Kangaroo Pills Review – 18 Things You Need to Know

Kangaroo Pills Review 

											- 18 Things You Need to Know
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We’ve heard the buzz surrounding alternative male enhancement supplements. Our research team turned their attention to Kangaroo Pills. It’s on the newer supplements on the market but claims to enhance libido and stamina.

To find out the details, our team focused on the ingredients’ benefits while also researching the potential side effects of the ingredients. Then, we challenged the research supporting the claims. Lastly, our team gathered the facts to give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

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What are Kangaroo Pills?

Kangaroo Pills are touted as a maximum-strength sexual enhancer for men. It was scientifically designed to boost stamina and performance in the bedroom.

This over-the-counter supplement contains several herbs and amino acids and delivers fast results for up to 72 hours.

Male enhancement supplements such as Australian Kangaroo Pills are often marketed as an alternative to prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction and low libido, but what are the ingredients commonly used in other supplements?

Some prescription medications for erectile issues include Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, and Spedra.

Kangaroo Pills Competitors

Company Bio

How Did Kangaroo Pills Start?

There is not much information on how Kangaroo Pills got started. According to the package, this product is distributed by Intense Co, which is based in Encino, CA.

On the other hand, some packages of kangaroo pills for him say 2K Co distributes them. Either way, we did not find any background info or a BBB page on these company names.

While there is an American flag on the back of the package, it is not specified where Kangaroo Pills are manufactured.

Other products offered by Intense Co include Kangaroo for Women Intense Venus 3000, Kangaroo Green Intense 69 Hours Be The Man Pill, Kangaroo Pill Easy To Be A Woman Sexual Lubrication Enhancer, and Kangaroo White X-Intense. While 2K Co., also distributes Kangaroo 2K, Kangaroo 2K Blue Mega 3000 Male Sexual Enhancer, and Kangaroo XL Intense For Men Sexual Enhancement Pill 3500mg.


Kangaroo Pills Claims

Now for the Kangaroo Pills marketing claims. Here is a look at what this sexual enhancement supplement is supposed to do:

  • Increase stamina
  • Stronger erections
  • Increase in size

In short, this product is intended to boost your sexual performance and help you achieve longer-lasting erections for better sexual performance.

The effects can also last up to 72 hours.

Are Kangaroo Pills a scam, or does it work as advertised? We need to dig deeper to find out.


Kangaroo Pills Ingredients

Now for an in-depth look at the ingredients in Kangaroo Pills for men. This formula is advertised as maximum strength and contains a 1,000-milligram proprietary blend, so let’s see what the research says.


An essential amino acid found in foods such as black beans, pumpkin seeds, tempeh, lentils, quinoa, soymilk, and pistachios. It is important for proper health and growth and is a building block of protein, according to the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng plants are often used in health supplements and nootropics to lower stress levels, boost energy, enhance cognitive function, encourage relaxation, and even treat sexual dysfunction in men. It is used for a variety of treatments in alternative medicine, according to the Journal of Ginseng Research. It comes in several types, including American, Siberian, and Asian ginseng.

Some research shows ginseng may help treat erectile dysfunction.


An amino acid found in turkey, dairy products, soybeans, peanuts, and pork loin, per the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Studies in the Journal of Advanced Research have demonstrated that it may help treat erectile dysfunction and anti-aging.

Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine explains Ginkgo Biloba extract taken from a tree native to Korea, China, and Japan. It’s often used for medicinal purposes.

Kangaroo Pills ingredients

Green Tea

Studies mentioned in Current Medicinal Chemistry have shown that it can help enhance blood flow and promote weight loss.


The active component in horny goat weed or Epimedium. It is a type of flavonoid and is commonly found in Chinese medicine.

Typically it is used as an aphrodisiac and treatment for erectile dysfunction, according to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. This is why it is a common ingredient in over-the-counter male enhancement supplements and test boosters.

Chinese Aweto (Cordyceps sinensis)

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine says it’s a medicinal fungus used in Chinese medicine and shown to boost athletic performance and fight aging signs. Research published in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine shows that it may help improve sexual function.

Snow Lotus Flower

One of several varieties of a lotus flower. It is also called Saussurea and grows in the Himalayas region.

According to the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine and Journal of Ethnopharmacology, this plant’s roots and oils are used in some traditional Asian medicine to treat inflammation, stomach problems, and other health conditions.

Does It Work?

Do Kangaroo Pills Work?

The effectiveness of Kangaroo Pills relies on the efficacy of the ingredients.

Cordyceps has demonstrated in research published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine the ability to improve sperm quality and aid with sexual enhancement.

Evidence, based on research published in Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, shows that C. Sinensis and C. militaris can improve reproductive activity and restore impaired reproductive function. The administration of C. Sinensis enhanced libido and sexual activity and restored impaired reproductive function in both sexes in humans.

Icariin has been shown in studies to have therapeutic effects on erectile dysfunction, says the Asian Journal of Andrology.

Varieties of ginseng, including Korean red ginseng, have demonstrated positive effects on erectile problems and male reproduction function, according to studies from Spermatogenesis and British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Does Kangaroo Pills work

L-Lysine, especially when combined with L-Arginine, has been shown to enhance athletic performance to help with endurance and energy levels.

There is L-Arginine, which may help improve erectile dysfunction by enhancing blood flow to the penis, according to information from the Mayo Clinic.

According to the Journal Of Urology, “long-term oral administration of supraphysiologic doses of L-arginine improves the erectile response…data support[s] the possible use of dietary supplements for treatment of erectile dysfunction.”


Kangaroo Pills Benefits and Results

The claims benefits of Kangaroo Pills include larger and stronger erections and improved endurance and stamina.

Unfortunately, we did not find an official website with research supporting the claims. However, Kangaroo Pills contain a few ingredients shown to help with erectile dysfunction and male sexual performance.

Pills do not increase the size of your penis. Therefore when it comes to the potential benefits of Kangaroo Pills, increased penis size is unlikely.


Details on Kangaroo Pills and Testosterone

Will Kangaroo Pills elevate free testosterone levels? Nothing is mentioned in the marketing claims about boosting testosterone production.

A study from the Asian Journal of Andrology involving 48 male rats at the age of 15 months showed Icariin increased the levels of circulating testosterone in the body and improved the overall condition of productive organs.


How to Take Kangaroo Pills

The directions on the package say to take one tablet 20 minutes before sexual activity. You must drink at least 16 ounces of water when taking Kangaroo Pills. Never exceed the recommended dose.

Kangaroo Pills side effects

Side Effects

Potential Kangaroo Pills Side Effects

In regards to the side effects of Kangaroo Pills, this supplement may lead to the following reactions in some users:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Drop in blood pressure from the widening of blood vessels

Different people react differently to specific ingredients and proprietary formulas, so while some people may experience some side effects, others may not notice any.


Kangaroo Pills Product Warnings

As for the Kangaroo Pills product warnings, here is what you need to be aware of:

  • Kangaroo Pills are not suitable for males under the age of 18 years old.
  • Do not take more than one tablet in 48 hours.
  • Do not take Kangaroo Pills if you consumed any other drugs or medications within the last 12 hours.
  • If you have a serious medical condition, do not use Kangaroo Pills.
  • If you already take a prescription drug, do not take Kangaroo Pills unless a doctor says it is okay.
  • Pregnant women or nursing a child should not take Kangaroo Pills at all.

“If you feel that your erections should be stronger, the issue may not be obvious. It can be related to disease processes related to diabetes or the cardiovascular system. Alternatively, the problem may not be organic at all and completely psychological. For these reasons, seeking medical advice and obtaining the appropriate workup before adding a supplement is important. There may be a dangerous underlying cause or one that doesn’t necessarily require medication,” says Dr. Anthony Dugarte.

On December 8, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an advisory telling consumers to stop buying or using Kangaroo Intense Alpha 3000 because according to their laboratory analysis, they found a hidden ingredient called sildenafil, which is an active ingredient in the prescription medicine Viagra, used to treat erectile dysfunction.

For Her

What About Kangaroo Pills For Her?

There are also Kangaroo Pills for women. These can be taken as a nutritional supplement and are intended to improve sexual pleasure and performance for up to 72 hours.

Kangaroo Pills for Her help promote vaginal lubrication, enhance sex, and encourage more frequent orgasms.

Take ½ to 1 tablet (this is based on your weight) 20 minutes before sexual activity (along with 16 ounces of water).

As for the Kangaroo Pills for her ingredients, they include the following:

You will find some Kangaroo Pills for her reviews posted on Amazon. In regards to the Kangaroo Pills for her side effects, certain ingredients in this supplement may lead to some unwanted reactions in some users, which include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
For Him

Blue Kangaroo Pills Mega 3000 for Men

There is a Blue Kangaroo Pill as well, which is also known as Kangaroo Mega 3000.

It is a limited edition extended formula that offers the same benefits as the regular Kangaroo Pills but contains a few additional ingredients to make it more powerful. These ingredients include:

  • Dimethylglycine
  • Choline
  • L-Histidine
  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Maca Root
  • Bioperine
Red Kangaroo Pills

Red Kangaroo Pills

There is also a Red Kangaroo Pill available, it is known as Red Viagra a performance and libido enhancer.

This supplement is distributed by Force Culminate and is said to offer the following benefits:

  • A bigger, thicker penis
  • Increased sex drive
  • Firmer erection
  • Sex enhancement

It should be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity. Red Kangaroo Pills are specifically for men and are sold through online dealers such as eBay. The ingredient label for this product is not revealed.

Where To Buy

Where To Buy Kangaroo Pills

You might be asking yourself, where can you buy Kangaroo Pills? From what we gathered through research, Kangaroo Pills are for sale via Walmart and a few other online distributors such as eBay.

But, we did not find this product for sale on an actual official website.

If you are searching for Kangaroo Pills near me, you probably won’t see many stores come up that sell this male-performance product.

This brings us to the issue of a Kangaroo Pills satisfaction guarantee. There does not appear to be any 100% money-back guarantee or return policy addressed for this supplement at all.


Kangaroo Pills Prices

Lady Kangaroo Ultra Purple: $99.99 (30 pills)

Kangaroo Pink for Her: $8.99 (1 pill)

Kangaroo Pink for Her: $119.99 (30 pills)

Kangaroo Blue: $120 (12 pills)


Kangaroo Pills Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Kangaroo male enhancement pills. You have to do a little research to find the right one for you.

Many of these testosterone supplements and male sexual enhancement products are easy to purchase online, and you will even find some alternatives to Kangaroo Pills in stores.

Pay special attention to the herbal blend used in these products. You need to be sure they do not contain any unknown or harmful substances before you make a purchase.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I’ve been buying these for a while and have yet to be disappointed. Works fine for me.”

“I tried it as stated for a few weeks, but it didn’t work for me.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Kangaroo Pills

While Kangaroo Pills contain some natural ingredients, some supported by research, there’s the concern of product availability. It seems as if there’s no official website, and it’s only available through third-party retailers.

Boosting stamina and vitality involves diet, exercise, and the right support system.

Among the best apps we’ve seen is one called Noom. This program was designed by doctors, not just anyone who claims to be a health guru. It focuses on human coaching and personalized changes to help you start a new lifestyle to stick with long term.

Also, the team behind Noom is offering a free trial offer as a sign of confidence in their program.

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Kangaroo Pills

What are Kangaroo Pills?


Kangaroo Pills are a male enhancement supplement that claims to boost sexual stamina and performance. The over-the-counter supplement contains several herbs and amino acids and delivers fast results for up to 72 hours.

What are the ingredients in Kangaroo Pills?


Kangaroo Pills for men contain a proprietary blend of eight ingredients, including L-Lysine, Ginseng Extract, L-Arginine, Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Green Tea, Icariin, Chinese Aweto (Cordyceps sinensis), and Snow Lotus Flower.

What are the potential side effects of Kangaroo Pills?


Kangaroo Pills contain several ingredients that may cause side effects, including headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, and changes in blood pressure.

What are the benefits of Kangaroo Pills?


The claimed benefits of Kangaroo Pills include larger and stronger erections and improved endurance and stamina. However, the official website does not provide research to support these claims.

Do Kangaroo Pills work?


The effectiveness of Kangaroo Pills relies on the efficacy of the ingredients. The supplement contains several ingredients that have been shown in studies to help with erectile dysfunction and male sexual performance.

Some users said the product wasn’t strong enough. Others said it worked great.

Will Kangaroo Pills increase penis size?


No, Kangaroo Pills will not increase the size of your penis.

How did Kangaroo Pills start?


There is not much information on how Kangaroo Pills got started. According to the package, this product is distributed by Intense Co, which is based in Encino, CA.

Where can I buy Kangaroo Pills?


There is no manufacturer website. Amazon has the product for sale. You can also try Ebay.

How do I take Kangaroo Pills?


The recommended dosage for Kangaroo Pills is one capsule taken 20-30 minutes before sexual activity. Do not take more than one capsule within 72 hours.

How do I contact customer service?


There is no customer service number for this product listed online.

Can I return Kangaroo Pills?


You will need to check your seller’s return policy for this information.

What are the most common complaints about Kangaroo Pills?


Most of the complaints about this product were about its side effects.

How long do the effects of Kangaroo Pills last?


The effects of Kangaroo Pills can last up to 72 hours.

How long does the Kangaroo female pill last?


Apparently, the Kangaroo female pill lasts for 72 hours. You should take the pill 20 minutes before activity.

Can you dissolve a male Kangaroo Pills in juice?


You need to drink at least 16 ounces of water when taking Kangaroo Pills 20 minutes before sexual activity. The manufacturer does not recommend dissolving the pills in juice.

Can the Kangaroo Pills for male be given to a female?


No, the Kangaroo Pills for males should only be taken by men 18 years or older.

How would taking the female Kangaroo Pills affect a man?


Since the Kangaroo Pills for women are formulated to act on a women’s libido, they would be ineffective for men.

Kangaroo sex pill how long does it stay in your system?


Kangaroo Pills will last up to 72 hours.

How long after taking a Kangaroo Pills can I take another one?


The manufacturer advises only taking one Kangaroo Pill every 48 hours.

Are Kangaroo Pills a scam?


It is difficult to determine whether Kangaroo Pills are a scam or not. The official website does not provide research to support their claims.

Where are Kangaroo Pills manufactured?


It is not specified where Kangaroo Pills are manufactured, although there is an American flag on the back of the package.

Can Kangaroo Pills elevate free testosterone levels?


A study from the Asian Journal of Andrology involving male rats showed Icariin, an ingredient in Kangaroo Pills, increased the levels of circulating testosterone in the body and improved the overall condition of productive organs.

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