Fitness Resources for the Whole Family!

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Fitness Resources for the Whole Family!

A family with kids has many options when it comes to staying physically fit. For instance, a family can have a lot of fun bicycling together either on trails in the woods or in their own neighborhood. Some families like to try a different activity each week that provides them with plenty of exercise while enjoying fun times together. The following outlines some of the benefits of exercising as a family. Also, learn about both indoor and outdoor physical activities that families can participate in.

Short Term Benefits

Parents and kids who exercise together get a great opportunity to bond with one another. Whether it’s playing a game, exploring the neighborhood on bicycles or hiking in the woods, kids and parents can enjoy each other’s company while getting in shape. Another short term benefit is the chance to share personal victories. For instance, at the beginning of the summer, a child may set a goal of swimming five laps in the pool without stopping. When the child accomplishes this goal, they will be able to celebrate the success with family.

Long Term Benefits

One of the most critical long term benefits of a family fitness program is that kids learn the importance of exercise early on. They see the importance that their parents place on regular exercise. Kids who participate in exercise with family members are more likely to continue these healthy habits into adulthood. It’s also highly likely that this child will later establish a family fitness program with their children.

Indoor Activities

There are many indoor activities that parents and kids can participate in to stay physically fit. A video game that involves dancing is one idea. Also, families can work out to an exercise DVD or try using a hula hoop. Family members can also take turns walking up and down the stairs in the home. If a family has a large basement with plenty of room, inline skating is another fun idea for both parents and kids.

Outdoor Activities

A family that wants to get into shape has plenty of physical activities they can do outdoors. Biking, skating, walking, jogging, and swimming are all energetic activities. Families can compete against one another in potato sack races or relay races. Horseback riding is also a fun physical and educational activity for a family.

Organized Community Programs

Finally, there are community recreation centers that have programs for families who want to start an exercise program. Some community programs include swimming classes for families and walking/running clubs. Families can participate in community-sponsored walks or bicycle rides that benefit a charity. Hiking clubs are also offered at many community centers for families who want to get in better shape.

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