzymes, Calcium Ascorbate, Citrus Pectin, Niacinamide, Apple Fiber, Stevia, Spirulina Powder, Yucca Powder, Mushroom Powder, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Vit B12

According to Food & Nutrition Research, vegetable protein can cause better physical performance. Another study published in Nutrition Reviews found that dietary fiber may be able to enhance weight loss.

Anticancer Research found that rice bran oil may be a healthy option when it comes to vegetable oils. The International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that some plant oils, including sunflower oil, could have benefits on skin health.

Juice Plus Complete benefits

Benefits & Results

Complete by Juice Plus Benefits and Results

According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), although supplements cannot replace essential foods that contribute to a healthy diet, they can provide sufficient amounts of essential nutrients to those who fail to eat various nutritious foods.

What is more, scientific evidence shows that some specific dietary supplements — not only aide in managing certain health conditions — but can benefit health overall.

Folic acid is an essential vitamin that is important to women’s health; vitamin D and calcium play a crucial role in keeping bones healthy and decreasing bone loss; whereas, omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils may assist those with heart health.

Ultimately, all Juice Plus products combined contain juice powder concentrates and oils from 48 various — fresh from the farm — vegetables, fruits, and grains that also possess phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Every Juice Plus product provides more than just the 220 calories required to replace a full meal, with naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients that everybody needs to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

uBiome and weight loss

Juice Plus Complete and Weight Loss

The manufacturer of Complete by Juice Plus makes no claims about Juice plus contributing to weight loss. Typically Juice Plus Complete is merely a vitamin and mineral supplement with only small amounts of fiber.

While the supplement does contain food enzymes, when the digestive process takes place, they will most likely be destroyed. A calorie-controlled diet and healthy lifestyle are necessary for Complete by Juice Plus to affect weight.

Moreover, Juice Plus Complete cannot replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Replacing one meal a day — of a restricted-energy diet with a Juice Plus Complete Product — will result in weight maintenance, followed by losing weight.

Replacing two meals a day — of a restricted-energy diet with two Juice Plus Complete Products — will result in losing weight. However, replacing more than two meals a day is not recommended.

To enhance a diet, 1g portions of Glucomannan is allowable three times a day, with 1 to 2 glasses of water before meals, in addition to a low-calorie diet.


How to Use (Take) Juice Plus Complete

To ensure the ingested contents safely reach the stomach, it is imperative that all Juice Plus Complete products be taken with water and followed up with water later (1 to 2 glasses are sufficient per sachet).

How to use iHealth

Instructions for preparing the Complete Booster

Use one to two glasses of water to dilute a sachet, stir thoroughly, and enjoy.

It is common for the mixture to appear cloudy, even after mixing the contents thoroughly. You can take it three times daily before meals.

To prepare the Chocolate or Vanilla Shakes

Add one scoop of powder (37.5 g) to a glass of 250 ml of skimmed milk (0.1 % fat), use a fork to whisk the mixture together thoroughly, or, if you have access to one, preparing in a shaker is strongly recommended.

Another option is to blend well with a hand blender or use frothed milk, which goes well with Complete Shakes.

Allow to stand one minute, then add some extra fruit to sweeten it up, a few ice cubes to shake a creamy delight, and then drink up!

Best results and a tastier shake need to follow these directions when preparing your Complete Shake thoroughly.

How to Prepare the Complete Vegetable Soup

In a saucepan, heat 300ml of skimmed milk (0.1 % fat). Add one sachet of the powder to the heated milk, and stir completely with a whisk. Let stand one minute, before slurping it up.

Preparing the Snack Bars

Preparing the snack bars are the easiest of all, just open and enjoy!

Product Warnings

Complete by Juice Plus Product Warnings

As with almost every product on the market, there are some risks and warnings to be aware of while using Juice Plus Complete Products.

Among these is a risk of choking while consuming the Complete Booster product, for those who have difficulties swallowing or problems consuming without sufficient fluids.

Essentially, the Booster also contains 25mg of caffeine or 9 g per 3 sachets. Therefore, this product is not for pregnant women or children.

Furthermore, children, pregnant and nursing women, and those who suffer from specific medical conditions or wishing to lose more than 20% of their body weight should consult a doctor before using supplements.

Is Juice Plus Complete Safe

Is Juice Plus Complete Safe?

Asking is Juice Plus Complete safe is the same as asking if eating an apple, orange, or other fruit or vegetable is safe? Juice Plus products are produced from these sources.

Of course, even fruits and vegetables can be unsafe when combined with certain medicines or supplements they do not get along with. Or if taking more than you should, which is why it is important to talk to a physician before taking anything. Especially if you have a medical condition or are on medication.

Fruit plus is fortified with Vitamins including vitamin C, and therefore, is rich in antioxidants. In September of 2009, “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” released an issue stating that antioxidants could delay muscles in recovering from certain injuries.

In contrast, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in a January 2008 issue that stated supplementing vitamin C cultivated improvements in endurance normally caused by exercise.

Juice Plus Complete

Side Effects

Juice Plus Complete Side Effects

Juice Plus products may contain ingredients that numerous individuals are allergic or intolerant to such as sesame seeds, peanuts, nuts, lactose, fructose, milk, and more.

If you have taken the supplements and experience, a rash or gastrointestinal problems, consult a physician for immediate care.

Side effects may result from frequent or regular consumption of the ingredients in Complete by Juice Plus may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach

According to the National Institutes of Health, taking iron (especially on an empty stomach) can promote nausea and more.

Overtaking vitamin C may also cause an upset stomach.

Do not use to replace more than two meals per day.

According to Dietary Supplements: A Framework for Evaluating, if supplements are used improperly, they can be harmful and even life-threatening. What constitutes improper use? Using supplements in place of prescribed medication, with medication, mixing with other supplements, or exceeding the recommended dosage, without first consulting a doctor.

There are some side effects to look out for before, during, and after surgery while taking dietary supplements.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that you let your doctor know about any supplements you are taking, before surgical procedures.

For instance, valerian and kava can affect medications and anesthetics used during surgery, since they act as sedatives.

Thus, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, garlic, and vitamin E have the potential to increase bleeding.

B-Slim alternatives

Juice Plus Complete Alternatives

Dietary supplements have been gaining in popularity and social awareness for decades. Likewise, marketers also took notice of the growing golden opportunity, and slowly but surely supplement products made its way onto store shelves and into our lives.

Today, a plethora of supplements exist, yet only a handful are well-known brands, with solid reputations. Based on these credentials as well as the quality of their products, the following few can be used as an alternative to Juice Plus supplements.


Shakeology is a brand that has products very similar to Juice Plus products. Does the product work as well as Juice Plus? On the contrary, not only do they use the same ingredients but they cost the same. Both brands create protein beverages that contain dietary supplements beneficial to maintaining healthy diets.

Pending Lawsuits

In 2019, a woman filed a class-action suit against the company for not alerting the clientele of automatic renewals. Many sites offer a subscription-based account in which you receive the product in a timely fashion. At each shipment, your credit card is charged for that supply. The lawsuit is pending. In the meantime, read the contract closely so that you understand. You can always reach out to customer service if you have questions before you buy.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I’ve been purchasing the Juice Plus Vanilla Complete Shakes, as well as the Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blends since December 2019. I have lost 45 lbs. I’m sure I could have lost more, but this is without additional exercise. I am happy with the results.”

“Doesn’t work for everyone and is very expensive!”

“I love Juice Plus. I have been taking juice plus capsules and complete drink for 9 years, and I rarely have a cold or flu. I am 76 years old.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Juice Plus Complete

So, should you whip out your credit card and order Complete by Juice Plus bars and shakes? Well, we do like that there are some different flavor options available. We also appreciate that the shakes are free of saturated fat and cholesterol. We have some reservations about these supplements because there are some customer complaints regarding the taste. We’re concerned about the other discouraging user comments we found posted online.

Weight management is a journey involving diet, exercise, tracking, and more, which can be difficult to implement. That’s why it’s important to choose a customizable and clinically-proven system.

Among the best weight management products, we have seen is Noom. This app provides its users with everything they need to start making healthier choices and losing weight.

For a limited time, Dietsupplement readers can get a free trial offer of Noom, so make sure to try it out!

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Juice Plus Complete

What is Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus Complete is a nutritional food that can be used to supplement a meal, a quick snack, or even a meal replacement. It’s goal is to provide more complete nutrition to the everyday diet.

What is in Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus+ Complete provides balanced nutrition through a whole-food-based beverage mix.

Are there any clinical studies that support the efficacy of Juice Plus Complete?


Yes, the manufacturer cites over thirty studies that demonstrate the efficacy of Juice Plus.

What are the ingredients in Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus Complete is a whole food nutrition product. Complete comes in two forms, a powder used to make nutritious shakes or as a snack bar.

What are the side effects of Juice Plus Complete?


So long Juice Plus Complete is taken as directed there does not appear to be any known side effects. Having said that, however, there is a warning required by the State of California that the product contains, “chemicals known to the State of California that cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

Where can I buy Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus Complete can be purchased using their Official Site.

Does Juice Plus Complete work?


As far as nutritional supplements are concerned, there have been many scientific as well as medical studies conducted which indicate that adding Juice Plus Complete to a diet is very beneficial.

What is the price of Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus Complete comes in two forms, powder (for making shakes) and snack bars. A one month supply of the shake powder is about $38 whereas a one month supply of the snack bars will run around $38 as well.

Where can I buy Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus Complete can be purchased directly from the company at https://www.juiceplus.com/us/en/buy/complete/juice-plus–complete-variety, or, it can be purchased by finding a local online virtual distributor in your area.

How should I take Juice Plus Complete?


One scoop of Juice Plus Complete shake powder has 140 calories. You can add the powder to 1 cup of milk, juice or other liquid of choice. The ¼ cup of powder contains balanced nutrition in every scoop – based on a 2000 calorie diet.

How do I contact Juice Plus Complete customer service?


Juice Plus Complete customer service can be reached on their website, or by email at [email protected]. You can also call their office at 800-347-6350.

Can I return Juice Plus Complete?


Juice Plus Complete has a 100% money back guarantee.

What are the most common complaints about Juice Plus Complete?


The most common complaint I have been able to find is regarding the amount of product required vs. the amount received. The Juice Plus Complete shake powder indicates it is a one month supply, but customer complaints indicate there is not enough product provided for the recommended daily dose.

Can Juice Plus Complete aid in weight loss?


The manufacturer of Complete by Juice Plus makes no claims about Juice Plus contributing to weight loss. It is merely a vitamin and mineral supplement with only small amounts of fiber.

Can Juice Plus Complete replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle?


No, Juice Plus Complete cannot replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

How many meals can Juice Plus Complete replace in a day?


Replacing one meal a day with a Juice Plus Complete product will result in weight maintenance, while replacing two meals a day will result in weight loss. However, replacing more than two meals a day is not recommended.

Is Juice Plus Complete gluten free?


Yes, Juice Plus Complete is gluten free.

Is Juice Plus+ good for you?


Juice Plus+ is a dietary supplement made from a blend of 17 fruits, vegetables, and grains. It’s claimed to help provide essential vitamins and minerals that are missing from the average diet. While research indicates that Juice Plus+ may offer some health benefits, more research is needed before we can fully understand its potential effects on health. In general, however, adding this supplement to your diet may be beneficial if you are looking for an added boost of nutrition.

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