Thrive Activate Review – 10 Things You Need to Know

Thrive Activate Review 

											- 10 Things You Need to Know
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Thrive Activate is a beverage designed to help its consumers with their overall performance and health. Thrive Activate says that it offers “immune support.” Immune support will appeal to most people, but is there any truth to this statement?

Thrive Activate has many of the ingredients found in other products that say that they offer immune support, but that doesn’t mean that Thrive Activate actually supports your immune system. Because there is no evidence that Thrive Activate supports your immune system, our research team did extensive research on Thrive Activate’s ingredients to see if they could help support people’s immune systems. Here are the findings of our research team and what they discovered about Thrive Activate.

Thrive Activate can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Thrive Activate?

What is Thrive Activate?

Thrive Activate is an energy drink from Le-Vel. Like many other caffeinated beverages, it’s designed to boost energy and, if you’re lucky, improve metabolism.

Many of the Thrive Activate ingredients are common vitamins and minerals, but there are a few others of note. Let’s see what some of the studies on these ingredients have to say:

  • International Journal of ObesityOne study combining tyrosine with caffeine, capsaicin, and catechins found it to increase thermogenesis and lead to a slight decrease in weight.
  • Amino AcidsResearch into taurine found the ingredient to have some ant-obesity activity after long term use.
  • Clinical Nutrition ESPENAccording to this study, “L-carnitine supplementation provides a modest reducing effect on body weight, BMI and fat mass, especially among adults with overweight/obesity.”

Update: It’s now called THRIVE Activate 2.0, as of 2022.

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Thrive Activate Ingredients

Thrive Activate ingredients include:

Other ingredients include choline and vitamins A, C, E, B6, and B12.

Side Effects

Thrive Activate Potential Side Effects

Based on the information that we have collected on Thrive Activate side effects is that, in some cases, the users endure a stomach ache and begin to fidget after drinking it on an empty stomach. This could be due to the caffeine content and is not likely directly associated with the product.

Other potential side effects associated with caffeine include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Shakes
  • Irritability

Thrive Activate Benefits

A review of Le-Vel Thrive Plus Activate ingredients reveals some potential health benefits that science has tested and proven. These are not to be linked directly to this formula; rather, elements of the energy drink.

Some benefits we expect some users to notice are:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved focus

Benefits the user may not notice as they occur on a cellular level include:

  • Decreased impact of free radicals on cells
  • Improved immune system

What Does Thrive Plus Activate Taste Like?

thrive activate taste

Le-Vel Thrive Activate comes in four flavors: Peach Mango, Apple Berry, Coconut Pineapple, Starfruit. There aren’t many reviews from users on taste, but the comments we did find were positive.

The only issue we encountered was that some people didn’t like the “artificial” taste. Based on the Le-Vel Activate label, this taste could be due to the stevia extract or Magnasweet (a flavoring).

How Does it Work?

How Does LeVel Thrive Activate Work?

The initial feeling of increased energy some feel with Thrive Plus Activate is likely the caffeine kicking in. Le-Vel doesn’t share just how much caffeine is in the formula, and it is listed further down on the label, which means there’s less than other ingredients like taurine and glycine.

From there, the other ingredients work, if effective, inside the body over a period of days or weeks. (This is the case with most natural supplements.) You may not feel any changes that you’ll directly link to the supplement, however. The formula is more of a support system to ensure the body is working optimally.


How Much Does Thrive Activate Cost?

There are no prices for Thrive Activate listed on the official website. You can’t access the order page without first connecting to a promoter (reseller).

On eBay, ten packets sold for $12 in 2015. It seems Thrive Activate is listed for sale online at Walmart, though they are out of stock.

MLM and Promoters

Le-Vel, Thrive Activate and MLM

thrive activate mlm

Thrive Plus Activate is made by Le-Vel, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. That means Le-Vel sells to resellers, and those resellers sell to you. This type of structure can increase prices.

Le-Vel wants promoters to sell products and sell friends, family, and others to sell too. That’s how MLM works. Based on the compensation plan, there are eight levels, and with each new level you reach, you earn more. Earning potential for the seller works like this:

  • Promoter – 20% of direct retail sales between you and the customer.
  • Level 1 – 12% of the retail price from sales made by people you’ve recruited.
  • Level 2 and 3 – 4% of retail price earned via sales made by the people your recruits recruited.
Other Thrive Products

Other Le-Vel Thrive Products

Thrive Activate isn’t the only supplement offered by Le-Vel. You can also choose from:

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Thrive Activate

So, where does Le-Vel Thrive Plus Activate end up on the scale of buy or don’t buy? This is an energy drink with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients thrown in. While we didn’t find any connection to weight loss, we believe that some people who aren’t accustomed to using caffeine will notice an uptick in energy.

If you’re looking to lose weight, and that’s how you came across Thrive Activate, we believe you’re on the right track. A program that’s backed by clinical research can be a big help.

One of the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. We like that all aspects of the weight-loss app is designed with the individual in mind. You get personalized meal plans, doctor-authored health articles, and, unlike other apps, human one-on-one coaching.

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Thrive Activate

What are some potential benefits of taking Le-Vel Thrive Plus Activate?


Some potential benefits of taking Thrive Plus Activate may include increased energy and improved focus. Additionally, users may experience decreased impact of free radicals on cells, and an improved immune system.

Is the initial feeling of increased energy experienced when taking Thrive Plus Activate due to the caffeine content?


Yes, the initial feeling of increased energy when taking Thrive Plus Activate is likely due to the caffeine kicking in.

Are there any side effects associated with Le-Vel Thrive Plus Activate?


Yes, potential side effects associated with the caffeine in Le-Vel Thrive Plus Activate may include headache, nausea, shakes and irritability.

Does Thrive Activate work?


The majority of reviewers state they did notice an uptick in energy when using Thrive Activate, however it doesn’t appear to be linked directly to increased weight loss unless used in conjunction with the rest of the Thrive Experience package.

What is the price of Thrive Activate?


Thrive Activate is part of a Thrive Experience wellness plan, which includes three other products, available for $100-$140 per month.

Where can I buy Thrive Activate?


Thrive Activate can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Thrive Activate?


Thrive products are sold through Thrive independent distributors and are available at some Walmart stores.

How should I take Thrive Activate?


Thrive Activate should be mixed with 8-16 ounces of water once daily, on an empty stomach.

How do I contact Thrive Activate customer service?


For questions or concerns regarding your Thrive Activate, you should contact your independent distributor, or call 888-557-0005.

Can I return Thrive Activate?


There is no detailed return policy stated on the Le-Vel website, however there is a customer support option for obtaining the proper address for returns. No information is available regarding a refund policy.

What are the most common complaints about Thrive Activate?


The most common complaint regarding Thrive Activate, as well as the other products contained in the Thrive Experience packages, pertain to purchasing and billing issues. Many consumers find the company to be too pushy, and some report their billing practices to be “shady.” In order to place an order, you must seek out a distributor, which often leads to relentless selling tactics and pressure to become a distributor.

Is there caffeine in Thrive Activate?


No, Thrive Activate does not contain caffeine. It is a plant-based energy drink powered by adaptogens and botanicals that provide sustained, focused energy without jitters or crash.

Are there any negative reviews regarding how the drink tastes?


The only issue reported regarding taste was that some people didn’t like its “artificial” taste which could be attributed to its stevia extract or Magnasweet flavoring.

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