GAT Sport Review – 15 Things You Need to Know

GAT Sport Review 

											- 15 Things You Need to Know
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GAT Sport is a premium international supplement brand designed to help athletes attain superior strength and massive performance gains. The acronym GAT is an abbreviation for German American Technologies. Does the technology deliver with GAT supplements? Let’s look at the company, products, GAT Sport reviews, and research to see if the claims are possible.

GAT Sport can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is GAT Sport?

The GAT Sport brand focuses on athletic performance enhancement and support. Examining the potential benefits of some of the various supplement ingredients could help you better understand these products.

  • The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness: GAT Sport PMP Pre-Workout contains Beta-Alanine. The product improves endurance and muscle output. A 2017 systematic review concludes that BA supplementation might improve perceived parameters related to muscle fatigue in athlete and non-athlete subjects.
  • Andrologia: GAT Sport Mens Multi-Test is a multivitamin with testosterone support. There are several rodent studies looking at ingredients like Alpha-Lipoic Acid’s effects. The results of one study showed that ALA has a therapeutic role in improving testicular damage in the rats.
  • International Journal of Biological Macromolecules: Glucosamine is an ingredient in the GAT Sport Joint Support supplement. A 2019 article highlights enhanced type II collagen degradation in athletes with intense joint loading. It notes that glucosamine prevented that degradation but maintained type II collagen synthesis in data.

GAT Sport Competitors

Integrative Therapeutics
MAN Sports
Cutler Nutrition

Who is Behind GAT Sport?

Charles Moser founded GAT Sport in 1997. The privately held company had its first breakthrough with the product Jet Fuel. GAT Sport helps everywhere, from the weight room to the boardroom, with products designed to help you achieve peak performance.

Products are stackable and cover a wide range of applications. Categories include Amino Acids & Protein, Essentials, GAT Gear, Pre-Training & Nitric Oxide, Post-Training & Mass, Testosterone Optimization, and Thermogenesis & Energy.

Customer Service

Customer Service

GAT Sport has an unclaimed business profile on The Trustscore is 4.8-stars (Excellent) from 130 customer reviews. It does not have profiles on other business sites like Yelp.

Contact Information

GAT Sport
578 Pepper Street
Monroe, CT 06468

Visiting hours (by appointment only): Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern.

Phone: (203)325-8567

Email: [email protected]

You can also fill out the message form on the “Contact Us” page.

Popular Products From GAT Sport

Popular products on large retailers like Amazon include GAT Sport Mens Multi-Test, Jet-Fuel, PMP, and GAT Sport Creatine. Customer feedback entries on the company website are fewer in number but match the information given on retail outlets.

For example, GAT Sport Nitraflex Pre-Workout review entries on the Vitamin Shoppe describe it as a good product with clean energy. On Amazon, the product receives 4.6 out of 5.0-stars from 191 global ratings. The top GAT Sport Nitraflex Pre-Workout review entries mention it as a go-to product. The biggest complaint appears to be the taste. Feedback on the company website is similar.

Better Business Bureau

GAT Sport and the Better Business Bureau

GAT Sport does not have a company file on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. It is not rated and does not have BBB accreditation.

Our research found no customer review entries or complaints listed as closed in the past three-year period.


GAT Sport Claims

GAT Sport claims its products will help athletes everywhere attain superior strength and massive performance gains. They continually add new formulas that supposedly meet diverse athlete requirements. Allegedly, GAT Sport fuels your body and motivation, helping you train, grow, repair, and recover.


GAT Sport Ingredients

A sample of some of the top ingredients in various supplements include:

Testrol Elite

  • Maca Root Powder 500mg
  • KSM-66 Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract 300mg

Nitraflex Advanced Pre-Workout

  • Sodium 85mg
  • Nitraflex Proprieceutical Blend 6,521mg

JetMass Creatine System

  • Creatine Monohydrate 5g
  • L-Glutamine 1g

JetFuel Original

  • Niacin 25.5mg
  • JetFuel Concentrated Thermogenic Blend 1,036mg

JetFuel Pyro

  • Vitamin B6 3mg
  • Pyro Concentrated Feel-Good Thermogenic Blend 950mg

Do GAT Sport Products Work? Benefits

Testrol Elite contains 300mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha to help stimulate testosterone production. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology did a review in 2019. It used studies from sources like Chocrane and Pubmed. The conclusion supports using mucuna and ashwagandha as phytotherapeutics for improving serum T concentrations.

Nitraflex Advanced Pre-Workout helps with energy, strength, focus, stamina, and free testosterone. One ingredient in the proprietary blend is L-Citrulline. Exercise and Sports Science Reviews states that when combined with exercise training, it may improve nitric oxide bioavailability and muscle protein synthesis in older adults.

JetMass is a GAT Sport Creatine supplement containing 5g of Creatine Monohydrate. According to the journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, supplementing with creatine is effective at the 3-5g dose and produces performance benefits in various athletic and sporting activities.

A common ingredient in the Jet Fuel product line is Niacin. The role of this nutrient as an antioxidant is well-established, according to the Journal of Nutritional Medicine and Diet Care. That could help with several chronic illnesses by reducing oxidative stress.

Another shared ingredient in the line is Vitamin B12. The Pain Physician examined the development between B12 and pain. The 2019 article concluded that B12 showed potential as an adjunctive or integrative treatment for pain conditions. That is especially true with its overall safety profile.

Weight Loss

GAT Sport and Weight Loss

One of the ingredients in the JetFuel Original proprietary blend is Guarana Seed Extract. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety state that consuming this ingredient, alone or with other medicinal plants, demonstrates anti-obesity effects in animals and overweight or obese subjects.

JetFuel Pyro’s proprietary blend contains Rhodiola Rosea root extract. Several rodent studies have looked at the ingredient alone and with other nutrients. Nutrition Research looked at the combined effects of R. Rosea and Citrus aurantium on obese rats. Initial finds from the study suggest the combination has the potential to help treat obesity.

Side Effects

GAT Sport Side Effects

Our research looked through the GAT Sports reviews online. There were no standout side effects. Remember that all dietary supplements can potentially produce undesired interactions with your body.

Supplement side effects can include allergic reactions, drug interactions, digestive issues, body pains, and emotional or mental changes.

Can I Take With…

Can I Take Them With…

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve or regulate dietary supplements or the industry that makes them, including products from GAT Sport. Consult your healthcare team before starting any supplement, especially if you have underlying health concerns or use prescription medications.

Where to Buy

Cost and Where to Buy

You can get the entire GAT Sport supplement line on the company website. Prices for formulas range from $1.50 (one serving sample pack) to $46.99 (30 serving containers).

Some of the better-known retail sources include:

  • Amazon – $16.99 to $46.99
  • – $12.99 to $35.99 (four products online) with 10% discount for BodyFit Members
  • GNC – $44.99 (GAT Sport Nitraflex Pre-Workout) with 10% discount on in-store pickup
  • iHerb – $11.49 to $34.99 (four online products) with 20% savings in cart
  • The Vitamin Shoppe – $19.99 to $39.99 with 10% discount on auto-delivery

Amazon has a good selection but is online only. The Vitamin Shoppe also has a decent range of choices for online or in-store purchases.

At the time of research, GAT Sport was offering 50% off on Essentials products with any Nitraflex purchase on the company website.

There are several GAT Sport coupon code discounts on the internet. The research team found 15% to 35% discounts on orders, and other sites offer discounts at a specific dollar amount.

Cancel Subscription

Can You Cancel My Subscription?

No. We do not have an affiliation with GAT. The function of our website is to be a source of researched information on supplements and products like those made by GAT Sport. Contact the retailer you have the subscription through to cancel.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • GAT Sport designs its products to be stackable
  • Many of the supplements come in several flavors
  • You can find GAT Sport coupon code savings ranging from percentage discounts to specific dollar amounts


  • GAT Sport reviews vary from flavors and are limited in number
  • The company does not provide research for all products
  • Taking maximum daily doses can get costly

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on GAT Sport Results

GAT Sport supplements are a line of products that could provide support for endurance and resistance training. You will find that many formulas come in various flavors. We like that the company shares some research on the website, but overall GAT seems to be a normal, everyday supplement company. 

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GAT Sport

What is GAT Sport?


GAT Sport is a brand that focuses on athletic performance enhancement and support.

What are some of GAT Sport’s popular products?


Some of GAT Sport’s popular products include GAT Sport Mens Multi-Test, Jet-Fuel, PMP, and GAT Sport Creatine.

What are the claimed benefits of GAT Sport products?


GAT Sport claims that its products help athletes attain superior strength and massive performance gains, fueling their body and motivation and helping them train, grow, repair, and recover.

Does Nitraflex increase testosterone?


Studies have not found any significant increases in testosterone when taking Nitraflex. Many believe that regular exercise, healthy diet and lifestyle habits are the most important factors for boosting testosterone levels.

What are some potential side effects of GAT Sport products?


All dietary supplements can potentially produce undesired interactions with your body. Supplement side effects can include allergic reactions, drug interactions, digestive issues, body pains, and emotional or mental changes.

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