SlimFast Keto Review – 13 Things You Need to Know

SlimFast Keto Review 

											- 13 Things You Need to Know
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Slimfast Keto: another well-known company on the keto train? For over forty years, SlimFast has produced weight loss products like nutritional bars and meal replacement shakes.

SlimFast Keto provides a plan to support dieters who wish to try a ketogenic diet. Along with a sensible diet and regular exercise, the program claims that dieters can see results in one week.

Our research team wanted to look into the SlimFast Keto products to determine their overall effectiveness as part of the ketogenic diet, including ingredients and clinical research. The research team found lots of information, including some things you’d never guess about the keto diet.

SlimFast Keto can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is SlimFast Keto?

The SlimFast Keto line provides products for consumers on a high-fat, low-sugar, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet. The keto diet is to keep users in a fat-burning state called ketosis.

SlimFast Keto products include keto smoothies and bars and keto-compatible supplements. SlimFast claims that following their low-carbohydrate diet plan will provide some benefits, including rapid fat burning, hunger suppression, and ability to eat foods like bacon and steak.

Slimfast Keto makes a lot of claims, but are any of them true? Before delving into this keto product line, let’s review what the science has to say about this kind of diet and some of the ingredients found in Slimfast Keto products:

  • Experimental and Clinical Cardiology – Research found that on a ketogenic diet, the weight and body mass of obese patients “decreased significantly.”
  • Medical News Today – MCT oils such as coconut oil may help reduce obesity in mice.
  • Obesity Research Some research suggests MCT oils allow the body to generate more energy, which gives dieters more room to eat satisfying proteins.

How Did SlimFast Keto Start?

SlimFast has been in business since 1977, focusing on SlimFast diet pills, shakes, snacks, prepackaged meals, and other products for managed weight loss. SlimFast also provides meal plans to help consumers attain their health goals.

In 2004 in response to demand for low-carb products, SlimFast first produced the lower-sugar SlimFast Optima line and recently introduced SlimFast Keto products for the needs of a ketogenic diet.


SlimFast Keto Claims

SlimFast Keto products claim to help keep dieters in ketosis. While the official site acknowledges no “magical, quick-fix cure for weight loss,” a low-carbohydrate keto diet such as the SlimFast diet plan can play a significant role in weight loss.

The SlimFast Keto Diet also claims a ketogenic diet will help reduce hunger pangs by suppressing hunger hormones and allowing dieters to eat satisfying foods like steak.


SlimFast Keto Ingredients

SlimFast Keto products include meal replacement shakes, snacks, and dietary supplements. All of the products provide low-carbohydrate, high-fat nutrition.

Some key SlimFast Keto ingredients include:

  • MCT Oil Blend (palm, coconut, grass-fed butter)
  • Protein Blend (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate)
  • Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides
  • Cocoa
  • Erythritol


MCT Oil is an oil made of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that commonly occurs in coconut oil. MCT oils help raise the fat content of SlimFast Keto products and help promote a feeling of fullness.


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol.


SlimFast Keto products frequently feature a natural sweetener called Stevia. Although stevia is 300 times sweeter than standard sugar, it has a limited caloric impact and has been used in foods in Japan since the 1970s.

According to The Journal of Nutrition, stevia is popular due to it being plant-based, zero calories, and significantly sweeter than sugar.

Whey Protein and Collagen Protein

Whey and collagen protein enable cells to rebuild themselves, which is especially important in conjunction with a healthy exercise program, as the SlimFast diet plan recommends.

Does SlimFast Keto Work?

Any diet or exercise plan has variable results depending on a person’s health and general commitment to the program. However, as the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health points out, the ketogenic diet tends to be useful for different reasons:

  • Control of appetite hormones
  • Appetite-suppressant effect of ketones

The SlimFast Keto diet, designed to maintain ketosis, can help dieters achieve these results.

Benefits & Results

SlimFast Keto Benefits and Results

SlimFast Keto results will vary. The products function to put dieters in a state of ketosis. In ketosis, the body uses fat to produce ketones, which are small molecules used for energy.

In short, an essential benefit of the SlimFast Keto diet plan is that your body will burn its own stored fat to power you. The results of a long-term ketogenic diet are unknown.

Details on SlimFast Keto and Weight Loss

An important aspect to understand about this keto diet plan is that dieters replace two daily meals with SlimFast products, including shakes, bars, or cookies, to reduce hunger and maintain the metabolic rate at a higher level.

For optimal weight loss, the SlimFast diet strongly advises dieters to avoid sweetened beverages and sweets in general. SlimFast Keto results depend on keeping sugar and carbs to a minimum.

Weight loss is more likely to occur when dieters keep themselves in a ketogenic state. Sugars or excessive carbohydrates will make the body “switch over” from burning fat to burning the carbs in food. This will cause weight loss to slow down, or more likely, reverse, so you gain weight.


How to Use SlimFast Keto

SlimFast Keto products can be used individually on an as-needed basis by dieters wanting an occasional low-carbohydrate snack or meal replacement shake. Additionally, SlimFast products can form an essential part of an overall health program.

One to two meals a day can be replaced with SlimFast shakes, bars, or snacks. The final meal of the day can follow recipes or suggestions on the SlimFast keto diet program. Ideally, the meal should be higher in healthy fats, adequate in protein, and low in carbohydrates.


How Much Does Slimfast Keto Cost?

As per the official SlimFast website, the prices as of May 2022 are as follows:

  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snack Cups from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Meal Bars from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Meal Shakes to Go from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Real Cheddar Cheese Crisp from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snack Mixes from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Shake Mixes from $19.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Strawberry Topped Cheesecake Mini Snack Bar from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Dark Chocolate Almond Snack Square from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto MCT Oil from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Ketone Test Strips from $12.99
  • SlimFast Keto 14-Day Starter Kit $92.99
  • SlimFast Keto Together Starter Kit $229.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb White & Dark Chocolate Peppermint Snack Square from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Snack Cup from $13.99
  • SlimFast Keto Quick Start Weight Loss 7-Day Starter Kit $47.99
  • SlimFast Keto Stuffed Fat Bomb Bundle $49.96
  • SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Stuffed Snack Cups from $13.99

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Side Effects

Potential SlimFast Keto Side Effects

Potential SlimFast keto side effects can vary. Medical News Today points out that especially if dieters are new to ketosis, they may experience sluggishness, constipation, or low blood sugar.

Other keto dieters experience what is known as “keto flu,” a general feeling of lowered energy as your body adjusts from burning carbs to burning fat. Keto flu is treatable by drinking water with electrolytes.

Pros & Cons

SlimFast Keto Pros and Cons

SlimFast Keto products, if used as part of an overall health management program and regular exercise, may help dieters lose weight. Weight loss in a low-carbohydrate plan usually happens quickly before some degree of plateauing or tapering.

One downside to the SlimFast program may be the limited number of products available through the SlimFast Keto line. As Harvard University states, a low-carbohydrate diet can be challenging to stick to in the long run. Lack of food variety may cause dieters to lose interest.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Slim Fast line of keto snacks is amazing. My experience has been less than positive with “diet snacks”. The unpleasant cardboard taste. Not this one. Tastes like real food. No nasty aftertaste. I have bought other snack products as well from Slim Fast and have never been disappointed.”

“I tried this hoping I could use it for weight loss but the only weight lost was water weight because of the terrible diarrhea it gave me. I gave it a week to try but the diarrhea only got worse. Whatever is in the regular SlimFast that gives me diarrhea was compounded in this Keto version. I hadn’t realized Keto was just vegetables, many of which I am allergic to. So no more Keto for me and no more of this version of SlimFast.”

“These shakes are delicious and full of vitamins (because they’re technically meal replacements). These things are super high in fat, these are for the keto diet only, unless you want to take in 70% of your daily saturated fat in the form of only 180 calories.”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on SlimFast Keto

The SlimFast Keto line claims that dieters can lose weight with a minimal amount of hunger pangs or cravings by using SlimFast Keto products as part of an overall weight management plan in combination with exercise.

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SlimFast Keto

What is the SlimFast Keto line?


The SlimFast Keto line provides products for consumers on a high-fat, low-sugar, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet.

Can I lose weight with SlimFast Keto?


Yes, many people have had success losing weight with SlimFast Keto. This low-carb diet plan features snack bars and shakes that are high in fat and protein, making them perfect for a weight loss diet. They also provide delicious meal replacement options that are keto-friendly and make it easy to stay on track with your diet. Additionally, users report that the SlimFast Keto products taste great and give them the energy they need to power through their day!

What are the Slimfast Keto ingredients?


MCT Oil Blend, protein blends, cocoa, erythritol, grass-fed collagen peptides.

Are there Slimfast Keto side effects to know about?


Side effects of Slimfast Keto are possible tiredness, constipation, and a lowered sugar level.

Is Slimfast Keto safe?


This product is generally considered safe for men and non-pregnant women over 18.

Where can I buy SlimFast Keto?


SlimFast Keto can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Slimfast Keto?


Slimfast Keto is available with online shopping, such as Amazon, or most health and supplement stores.

Is there a Slimfast Keto free trial or free samples?


Currently, free trials or samples are unavailable.

What is the most common Slimfast Keto complaint?


There are a limited amount of products available.

What are some similar products to Slimfast Keto?

TruKETO, and Kara Keto Burn are similar products to Slimfast Keto.

Are Slimfast Fat Bombs Keto?


The Slimfast Fat Bombs are keto-friendly.

How many carbs are in SlimFast Keto?


The amount of carbs in Slimfast Keto products will depend on what you choose to consume and in what flavor. For example, the Slimfast Keto Meal Replacement Mix in Cake Batter contains 4 grams of net carbs.

Is SlimFast Keto actually keto?


Slimfast Keto says it is a good choice for ketogenic diet followers as their products are low-carb and easy to use.

What benefits does SlimFast claim their low-carbohydrate diet plan provides?


SlimFast claims that following their low-carbohydrate diet plan will provide some benefits, including rapid fat burning, hunger suppression, and the ability to eat foods like bacon and steak.

How does the SlimFast Keto diet plan claim to reduce hunger?


The SlimFast Keto diet plan claims to reduce hunger pangs by suppressing hunger hormones and allowing dieters to eat satisfying foods like steak.

What results can be expected from the SlimFast Keto diet plan?


SlimFast Keto results will vary. The products function to put dieters in a state of ketosis, in which the body uses fat to produce ketones, which are small molecules used for energy.

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