The Max Challenge Review – 14 Things You Need to Know

The Max Challenge Review 

											- 14 Things You Need to Know
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The Max Challenge is a body transformation program that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and motivation. The program has become a fast-growing franchise gym, but it’s still in the beginning stages so locations are limited.

Our researchers dug deep into the program, the creator, the results and more. We’ll dive into when it was established, lawsuits, pros and cons, how much is The Max Challenge and The Max Challenge reviews.

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What is The Max Challenge?

The Max Challenge is a 10-week healthy lifestyle transformation platform that combines nutritional advice, fitness classes, and the benefits of appearance and motivation to improve general health. Classes last 45 minutes and are held five days a week.

Before finding out more about The Max challenge Program, here are a few health benefits of joining a fitness program.

  • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health – Training programs tailored to your needs are a great way to maintain your physical and mental health. Physical exercise has the following additional benefits: weight management and better coordination, improved balance and spatial awareness, increased energy levels, agility, and flexibility, et cetera.
  • CMAJ-JAMC – According to CMJA, regular visits to the gym and aerobic exercise and weight lifting will improve your overall physical and mental health.
  • University of Minnesota – Exercise is defined as the movement of muscles. As a result of muscle movement, you burn fat. It goes on to say that various types of physical exercises necessitate burning excess fats in the body. These include: running, swimming, jogging, dancing, and walking. Exercise has proven to have numerous health benefits, both mental and physical. 

The Max Challenge Competitors

Camp Gladiator
Let’s Get Up
MYX Fitness Bike

Who Created The Max Challenge?

The Max Challenge was established in 2011 by Bryan Klein. Klein was struggling with the uphill and downhill skirmish of losing weight. So, he came up with a system that would help people to lose extra weight and also change their lifestyle and diet.

So, Klein opened THE MAX’s first locations, allowing people to take the first steps to improve their lives. These training centers were initially set up to show that people can change their appearance and mental health simply by training there. The Max Challenge reviews have since been great.

Customer Service

The Max Challenge Customer Service

Effective customer service helps businesses achieve success and longevity. The key to creating repeat business is to listen to customers and make them feel valued. All types of customer service communication reflect business value.

At the MAX Challenge workout center, you can reach out to the customer service personnel through email or their address. They recommend that people use these forms for all customer service inquiries. However, if you’d like to email them, or want to contact another department for other significant issues, here is their email address and mailing address.

Customer Service: [email protected]

THE MAX Challenge HQ – 1113-1116,

NJ 07751, 732-520-4475,

Campus Drive W, Morganville.


Other Available Products From The Max Challenge

other products from the max challenge

Apart from working out and ensuring people achieve body fitness, The Max program sells protein powder rich in nutrients. These protein powders include:

  • MAX Greens Formula
  • Whey Proteins
  • Plant-Based Proteins

The Max Challenge Cost

Many people ask, ‘How much is The Max challenge?’ Well, The Max Challenge Price is $199 for the 10-Week MAX Fitness Challenge. The MAX Fitness Challenge combines nutritional counseling with training and constant motivation.

Others ask, ‘How much is the monthly cost?’ The basic monthly cost is $29.98 per person. VIP Membership is $39.98 per person. VIP Plus membership is $49.98 for each person.

How Does The Max Challenge Claim to Work?

People from different locations find their way into THE MAX program. The program focuses on three key characteristics of complete lifestyle change – fitness, diet, and motivation. This is one of the reasons why the program attracts people from different locations.

Initially, the instructors focused on the fitness aspects of training and life change. From day one of program development, instructors encourage MAX members to participate in daily activities as much as possible.

Program Details

Details of The Max Challenge Program

There are no two people in a class who can have the same skill level. Therefore, the course has always focused on getting the most out of each participant. The instructor divides each 45-minute fitness class into three parts to stimulate people to get in shape. That way, every member of THE MAX feels comfortable, welcoming, and as if they were part of a group.

Anyone can join THE MAX community by signing up for the program. The MAX Challenge nutrition plan is the second significant health and lifestyle change that THE MAX focuses on. From the first day of the program, Klein has been looking for a fun, imaginative food plan that is not only simple but easy for members.

A cookbook is used to guide the participants on what to eat. The program’s cookbook says that you should start by replacing processed foods with natural and fresh foods to produce more energy. You no longer have to settle for a mediocre meal that fills you at the moment.

Combining fitness and The Max Challenge meals are the first two critical features of lifestyle change advertised by THE MAX. It makes those who go through the 10-week fitness challenge happier. Knowing that they are making the right choices for their lives, they are encouraged to continue the program, pushing themselves harder and striving to be the best they can be. 


Does it Integrate with Wearables or Health Programs?

integrate with wearables

With the MAX Challenge app, you can start training, tracking your diet, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals.

The app is built to connect to wearable devices such as Apple Watch (sync with Health app), Withings, Fitbit, and more.

Weight Loss

The Max Challenge and Weight Loss

The Max Challenge was also introduced to help people lose weight. With healthy habits and some determination, people with weight issues can lose extra weight and live a healthier lifestyle, make better health choices, and see steady improvements in mood and mental health, according to Canadian Family Physician.

Side Effects

The Max Challenge Warnings and Side Effects

Without a doubt, exercise offers some amazing health benefits. However, experts say overtraining can have negative side effects, some of which are very serious. Here are some of the signs that you may be overdoing it. Harmful Side Effects Of Working Out Too Much, according to Cytokine:

  • A dip in performance, especially during aerobics, cycling, and other physical exercises
  • A drop-in energy/ being tired regularly

The Max Challenge Lawsuits and Legal Action

The owners of the three Max Challenges on Staten Island are the main plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City, for allowing them to open a boutique gym in a coronavirus pandemic (COVID19).

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

pros and cons


  • The classes are 45 minutes long
  • Having a social media presence where people share recipes, videos, the Max Challenge nutrition plan, et cetera is heart-warming
  • The Max Challenge workout routines change from time to time


  • Nutritional counseling classes: At the beginning of each phase of the challenge, your instructor provides you with a pamphlet detailing the recommended diet for that phase. People seem to prefer individual or group nutrition counseling to complement the pamphlet.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Life changing! It’s both a workout and nutrition program. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change!”

“This program has changed my life. Just finished my third challenge and I’m blessed to have lost 55 pounds. So thankful to the instructors and my fellow MAXers for the support, love, and encouragement – this environment is contagious!”

“THE MAX lifestyle has turned my health and well-being around in just 10 weeks. I’m now a legacy member and can’t imagine life without my MAX Family! Wonderful, supportive members and environment. It’s been a wonderful experience during this pandemic!”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on The Max Challenge

The Max Challenge is one of the many programs that has set the standard of physical exercise since its inception. It has helped people live heathier, fuller lives. But, that doesn’t mean it works any better than daily exercise and reduced calorie intake. 

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The Max Challenge

What is The Max Challenge?


The Max Challenge is a 10-week healthy lifestyle transformation platform that combines nutritional advice, fitness classes, and motivation to improve general health.

Who created The Max Challenge?


The Max Challenge was established in 2011 by Bryan Klein.

What are the benefits of joining a fitness program?


Joining a fitness program can provide several health benefits, such as weight loss, improved mood, and better mental health.

What are the competitors of The Max Challenge?


The competitors of The Max Challenge are Beachbody, Camp Gladiator, Let’s Get Up, and MYX Fitness Bike.

How can customers contact The Max Challenge customer service?


Customers can reach out to The Max Challenge customer service personnel through email or mailing address.

What other products does The Max Challenge offer besides fitness classes?


The Max Challenge offers protein powders such as MAX Greens Formula, Whey Proteins, and Plant-Based Proteins.

How much does The Max Challenge cost?


The Max Challenge Price is $199 for the 10-Week MAX Fitness Challenge. The basic monthly cost is $29.98 per person, while VIP Membership is $39.98 per person, and VIP Plus membership is $49.98 per person.

How does The Max Challenge work?


The Max Challenge focuses on three key characteristics of a complete lifestyle change – fitness, diet, and motivation.

What are the details of The Max Challenge program?


The Max Challenge program is designed to get the most out of each participant by focusing on fitness, diet, and motivation. The instructor divides each 45-minute fitness class into three parts.

Does The Max Challenge integrate with wearables or health programs?


Yes, The Max Challenge app is built to connect to wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Withings, Fitbit, and more.

How does The Max Challenge help with weight loss?


The Max Challenge helps people lose weight by promoting healthy habits and determination.

What are the warnings and side effects of The Max Challenge?


There are no specific warnings or side effects of The Max Challenge. However, participants should follow the program’s guidelines to avoid injury or adverse effects.

How long are Max Challenge classes?


Max Challenge classes typically last between 45 minutes and an hour. During this time, you will receive personalized instruction from certified personal trainers, who will lead you through a variety of exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. The classes are designed to be intense yet enjoyable and effective, helping you to become stronger and more fit in a safe and enjoyable environment.

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