Biosteel Review – 11 Things You Need to Know

Biosteel Review 

											- 11 Things You Need to Know
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Biosteel – a supplement company that looks like it wants to take on big wigs like Gatorade and Powerade. The Hydration Mix is clearly the star product, but what about the rest of the line? And, is the star product really that special?

Our research team decided to take a closer look at Biosteel. Will this company be a viable competitor for the -Ades, or is this just another hit-and-miss company? We present the facts so you can make the final decision. Let’s take a look – what is Biosteel used for?

Biosteel can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Biosteel Sports Nutrition?

Biosteel is a supplement company that claims, “Biosteel is the leading wave of healthy sports drinks in the market. We are not just talking about a ‘better for you’ product, but rather one that redefines sports drinks. Biosteel is unmatched in the market and is proud to be raising the bar on consumer expectations of sports drinks, and has become the #1 purchased product in professional sports.”

Now, there’s no proof that this is the #1 product, as claimed, and we still see the other big names more often – but if the ingredients are right, this could be a company to jump-start the next phase in athletics and hydration. The question is – does the research back the ingredients in this hydration product?

  • Sports Medicine – Although antioxidants can have a beneficial effect on sports health, chronic supplementation of antioxidants can have some negative effects.
  • Nutrients – Multiple amino acids, including leucine and valine, can reduce the feeling of fatigue during exercise.
  • Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition – Dietary supplements containing amino acids is believed to allow for higher sustained workloads.

Company and Better Business Bureau

Matt Nichol, a strength and conditioning coach, started Biosteel. The company doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, and the About Us page is more about offering information on what the company stands for – not about the company itself. The fact that it’s a company based in Toronto could account for the lacking BBB page.

You can contact Biosteel at (844) 777-8001 or send them an email at [email protected].

Biosteel Competitors

1Up Nutrition
Cell Tech

Biosteel Products

Biosteel offers an extensive line of products, but the website is set up to list each flavor (if applicable) as a separate product. It takes much longer to find information on each of the products because the list is so long.

Some products include:

  • Sports Drink
  • Hydration Mix
  • Recovery Protein Plus
  • Plant-Based Protein
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Creatine
  • Sport Greens
  • Sport Collagen Blend
  • Pre-Workout
  • BCAA+
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Fermented Glutamine
  • Fermented Leucine

In July of 2019, Biosteel was sued for including lead and cadmium in some of their products without putting any warning labels on the packaging, according to the Environmental Research Center.


Biosteel Sports Nutrition Claims

The claims made by Biosteel are mostly focused on performance in athletics and fitness. Premium ingredients, clean protein, and hydration to keep you going are just a few of the product claims. Each supplement offers a unique set of expectations. Remember, just because a company claims a supplement will work doesn’t mean the ingredients back that up – let’s check out those ingredients.


Biosteel Ingredients

Sports Hydration Mix – clearly the most popular of the Biosteel products, contains:

  • Vitamin B Blend
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Valine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • Glycine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Taurine
  • Spirulina Extract
  • Stevia

One thing that caught our eye about the Biosteel ingredient label (for Sports Hydration Mix) was the term “medicinal.” It is used to describe a short list of ingredients. These ingredients are referred to as Non-Medicinal Ingredients.

In our opinion, that reads that the other ingredients are, in fact, medicinal, and that statement is against the law. If the Food and Drug Administration is alerted of this term’s use, it could mean a warning letter is sent to Biosteel.


Details on Ingredients

There are bound to be some benefits on weight with so many ingredients in the mix, right? Let’s take a closer look at the research into Biosteel ingredients.

Vitamin B Blend: Nutrients says B vitamins are used in the production of energy. However, the body doesn’t hold on to any extra B vitamins for long. Any excess is passed out of the body in urine. You may notice your urine is a bright yellow color because of the B vitamins.

After gastric bypass surgery for weight loss, patients will need regular B vitamin supplementation due to reduced bowel absorption. Vitamin B deficiency can cause health problems, including fatigue, according to the journal Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.

Taurine: Though most studies focus on the benefits of using taurine for exercise performance, see the journal Amino Acids. However, some research, as published in the journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, claims taurine may also improve metabolism, which could lead to weight loss.

Spirulina Extract: According to Open Heart, Spirulina can reduce visceral fat, prevent hepatic fat accumulation, reduce oxidative stress, improve insulin sensitivity and satiety; all of which can promote weight loss.

Weight Loss

Biosteel Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss

One ingredient used by Biosteel, taurine, does have research showing supplementation may improve metabolism. The study was focused more on physical performance, but an increase in metabolism is a welcome benefit. When presented with the question – does Biosteel have caffeine – the answer is no. We found no products that contain caffeine.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Biosteel supplements are available for sale on the official website and Amazon. On the official website, hydration mix costs $16.99 per 12 servings, $24.99 per 20 servings, $49.99 per 45 servings, and $74.99 per 100 servings. They also sell 25 servings of whey protein for $69.99 and 25 servings of plant protein for $49.99. Prices may change over time.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

What is the good, the bad, and the in-between with Biosteel? We found some key points along the way.


  • The products are available on both the website and Amazon.
  • Some ingredients support joint health and weight loss.
  • The prices aren’t bad, but you will find better prices from other companies.


  • None of the supplements are expressly designed for losing weight.
  • There may not be enough weight-loss support ingredients to see results similar to studies.

Return Policy

BioSteel will only accept returns/exchanges if the product seal is damaged. All exchanges must be made within thirty (30) days. You can return the product to 87 Wingold Avenue, Unit 1, Toronto, ON M6B 1P8.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Saw and read so much hype about Biosteel from the likes of Ezekiel Elliot only for this product to suck in terms of taste. Could not drink it at all. Horrible!”

“This is a great sports drink. Electrolytes is a must-have ingredient. Other than that, it doesn’t have any artificial flavoring or coloring. It actually is quite sweet due to stevia. It tastes good. But I think it is a little bit too much. All in all, a great drink. You may want to give it a try.”

“Meh. It’s VERY sweet (makes me want to drink a whole bottle of water during the run. It’s very distracting) and I didn’t feel any different during or after running. Tried for a couple of weeks.”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Biosteel Sports Nutrition

What’s the deal with Biosteel? We like the hydration mix – the formula is something new in a market that’s grown quite stagnant over the years. We like that about this company. We also believe they’ve carefully chosen the supplements to offer based on research – something we rarely find. Overall, it looks like Biosteel is a pretty decent company.

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What is Biosteel Sports Nutrition?


Biosteel is a supplement company that offers a range of products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

What is BioSteel used for?


Biosteel products are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Is Biosteel a viable competitor for Gatorade and Powerade?


It remains to be seen if Biosteel will become a major competitor for the -Ades, but the company claims to be raising the bar on consumer expectations of sports drinks.

Who started Biosteel?


Biosteel was started by strength and conditioning coach Matt Nichol.

Does Biosteel have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page?


No, Biosteel doesn’t have a BBB page, but the company can be contacted via phone or email.

Where can I buy Biosteel?


Biosteel can be purchased using their Official Site.

Is Biosteel safe?


Biosteel sports drinks contain no preservatives, additives or unnatural colors, so the formula may change color in sunlight. This does not impair the safety of Biosteel’s sports drink.

Does Biosteel contain lead?


In April 2019, the Environmental Research Center found 12 Biosteel products that contained toxic substances like lead and lead compounds.

What does Biosteel taste like?


Biosteel comes in the following flavors:

  • Grape
  • White Freeze
  • Watermelon
  • Rainbow Twist
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Peach Mango
  • Mixed Berry
  • Tart Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Lemon Lime
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Banana Blast

The flavor is light, so as to not overpower. Think of it as flavored water, as opposed to a classic sports drinks.

What is Biosteel sweetened with?


Biosteel uses stevia extract to sweeten products.

What are the benefits of BioSteel?


BioSteel is a popular sports nutrition supplement that helps to fuel your workouts and athletic performance. It contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have been proven to improve strength, endurance and recovery. BioSteel is also made with natural ingredients, so it’s free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. Additionally, it helps to reduce inflammation, promote muscle growth and speed up muscle repair after strenuous exercise – all while providing an easy-to-digest source of energy for peak performance.

What are Biosteel’s competitors?


Some of Biosteel’s competitors include 1Up Nutrition, Benefiber, Helios, and Cell Tech.

What products does Biosteel offer?


Biosteel offers an extensive line of products, including sports drinks, hydration mix, recovery protein, plant-based and whey protein, creatine, sport greens, and more.

Has Biosteel faced any legal issues?


Yes, Biosteel was sued in 2019 for including lead and cadmium in some of their products without warning labels on the packaging.

What claims does Biosteel make about its products?


Biosteel’s claims focus on performance in athletics and fitness, including premium ingredients, clean protein, and hydration.

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