Slenderiiz Review – 15 Things You Need to Know

Slenderiiz Review 

											- 15 Things You Need to Know
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Can a weight-management program cause you to lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone? We’ll find out by taking a closer look at Slenderiiz ingredients, side effects, and scientific studies. Additionally, we sorted through hundreds of testimonials and comments. Then, we compiled the facts and user reviews to give you the information you need.

Slenderiiz can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Slenderiiz?

Slenderiiz is a weight loss product administering homeopathic drops. It enables keeping sugar cravings under control and enhancing metabolism. Using Slenderiiz, you do not need to make significant diet changes for achieving your weight loss goals.

Slenderiiz is believed to have worked wonders for many users.

Slenderiiz is proven clinically to work as a diet-based weight reduction program efficiently. Several testimonies are attesting to the effectiveness of Slenderiiz. Also, it is shown to be a product that is not a scam targeting individuals not to do anything to reduce weight.

If Slenderiiz does not work for you, the company has promised to refund your money. The manufacturer of the product is highly confident about the product because it is clinically approved.

Slenderiiz is the only natural and healthy weight reduction system of its kind and expresses enhanced results over exercise and diet alone. For expediting weight reduction, the clinically advanced Slenderiiz helps in controlling appetite and improving metabolism to maximize the results.

It is a useful and simple tool for fat loss that enhances weight loss and reduces rebound weight enhancement.

Slenderiiz Competitors

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How Did Slenderiiz Start?

The company that provided Slenderiiz for the very first time was ARIIX.  ARIIX is considered as one of the leading companies in dietary supplements, delivering wonderful products across the globe. The company has been operating in the supplement business for quite a long time. It is known to manufacture one of the most popular fat-burning supplements in the industry.

Slenderiiz is not the only weight management system developed by ARIIX. There are several other weight loss products prepared by them. However, they claim that Slenderiiz is by far the most effective product capable of reducing weight and burning fat as its formula is filled with natural ingredients. The company provides the product through its official website.

ARIIX Lawsuits

In 2017, WorldVentures, a travel discount MLM company turned supplement manufacturer, filed a lawsuit ARIIX. WorldVentures claimed that Abboud Barakat, the CEO of MaVie and an ARIIX product supplier, was privy to trade secrets and confidential information during a failed business deal. WorldVentures alleges that ARIIX and MaVie are using that information against them.

In 2018, ARIIX filed a countersuit against WorldVentures claiming that the MLM was unfair competition. ARIIX alleges that WorldVentures is being investigated for tax fraud in several countries, and they also violated several anti-pyramid scheme laws in Norway.

Later in 2018, ARIIX filed another lawsuit against a company called NutriSearch because they weren’t awarded the Gold Medal of Achievement in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. ARIIX’s main competitor, Usana, was awarded the gold medal. ARIIX felt this was a false representation. A judge disagreed, and the case was dismissed.


Slenderiiz Claims

There are huge promises made by Slenderiiz when considering the claims. First of all, the company claims that Slenderiiz battles weight gain by enhancing your metabolism and minimizing your sugar craving.

It includes Xceler8 which is a metabolic stimulator that burns excessive fats. It is claimed that the rest of the ingredients in Slenderiiz incorporate a blend of herbs that are proven to reduce fat stores.

Also, it is argued that it would address the imbalances that are responsible for an unhealthy increase in weight. Specifically, the claims suggest that Slenderiiz tends to support the pituitary functions.

Slenderiiz claims

The pituitary gland in the brain controls the organs and the other features of the body responsible for balancing the hormonal roles.

Slenderiiz also claims that its ingredients rejuvenate your mood and boost your energy. Hence, using Slenderiiz, you lose weight but also feel more energetic.

Furthermore, there are claims that Slenderiiz raises the body temperature of the users and burns the fats naturally by thermogenesis.

Additionally, there are also claims that Slenderiiz would suppress the appetite and make the food consumption minimal that would lead to weight loss.


Slenderiiz Ingredients

Slenderiiz is a complete plan for weight loss. It incorporates a few stages in which there are different steps that the users need to take. The ingredients in Slenderiiz formula include:

  • Ammonium
  • Bromatum 12X
  • Avena Sativa 6X
  • Calcarea Carbonica 6X
  • Fucus Vesiculosus 6X
  • Graphites 12X
  • Ignatia Amara 6X
  • Lycopodium Clavatum 6X
  • Nux Vomica 6X
  • Sulfuricum Acidum 6X
  • Thyroidinum 6X

Other ingredients include grain alcohol, natural flavors, and stevia leaf.

These are simply too many ingredients in a single supplement.

There are two liquid supplements included in this program of weight reduction. These include a 1250 calorie diet per day and a three-phase plan.

These three phases include the preparation phase, the fat-burning phase, and finally the maintenance phase.

There are a couple of homeopathic tinctures from which Slenderiiz is derived. These two include Xceler8 and Slenderiix.


The Xceler8 tincture is a real combination of biotin which is enriched with methylcobalamin (a rich source of vitamin B12), vitamin H, and a mixture of adaptogenic aromatic plants. It is responsible for boosting metabolic rate, enhancing energy levels, and stabilizing mood.


Slenderiix is a tincture that incorporates a mix of herbs. It is used in traditional homeopathy within a single unified formula. It is a purposely selected constituent used in treating fatness.

It provides essential nutrients to the nervous system of the body. It also enhances metabolism and helps diagnose digestive irregularities.

Additionally, it assists in breaking down the fat stores and dealing with the imbalances that support weight gain.

Other products available from Slenderiiz include:

  • PureNourish
  • Giving Greens
  • Beauty Boost

Details on Slenderiiz Ingredients

Ammonium Bromatum 12X

According to PubChem, ammonium bromatum is an ammonium salt. It is commonly used in homeopathy.

Avena Sativa 6X

Avena Sativa is another name for common oats. Oats are rich in nutrients and have the ability to lower cholesterol.

Calcarea Carbonica 6X

Calcarea carbonica is a homeopathic remedy for several conditions. Calcarea carbonica is made from shells.

Fucus Vesiculosus 6X

Fucus vesiculosus is a brown seaweed also known as bladderwrack.

Graphites 12X

According to the National Institutes of Health, graphites are graphite pellets used in homeopathy. Graphites are not approved by the FDA.

Ignatia Amara 6X

Ignatia amara is made from the seeds of the St. Ignatius bean tree. It is used in homeopathy to treat anxiety, but there is no evidence to prove its safety and efficacy. Researchers found that the beans of the St. Ignatius tree also contain strychnine, a poison.

Lycopodium Clavatum 6X

Lycopodium clavatum is used in homeopathy to improve memory. A study published in Homeopathy found that Lycopodium clavatum does increase cerebral blood flow.

Nux Vomica 6X

Nux vomica is a plant that contains strychnine and has dangerous side effects. Side effects include dizziness, muscle spasms, and liver failure.

Sulfuricum Acidum 6X

Sulfuricum acidum is a homeopathic treatment for unknown conditions. There is no information available about its safety and effectiveness.

Thyroidinum 6X

Thyroidinum is a homeopathic remedy for hypothyroidism. One study published in Homeopathy suggests that thyroidinum may have some beneficial uses, but more studies are needed.

Does Slenderiiz Work?

The big question is whether Slenderiiz is useful in weight loss or weight management. First of all, the significant appreciation is that there are no hormones involved in this diet plan.

Also, eating healthy foods is encouraged along with this supplement. The only concern that takes place is that there are no documented studies to back up the claims made by Slenderiiz.

Studies and research are enough to validate the allegations, but in the case of Slenderiiz, there is no research to encourage the customers to believe in their claims.

Also, there is an extreme calorie deficit involved in this weight management system. This combines with the high price of this product. In general, consumers tend to prefer the supplement backed by real science.

does Slenderiiz work

However, this could show the consumers that a product without research backup, a higher price, and an extreme calorie deficit may not work for them.

However, Slenderiiz does work better than most of the weight management products available in the market. The thing that gives Slenderiiz a competitive advantage is its capability of addressing the cause of extra weight gain.

If any weight loss product does not address those imbalances that cause weight gain, then your weight loss goals could be short-term. Hence, Slenderiiz would allow you to work on long-term weight management goals.

Besides, Slenderiiz is a better product than other supplements as it involves three different phases that help promote long-term management of weight.


Slenderiiz Benefits and Results

Slenderiiz has been rated high, regarding its benefits, as Slenderiiz has been impressive in its overall weight reduction strategy. The ingredients in the product are incredibly efficient at melting away accumulated fatty materials.

Slenderiiz is safe to use as there are no significant dangers associated with the supplement. It is an herbal-based product that is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and hormones.

Any product free of hormones is always useful because it reduces the side effects of the product.

Also, it seems that Slenderiiz is an entirely natural product that is free of any artificial flavors.

This product works through a specific mechanism; the most prominent advantage that it offers to its users is that it enhances the metabolism significantly, and controls sugar cravings.

For maintaining long-term weight loss, it is crucial to keep your sugar cravings low and increase overall metabolism. Slenderiiz is pretty helpful in this regard as it supports a higher metabolism for a more extended period.

Also, it controls your sugar cravings so that you avoid any problematic weight gain, break down the fat stores, which is useful in reducing weight.

Along with the Slenderiiz program, there is no need to starve yourself and feel weak to achieve your weight reduction objectives.

Slenderiiz tends to make sure that you reduce your weight while you also continue to eat the foods that you like for your nourishment. Slenderiiz helps in supplementing your energy and even lifting your spirit.

While taking Slenderiiz, the procedure of fat burning in the body results in energy accumulation. This energy can be significantly useful in making it easier to participate in highly intense workouts.

Does Slenderiiz work

The consumers using Slenderiiz have a higher possibility to accumulate energy in a better way and build big muscles for lifting endurance. Slenderiiz does not only provide health benefits, but it also offers mental and psychological benefits.

The users of Slenderiiz tend to become more self-confident and achieve better focus and attention.

Slenderiiz is based entirely on herbal ingredients. There is no element of caffeine contained in Slenderiiz. There is no need to worry about hormones, preservations, GMOs, and artificial flavors.

The good thing about this weight management program is that it is pretty easy to follow. It does not incorporate any problematic steps like surgical processes, starving yourself, or requiring shots.

With the Slenderiiz program, you can consume a 1250 calorie diet, and you can remain on track to achieving your desired weight goals. As compared to other products for weight management, Slenderiiz never contradicts with subscribed drugs.

There is a common problem with other weight management products in that they are not for long-term use. You cannot set long-term weight reduction goals using other products that work for a shorter period.

As you stop taking the products, the weight gain is redeveloped. However, this is not a problem for the users of Slenderiiz.

This is probably the most significant benefit of using this fantastic product. Slenderiiz users can develop long-term weight loss goals. It is a product that can produce results for a more extended period and you can manage your weight for that long.

A demoralizing part regarding weight management is that you can quickly regain any weight loss after just a short time.

Slenderiiz prevents you from any regain for a long time, by addressing the imbalances that cause weight gain. Hence, it ensures that you retain your weight in the long run. At the same time, it also enables you to feel energized and maintain better spirits.

Slenderiiz Drawbacks

There is no doubt that Slenderiiz can be a complete package, as it provides you all those benefits that you require from a dietary supplement. However, there are still a few considerable drawbacks that must be mentioned. There are certain vital disadvantages of using Slenderiiz that can overcome a few of its benefits.

First of all, Slenderiiz misses a critical element. Most available supplements in the market these days promise a lot.

They make specific claims regarding the effectiveness of their products and the ingredients incorporated into those products. To validate their claims, they also present individual research studies.

They express real science behind their products and components. In the case of Slenderiiz, there is considerable worry for the company. They have failed to validate their claims by backing them up with research or any real science.

This is a sign of failure because the consumers do not consider a product valid if there are no studies to back up the claims made by Slenderiiz. Many consumers are reluctant to use such products.

Slenderiiz weight loss program encourages the users to consume 1250 calories per day. It is fair to consume a low-calorie diet but 1250 calories per day may seem impossible and are too low for a reasonable person.

The user reviews also suggest that lower calories are hard to manage for such a long time. A person just cannot continue with such a low-calorie diet for more than 30 days.

Hence, they would never be able to fulfill the Slenderiiz weight loss program. Also, low-calorie foods for such a long time would be threatening to health for the workers who need more energy and calories for their work.

It is even threatening to health for those involved in an intense workout daily.

Another disadvantage of Slenderiiz is that its price is too high. As compared to other weight management products in the dietary industry, the cost of Slenderiiz is far higher.

Consumers these days do not enjoy spending that much on a weight loss supplement.

They expect the prices of such products to be low as they also have to eat less, consume fewer calories, and exercise daily in addition to using the supplement.

Another drawback to Slenderiiz is that it is often viewed as a pyramid scheme. The company encourages its employees to ‘coax’ their friends and family into buying their product which not a good strategy for reputable companies.

Slenderiiz Customer Views and Reviews

Customers always react to the product that they use. They give their views regarding the product.

However, the reviews are still not in favor of the product. Many customers also present the negative side of it.

In the case of Slenderiiz, there are mixed reactions. There are almost 50% of users in favor and 50% against Slenderiiz.


How to Use Slenderiiz?

Slenderiiz is a straightforward weight management program. You can purchase the product from the official website of the company. It comes in a liquid form, and you need to take a few drops of Slenderiiz three times a day.

Additionally, there are three steps to follow in this weight loss program. Apart from taking the drops, you should also consume 1250 calories per day. Also, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables must be eaten.

Side Effects

Potential Slenderiiz Side Effects

It is a positive sign for Slenderiiz that there are no significant side effects reported by the users. There are no known side effects of this product, even though a few user reviews did state some side effects.

Some customers talked about the side effects of Slenderiiz but did not disclose any specific side effects like a headache, nausea, etc. that are often reported by the users of dietary supplements.

Overall, there are no reported side effects of Slenderiiz by anyone. This may show that Slenderiiz is generally safe to use.

Product Warnings

Slenderiiz Product Warnings

Product warnings refer to the potential dangers of using the product. Consumers should read the product warnings carefully before using any product. Product warnings can save the manufacturer from any lawsuits against them.

This is because they can argue that they warned the customers regarding the issues that may take place by using the product.

  • Do not take the drops more than three times a day
  • Do not exceed the limit of the drops at one time
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should not use this weight management program
  • Those under the age of 18 should avoid using Slenderiiz
  • Keep the supplement away from the children
  • Do not take any other medications while using this supplement
  • Always use fresh vegetables and fruits along with the product

Contacting Slenderiiz

  • Address: 737 E 1180 S American Fork, Utah 84003
  • Phone number: 801-813-3000
  • Fax number: 801-234-1001
  • Email: [email protected]

Any Lawsuits Against Slenderiiz

There is no lawsuit against Slenderiiz to date.

Any Slenderiiz Alternatives

Alternatives are those products that are similar in properties to that product and are also available in the market. Alternatives are the products that can be the other choices for the customers and they develop the competition for that product.

Each dietary supplement does have several options.

Slenderiiz also has many alternative products similar in properties to Slenderiiz.

Some products are lower in price than Slenderiiz and provide better weight management than Slenderiiz. A few essential alternatives to Slenderiiz include the following:

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Slenderiiz

Alright, here is our bottom line on Slenderiiz. To begin with, we do appreciate that no hormones are involved with this diet system. It’s also nice to see that healthy foods are encouraged. Then again, we have some strong reservations about this program because it’s not backed by any clear documented studies. Moreover, we’re not too crazy about the high price and extreme calorie deficit that’s involved.

If you are serious about shedding pounds, then we recommend you try a diet program or supplement that is supported by some real science, does not involve starving yourself and will not cost you an absolute fortune.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. This weight-loss system is different from other apps because it’s clinically proven to work – not your average app, right? Also, the dieter responses posted online to tell us people see wonderful results.

The company that makes Noom are so satisfied with their product they’re offering a free trial offer so you can see the results for yourself.

Learn More About Noom »

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What is Slenderiiz?


Slenderiiz is a weight loss product that comes in the form of homeopathic drops designed to control sugar cravings and boost metabolism without requiring significant diet changes.

How does Slenderiiz work?


Slenderiiz works by enhancing metabolism, reducing sugar cravings, suppressing appetite, and supporting the pituitary gland functions responsible for balancing hormonal roles. It also includes Xceler8, a metabolic stimulator that burns excessive fats.

Is Slenderiiz clinically proven to work?


Yes, Slenderiiz is clinically approved and has been proven to work as an efficient diet-based weight reduction program.

What are the ingredients in Slenderiiz?


The ingredients found in the Slenderiiz drops include ammonium bromatum, avena sativa, calcarea carbonica, fucus vesiculosus, ignatia amara, lycopodium clavatum, nuxVomica, and thyroidinum.

What are the side effects of Slenderiiz?


As of today, there have been no reported negative side effects associated with Slenderiiz.

Where can I buy Slenderiiz?


Slenderiiz can be purchased using their Official Site.

Does Slenderiiz work?


Slenderiiz is designed to assist in the release of subcutaneous and visceral fat. By reducing the appearance of these fatty deposits under the surface of the skin, the end result is significant weight loss at double the rate of a calorie reduction program.

Does Slenderiiz require significant diet changes to work?


No, Slenderiiz does not require significant diet changes for achieving your weight loss goals.

What is the price of Slenderiiz?


The Slenderiiz program comes with several products that all range in different prices. Pricing is based on amount of weight loss required and how long of a supply needed.

Where can I buy Slenderiiz?


Slenderiiz can be purchased from their official website or from a variety of reputable third-party distributors online.

How should I take Slenderiiz?


Since each of the Slenderiiz products are unique, it is recommended to read the packaging label for instructions on how much to take.

How do I contact Slenderiiz customer service?


To contact Slenderiiz customer support, call 1.801.813.3000 or send them an e-mail at [email protected].

Can I return Slenderiiz?


Yes! To inquire about returning any of the Slenderiiz products, contact their customer support via e-mail at [email protected].

What are the most common complaints about Slenderiiz?


The most common complaints of the Slenderiiz weight loss program is that results do no occur quickly. Due to the different body types and amount of weight loss, results vary. While some complain of not seeing results after a month, other consumers went on to see astonishing results and rave about the product line.

How much weight can you lose on Slenderiiz?


Slenderiiz is a weight loss program based on the power of homeopathic drops, along with meal replacements and nutrition counseling. The program works by helping to reduce your appetite while providing you with key vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Clinical studies have found that the Slenderiiz program can lead to an average weight loss of up to 15 pounds over 12 weeks – though results may vary from person to person. In addition to weight loss, Slenderiiz has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce cravings and help promote a healthier lifestyle overall.

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