MAN Sports Review – 13 Things You Need to Know

MAN Sports Review 

											- 13 Things You Need to Know

MAN Sports (MAN being an acronym for Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition) operates on the motto “Born 2 Perform.” It is a supplement company that sells products targeting fat burning, health & wellness, muscle building, and recovery. We looked at the company, products, MAN Sports reviews, and research to help you determine if these products should be part of your nutritional regime.

MAN Sports can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is MAN Sports?

MAN Sports describes its performance-enhancing nutritional supplements as results-driven. It boasts that these products are synonymous with science, innovation, quality, and value. What does the research say some of these nutrients can do?

  • Food and Nutrition Sciences – MAN Sports Game Day is a pre-workout formula that contains 2000 mg of Creatine HCl. One study looked at the effects of Creatine HCl on recreational weight lifters. It concluded that it improved performance and induced changes in body composition.
  • Journal of International Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences – MAN Sports protein products like ISO-Protein include whey protein (isolate and hydrolyzed isolate). A 2016 study found that whey protein not only functioned as a protein source but it helped sugar metabolism in obese people.
  • MBD – MAN Sports Brainbridge advertises as a nootropic brain fuel (nootropic indicating it supports cognitive function). It contains 750 mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine, a substance that one review notes tcan decrease severity of mental and physical fatigue.

MAN Sports Competitors

Dr. Kellyann
Cutler Nutrition

Who is Behind MAN Sports?

MAN Sports LLC started operations in 2004. It maintains a headquarters and showroom in Dallas, Texas. The current CEO Steven Salmon purchased the company from a friend in Denver over a decade ago and began to rebuild the brand into what it is today. It has expanded into an international brand, including the acquisition of Nutritox Vitamins (another Dallas brand).

Customer Service

MAN Sports Customer Service

The company has an unclaimed Yelp profile, but it lacks customer feedback. Customer ratings for products on the company website range from 0.0 to 5.0-stars, depending on the product. The number of reviews range from 0 for a product to over 2,220 for the Weight Loss Bundle. Amazon customer ratings go from 3.2 up to 4.4-stars. The Vitamin Shoppe customers rate products with 3.7 to 5.0-stars.

Contact Information

MAN Sports
12150 Shiloh Rd Ste 120
Dallas TX 75228

Mailing Address

P.O.Box 871202
Mesquite, TX 75187

Phone: (866) 343-7680

The company maintains a live chat app on its website and a “Leave Us A Message” form on the Contact page.

Business hours for the phone and live chat app are Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Popular Products From MAN Sports

The company lists top-selling products that include MAN Sports protein powders like the ISO Protein, MAN Sports Game Day, MAN Sports ISO Amino, and MAN Sports Scorch Powder. Other products like the ISO EAA powder PRO PF3 capsules have good ratings, and customers leave positive Man Sports reviews on these supplements.

The MAN Sports Weight Loss Bundle has 2,440 reviews, making it the most ranked supplement on-site. Products in the bundle include MAN Sports Lean Ph.D, Yohimbine, REM-PM, and MAN Sports ISO Amino.

Better Business Bureau

MAN Sports and the Better Business Bureau

MAN Sports LLC does not have a file page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. The company is not BBB accredited or rated. There are no MAN Sports reviews, and no registered customer complaints were closed within the last three years.


MAN Sports Claims

MAN Sports claims its supplements will help anyone interested in taking their athletic performance to the next level. Its research, development, and engineering are supposed to guarantee the most effective products available.

MAN Sports allegedly delivers “exactly what it claims” with its supplement line, from sourcing through manufacturing and testing.


MAN Sports Ingredients

Looking through the products listed under the Fat Burning tab, some of the top ingredients include:

MAN Sports Apple Cider Vinegar (Capsules)

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder 1250 mg

MAN Sports Lean Ph.D (Capsules)

  • L-Carnitine-Tartrate 1000 mg
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha 600 mg

MAN Sports Scorch (Powder)


  • REM-PM Opti Blend 430 mg

MAN Sports Yohimbine

  • Yohimbine HCI 3 mg

Do MAN Sports Products Work? Benefits

L-Carnitine Tartrate is one of the top ingredients in MAN Sports Lean Ph.D capsules. Nutrients published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 2021. Those results demonstrate that L-carnitine tartrate supplementation beyond 35 days is beneficial for improving recovery and reducing fatigue following exercise across gender and age.

Lean Ph.D also contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha. The international research journal AYU tested its efficacy in improving cardiorespiratory endurance in healthy athletes. Results published in the first quarter of 2015 suggest it enhances cardiorespiratory endurance and quality of life in subjects.

An interesting addition to the MAN Sports Scorch powder supplement is the 10 mg of Niacin (50% of the Daily Value of vitamin B3). In 2018, Advances in Food and Nutrition Research looked at recent data and noted that it has potential therapeutic use in several health issues.

REM-PM is supposed to improve sleep quality, and the REM PM Opti Blend uses melatonin as one of the ingredients. Sleep Medicine Reviews summarized that the ingredient showed benefits in reducing sleep onset latency, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and sleep-wake patterns in blind patients.

MAN Sports Yohimbine is supposed to enhance performance. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health concluded in 2022 that it might help athletes and exercisers looking to reduce fatigue and improve anaerobic performance. It noted that future studies are needed to understand the mechanics involved.

Weight Loss

MAN Sports and Weight Loss

One of the products in the “Fat Burning” tab is MAN Sports Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). According to the Journal of Functional Foods in 2018, ACV significantly reduced BMI, body weight, hip circumference, visceral adiposity index (VAI), and appetite score of obese subjects in a randomized clinical trial.

One ingredient in MAN Sports Scorch powder’s Thermogenic Blend is Raspberry Ketones. The Journal of Food Biochemistry examined this aromatic compound in a January 2022 article. Some of the positive effects of Raspberry Ketones include accelerating fatty acid oxidation, balancing serum sugar levels, anti-inflammation, and antioxidant processes.

Side Effects

MAN Sports Side Effects

The researchers looked through MAN Sports reviews and did not find any notable side effects, but keep in mind that all dietary or nutritional supplementation can potentially produce unwanted effects.

Discuss any supplements you are considering with your healthcare provider beforehand to weigh potential benefits to risks. Your pharmacist or dietician are other sources of good information.

Supplement side effects can include allergic reactions to ingredients or drug interactions with medications you take. They can also cause digestive issues, pain in the body, and emotional or mental changes. The products with caffeine or other stimulants may cause elevated heart rate, headache, overstimulation, and jitters.

Where to Buy

Cost and Where to Buy

Our research indicates there are three consistent sources for MAN Sports supplements (there are other retail outlets, but these highlight typical price ranges).

The full range of MAN Sports products (including non-supplement merchandise) is available through the company website. Individual supplements cost $9.99-$99.99, Bundles range from $85.48 to $189.80, and Sample Packs cost $1.00-$2.50. There are no subscriptions offered on the web pages. The company also offers free shipping with orders of $50 or more.

An Amazon storefront offers individual products (no bundles or samples are listed). Currently available products cost $20.99-$39.99. Amazon offers free shipping if you spend $25 or more, but the subscription system does not provide any savings.

The Vitamin Shoppe offers a limited selection of individual products online and in-store. Prices range from $21.97 to $99.99, with free shipping when you spend $25 or more. Some products offer a 10% discount when selecting auto-delivery on the website.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Many formulas address several bodily functions at once
  • You can find additional price reductions on for some products on the MAN Sports site
  • The company sometimes offers a MAN Sports discount code for 25% off of your purchase


  • Some formulas are often sold-out or unavailable through retailers
  • The company does not offer a subscription discount
  • No proof is given about claims of quality-control or product testing

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on MAN Sports Results

MAN Sports protein powders and combination products like ISO EAA or PF3 could help enhance your athletic performance. The supplement line also appears to offer potential aid in burning fat and overall well-being.

Our research finds that formulas can be unavailable, especially away from the MAN Sports website. The company makes lots of claims about quality control, research, and testing but does not provide substantial evidence of these processes.

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MAN Sports

What is MAN Sports?


MAN Sports is a supplement company that sells products targeting fat burning, health & wellness, muscle building, and recovery.

Do MAN Sports supplements actually work?


Yes, MAN Sports supplements are designed to have a positive impact on athletic performance and overall health. They use quality ingredients that have been tested for purity and potency. Studies have also found that their formulas are effective in helping to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness so athletes can perform better and recover faster.

What are some of MAN Sports’ top-selling products?


MAN Sports’ top-selling products include ISO Protein, Game Day, ISO Amino, Scorch Powder, Lean Ph.D, Yohimbine, REM-PM, and ISO EAA powder PRO PF3 capsules.

Are there any notable side effects of MAN Sports supplements?


We looked through MAN Sports reviews and did not find any notable side effects, but keep in mind that all dietary or nutritional supplementation can potentially produce unwanted effects.

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