Helios Review – 13 Things You Need to Know

Helios Review 

											- 13 Things You Need to Know
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Helios is a “pharmaceutical grade fat burner” produced by DNA Pharma. They claim that “you’ll see and feel a difference with your first regular workout.” Wow- results in one single workout? We are hopeful but skeptical.

Our research team wanted to know more about Helios and if the claims can be proven. We took a close look at the ingredients, the science behind them, and gathered user reviews. This is what we have learned.

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What is Helios?

Helios, or Helios Fat Burner, is a pharmaceutical-grade fat burner usually used by bodybuilders and people who want to achieve peak body physique. The supplement works to increase heat production in the body (thermogenesis), as well as to suppress appetite and regulate certain hormones.

It relies on fat as a sort of fuel, using it to grind down those extra pounds when exercising. Multiple ingredients in this fat burner work together to help you achieve the body shape you have always craved, or so they claim.

  • European Journal of Sport Science – Anhydrous caffeine functions to increase physical endurance, improve focus, and raise energy levels. This ingredient helps fats be used as fuel during your training.
  • Research in Sports Medicine – Yohimbine’s fat burning properties have been widely recognized in the world of sports, as athletes from all over the globe use it to reduce body fat levels.
  • Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi – Works to cause certain tissues to relax and others to contract. It increases the heart rate and provides you with better overall athletic performance.

Although this supplement is used in bodybuilding, professionals are not the only ones who find it helpful. If you are just a gym enthusiast who wishes to slim down and build some muscle mass along the way, you can use the supplement as well.

However, taking Helios XT by itself will probably not be much of a help to you if you’re not working out. Additionally, the product doesn’t seem to be for public sale anymore on the official website.

If that is the case, you might want to search for other remedies that can help you lose weight more effortlessly instead.

Helios Competitors

Inno Shred
Fit For Life
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How Did Helios Start?

The history of bodybuilding and supplements is long. Even in ancient Greece, athletes were advised that certain food and drink consumption would allow them to reach peak performances.

People realized long ago that working out is only one part of becoming strong.  There is a rich history of ancient cultures recognizing various herbal remedies to help reach the desired level of physical performance and shape.

With the progress of medical science, as well as the popularity of bodybuilding as a sport, those remedies have been replaced by various, easy to consume, supplements.

Helios XT is just another such supplement that will help you achieve a ripped figure much faster than by just working out. The product is manufactured and produced by a company called DNA Pharma.

This company is producing many supplements for bodybuilders and gym rats, guaranteeing their products’ purity, quality, and the results you can achieve with them.

The product is no longer available on the official website. DNA Pharma also makes supplements such as BCAA, Hibern8, and Laxogro.

Update 2022: As of early 2022, the DNA Pharma website is no longer active and few, if any, retailers are selling Helios XT.

There is also another similar product, with the same name that is produced by a company called Innovagen. It consists of 50 tablets that serve the same purpose and consist of similar ingredients.

However, because of included substances that are banned in most countries, little to no information can be obtained on the product.

There is also an injectable version of the same medicine that is presented as self-induced liposuction for areas of the body with excessive fat.

Helios Influence

One of the pioneers of steroid culture in bodybuilding was Dan Duchaine. Also called the Bodybuilding Guru, being a bodybuilder himself, Dan wrote many books on steroid consumption, weight loss, and the sport of bodybuilding in general.

You can easily say that Helios was developed under the influence of one of his ideas.


Helios Claims

The company that creates Helios XT also claims that the product has no fillers included. These filler ingredients promise great results but are ultimately bad for your body and health.

The best supplements, DNA Pharma claims, provide you with testosterone, while also lowering your estrogen levels, thus increasing strength and promoting muscle mass.

Although they make their products, these manufacturers still buy raw materials from various vendors. When each material is purchased, the sellers must provide them with a special certificate of analysis that should ensure the premium quality of those materials.

Sellers of Helios promise their customers tremendous results in the gym. The results are not just visible and measurable, but they also appear quickly. They claim that after your first workout with this supplement, you will see as well as feel, some positive effects.


Helios Ingredients

This dietary supplement comes in a bottle containing a total of 45 capsules. The regular intake is one capsule at a time (usually before a workout), and each capsule contains the following ingredients:

helios niacin

  • Niacin (15 mg) – Vitamin B3 that can be found in many types of meat, vegetables, fish, milk, or eggs. The vitamin is good for general health.
  • Vitamin B6 (50 mg) – This vitamin is important for the overall function of your metabolism. It activates coenzymes that also improve the nervous system and immune system functionality. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, vitamin B6 also prevents the forming of kidney stones and protects the hearth from forming deposits of cholesterol.
  • Magnesium (25 mg) – Magnesium strengthens your bones, according to Nutrients. A lot of people in the US, as well as worldwide, suffer from magnesium deficiency. In this particular case, the mineral is effective for muscle relaxation and for improving physical performance. It can also be related to a testosterone increase.
  • Anhydrous Caffeine (250 mg) – This is caffeine but with low amounts of water (around .05%).
  • Theacrine (50 mg) – Similar to caffeine, this ingredient is used to give you more energy and improve your workout. According to Nutrients, it also reduces inflammation that can help relieve you of pain and discomfort in muscles and joints during and after your workout.
  • N-Dimethylphenethylamine HCL (200 mg) – Provides you a stimulant effect during exercise and improves the process of weight loss.
  • Higenamine – Higenamine increases lung capacity which is important for oxygen flow during the workout. The thermogenic effect is mostly increased by this ingredient because it keeps the heart rate at the most effective level for fat burning.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract – According to the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, also known as capsicum, this plant is well known for preventing muscle spasms and burning fat. It is also used to decrease blood sugar levels and can improve your metabolism. The plant has many uses, but these are only ones that can help you with your workout.
  • Ginger Extract (50 mg) – According to the journal Clinics, this remedy is used mostly for digestion and nausea prevention. It can ease the effects of gas, diarrhea, and heartburn. It also has many other known uses.
  • Yohimbine HCL (5 mg) – Named for a type of tree that grows in western and central Africa, Yohimbe is an alkaloid that widens the blood vessels giving you more energy during training.
  • CapsiAtra (2 mg) – This is another ingredient that is a powerful fat-burner. It lets the body burn more calories than usual, while also increasing your energy levels.
Does It Work?

Does Helios Work?

There are many disputes in the bodybuilding community about the effectiveness of Helios, but most builders and gym enthusiasts agree that it does work.

The main attribute of this supplement is that it distributes fat loss evenly throughout the whole body while also increasing muscle visibility. When doing exercise and diet without the use of any supplements, both men and women can notice a spot-specific loss of fat, while other areas of the body remain unchanged.

This is why it’s important to use such supplements as they can help you reach your desired physique faster and with a more appealing look.

Many reviews on various bodybuilding and fitness forums and websites are in praise of the product. However, intake should be followed by appropriate workout programs for achieving the best results.

Can Helios Be Taken With Other Supplements?

The manufacturers themselves strongly advise you do not take Helios XT alongside other such supplements.

The reason for this is that the product contains a high amount of caffeine and stimulant ingredients, which are used to create a thermogenic effect.

Stacking of supplements can cause various side effects, so Helios all by itself should be the single supplement for your fat-burning workout program.


Helios Benefits and Results

If you work out properly and take Helios, you will most definitely achieve your desired results in a faster time. Body fat can be stubborn sometimes, and that’s when products like these come in handy.

Both thermogenesis and hormone regulation work to prepare your body for long hard training sessions. Appetite suppression will get rid of those cravings for fatty foods, so you can start eating healthy more easily.

helios and fatty foods

If you are not looking for a toned physique, but just wish to lose fat, then this product is not for you. Only experienced bodybuilders and professional athletes that work out consistently can feel the difference with this supplement.

However, there is an injectable solution of a similar substance that can be applied to specific spots on the body that store the surplus of fat.

With Helios fat burner, you can easily notice results in the first few days of using it. The bottle contains more than enough capsules for you to reach your desired physique.

Some bodybuilders say that only after a week they could easily notice the positive results on their bodies.

The ingredients themselves consist of various vitamins, minerals, and extracts that are used for improving general health.

Weight Loss

Details on Helios and Weight Loss

To understand how exactly Helios works, you must know a thing or two about fat cells and fatty acids. Fat cells (or adipocytes) work to store your energy in the form of fat. Fatty acids, on the other hand, represent a sort of fuel for the human body and provide it with energy.

The main ingredients in Helios work together to speed up metabolism and create a certain chemical reaction that turns all those fat cells into fatty acids. The acids then travel through cell membranes and into your bloodstream where they burn off.

This is also why consistently working out while taking this supplement is important. If you don’t burn your fatty acids with exercise, they will turn once again into fat cells, and you won’t be able to see any change.

There are two mediators of fat loss in our body. One is a circulating hormone that travels through our body and works on fat cells by chance. The second mediator comes in the form of neurotransmitters, called epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Although it seems logical, weight loss is not necessarily directed by our exercise and eating habits, but also by our brain. Losing weight has a lot to do with certain hormones and how our brain uses them.

All of our fat stores get their energy supply from the nervous system, sort of like muscles. This means that the brain can send fat loss mediators directly to the affected spots.

The only problem is that we do not know how to control our brain to such an extent, so it works on its own. So when our brain can’t help us with losing weight with the use of certain hormones, we can help ourselves by taking those hormones orally or by injection.

Does Helios Work the Same for Everybody?

Although the taking of the supplement is pretty much the same for all, the results may vary depending on several factors.

First is the amount of fat you are hoping to lose. People who wish to lose more fat will naturally need more time with Helios fat burner.

Another factor is exercising. Helios tablets or injections don’t come with the instructions on how to work out during consumption. Each person has their workout program that suits his needs and desires on what physique he or she wishes to accomplish.

That said, it is best to inform yourself on what exercises will work best with the supplement.

It is helpful to take notes and photos of your body and keep track of your results. That way you can see how the supplement is working over time.


How to Take Helios

There are two ways you can take Helios: you can either consume capsules orally or treat fat on the spot with injection.

Oral Use

When taking Helios capsules, you should take one serving (one capsule) each morning, or before cardio activity. If you are a beginner, you should take half a capsule instead to start with, depending on your needs.


Helios injections follow a more detailed procedure. There are 50 ml and 20 ml packages of the supplement.

To correctly inject yourself with Helios, you will need to use alcohol swabs to clean the skin and then proceed to stick the needle through it.

The vial should then be turned upside-down and injected with enough air to avoid a vacuum. The needle should be then pulled and filled with the amount of liquid you require.

Each should use their needle. The medicine should be stored in a dark, cold place, preferably the refrigerator.

Make sure to inform yourself about any additional information regarding the injections. If you are a first-timer, make sure to ask for somebody’s help, preferably someone who has experience with this.

What Will I Feel After Taking Helios?

Previous users have often compared the first intake of Helios with the first intake of coffee. Since caffeine is one of the ingredients of the supplement, the effects felt will probably include nervousness, increased heartbeat, and sweating more than usual.

However, these effects will be mild, and they will pass over time as you adapt to the supplement.

Side Effects

Potential Helios Side Effects

There aren’t many recorded side effects from taking Helios fat burner that is considered serious.

However, some of the mild contraindications of this supplement may include:

helios excessive sweating

  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive sweating
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Nervousness

Some of the ingredients found in Helios can lead to some negative side effects as well, especially since many of them are considered stimulants.

N-Dimethylphenethylamine HCL is one of these stimulant ingredients. Although it can have some compounding side effects in relation to other ingredients, PubChem warns primarily of skin, eye, and respiratory irritation when using it in a lab setting.

According to Clinical Toxicology, higenamine acts in a similar way to ephedrine and may cause an increase in heart rate and mood changes, and has little safety studies performed on it.

Caffeine anhydrous, another ingredient in Helios, is the dehydrated form of caffeine, making it much more potent.

LiverTox from the National Institutes of Health found Yohimbine to lead to some minor adverse effects like chest pain, anxiety, headaches, and sweating.

Product Warnings

Helios Product Warnings

The main reason why this supplement is not more popular is that some of its ingredients (like Clenbuterol and Yohimbine HCL) are forbidden for use in many parts of the world. Therefore, the supplement itself is not FDA approved.

However, as we already mentioned, a lot of bodybuilders who use Helios are in praise of the product and have no unpleasant experiences with it.

According to Dr. Anthony Dugarte, “Injectable formulations can result in severe infection, [so] users should seek the guidance of a physician before injecting any substance into their body.”


Any Helios Lawsuits?

We couldn’t find any Helios lawsuits. This only proves that the supplement works as anticipated, without posing any threat to your body if taken correctly.


Helios Alternatives

Bodybuilding as a sport is very popular, so it comes as no surprise that Helios is not the only one of its kind. There are many fat burners you can buy online or in one of your local supplement stores.

Here is a list of only a few products that are similar to Helios:

  • Lean Mode
  • Quadralean Thermogenic
  • Shred JYM
  • Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate
  • Animal Cuts
  • Shred Her

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Helios Work?

Should I clear the shelves of Helios? Even if you can find it, there are a lot of safety concerns which is why we are skeptical about suggesting it to anyone. Even though research says it could work, we just don’t feel comfortable giving the thumbs up.

If the time has come to jumpstart your muscle growth you might want to check out a program that has been clinically tested to be both safe and effective. A great product will also have a responsive customer service team that can quickly address any questions or concerns.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is called Noom. It is made of a combination of weight-loss tools and resources designed by doctors that include human coaching and personalized meal plans. We didn’t run into any negative reviews online, but we did find many people talking about their excellent results.

The makers of Noom are so excited about their product that they have been offering a free trial offer, which is very reassuring.

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What is Helios?


Helios is a pharmaceutical-grade fat burner produced by DNA Pharma. It works by increasing heat production in the body, suppressing appetite, and regulating certain hormones to help burn fat during exercise.

What are the ingredients in Helios?


The ingredients in Helios include niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, anhydrous caffeine, theacrine, N-dimethylphenethylamine HCL, higenamine, cayenne pepper extract, ginger extract, yohimbine HCL, and CapsiAtra.

What are the side effects of Helios?


The potential side effects of Helios may include loss of appetite, nervousness, heart palpitations, nausea, excessive sweating, tremors, and dizziness.

Does Helios work?


Yes, according to the ingredients backed by research, Yohimbine is an energy booster while Clenbuterol has been proven to boost muscle growth.

What is the price of Helios?


One bottle of Helios goes for $39.99.

Where can I buy Helios?


You can get Helios at https://www.hyjiyastore.com/dna-pharma/dna-pharma-helios-xt-45-caps/.

How should I take Helios?


The best way to take this bodybuilding supplement is in the morning. The manufacturer recommends one (1) serving before major cardiovascular activity.

How do I contact Helios customer service?


You can contact Helios customer service via its affiliate websites, retailers, or you can contact dnaprama.net for assistance.

Can I return Helios?


No, you can’t return Helios. There are no trial samples and no guarantees.

What are the most common complaints about Helios?


The most common complaints about Helios are lack of product availability and poor customer service.

How much weight can you lose on Helios?


It is difficult to answer this question objectively and factually since weight loss results vary from person to person. The amount of weight someone loses on Helios depends on multiple factors such as age, diet, level of physical activity, etc. Generally speaking, following the Helios program can help people achieve healthy weight loss goals when combined with a balanced diet and exercise routine. Individual results may vary.

Is Helios only used by bodybuilders?


Helios is commonly used by bodybuilders, but it can also be used by anyone who wants to lose weight and build muscle mass.

Does Helios work without exercise?


Helios is meant to be used in conjunction with regular exercise. It is unlikely to be effective without exercise.

Can Helios be used by women?


Helios can be used by women, but it is important to follow the recommended dosage and to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

Is Helios safe?


The safety of Helios is not clear as it contains certain ingredients that may cause side effects such as jitteriness, headaches, and high blood pressure. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

What are the competitors of Helios?


Some competitors of Helios include Inno Shred, Meta-Switch, Fit For Life, and Carnivor.

Who produces Helios?


Helios is produced by DNA Pharma, a company that specializes in producing supplements for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts.

Are there any banned substances in Helios?


It is unclear whether Helios contains any banned substances as the product is no longer available on the official website. There is also another product with the same name that contains banned substances.

What are the claims made by Helios?


The claims made by Helios include that the product has no fillers, provides testosterone while lowering estrogen levels, and that it provides visible and measurable results quickly after the first workout.

Is Helios still available for purchase?


As of early 2022, Helios is no longer available for purchase on the official DNA Pharma website, and few, if any, retailers are selling it.

Who was Dan Duchaine, and what influence did he have on Helios?


Dan Duchaine was a pioneer of steroid culture in bodybuilding and an author of many books on steroid consumption, weight loss, and bodybuilding. He had an influence on the development of Helios.

What is CapsiAtra in Helios?


CapsiAtra is an ingredient in Helios that is extracted from sweet peppers. It is believed to help boost metabolism and enhance fat burning.

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