Condemned Labz Review – 10 Things You Need to Know

Condemned Labz Review 

											- 10 Things You Need to Know
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Condemned Labz – an aggressive supplement company that looks more like it’s designed for the athlete or bodybuilder than the average person. But, when you put that aside, what are the formulations like? Are the ingredients researched and shown to help as claimed?

Our researchers decided to dig into the top ingredients used by Condemned Labz for weight loss and more. Check out the bottom line on this supplement company.

Condemned Labz can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Condemned Labz?

Products like Condemned Labz Arsyn were established as part of a product line for individuals that are enthusiastic about fitness. They claim to provide fitness enthusiasts with high-quality products that help to boost health goals. 

Some of the many products available from Condemned Labz include: pre-workout support, metabolism boosters, and hydration support. In their Stacks section, products include pumps or products designed for those that engage in extreme workouts. 

Furthermore, Condemned Labz, created by Michael Jirovec, also provides weight-loss supplements products for those that are focused on increasing their energy, reducing feelings of hunger, and melting fat. 

Another line of products in their Stacks section includes muscle support that is designed to promote muscle muscle growth and recovery.

Before exploring more information about Condemned Labz reviews, it is important to consider the health benefits of multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements, fat burners, and hydration support, which are some of the ingredients found in the premium blends provided by Condemned Labz.

  • Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition – Multi-Ingredient Pre-Workout Supplements, also known as MIPS, have been shown to provide a synergistic impact on both training and exercise performance. Many of these ingredients such as beta-alanine, amino acids, creatine, oxide agents, and caffeine are found in products such as Condemned Labz Arsyn and in combination help with either intra-workout, recovery, or pre-workouts.
  • Journal of International Society of Sports Medicine – Research has shown that fat loss, increased muscle strength, and the development of increased lean mass has been a byproduct of using aggressively formulated supplements such as those found in BCAAs, which are found in some Condemned Labz products.
  • Frontiers in Sport and Active Living – Studies show that hydration can be one of the most important factors in the performance delivery of some push-to-the-finish-line sports. As a result, patrons can find aggressively formulated products for such fitness engagement at Condemned Labz.

Condemned Labz Competitors

1Up Nutrition
Cellucor C4

Who Makes Condemned Labz?

Michael Jirovec is the creator and CEO of Condemned Labz, which provides weight-loss supplements that are made in the US for bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts. Michael Jirovec is a former bodybuilder who created a fitness product line to support the bodybuilding process, which describes breaking down muscles to build them back up. He also created the premium blends of workout supplements to provide customers with a line of products that he could believe in from the ingredients to the price.

Condemned Labz Customer Service

The Condemned Labz customer service department can be reached by filling out an online form on the Condemned Labz website.

Popular Products From Condemned Labz

Some of the many products available from Condemned Labz include:

  • Condemned Labz Arsyn
  • Thyrogenic
  • Convictstim
  • Locked Down
  • DNA Dispatch
  • Confined EAA/BCAA
  • Humaslin

Condemned Labz Claims

condemned labz claims

Specifically, their fat burner product, the Arsynist, claims to provide customers with heightened mood, increased focus and energy level, increased metabolism, improved mental acuity, increased fat burning, and eliminated fat storage. 

Their Convictstim claims to help provide laser focus, higher levels of endurance and stamina, increased thermogenesis, increased aggression and motivation, intense energy levels, and powerful muscle pumps.


Condemned Labz Ingredients


  • Vitamin D3
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium Citrate
  • Zinc
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Ashwagandha Root Powder
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Kelp
  • Lean GRB
  • Guggul Extract


  • L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 2-aminoisoheptane Hydrochloride
  • White Willow Extract Bark
  • Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Synephrine Hydrochloride
  • Higenamine Hydrochloride
  • Hordenine Hydrochloride
  • Cayenne Pepper Powder
  • Grapefruit Extract
  • Paradoxine® Grains of Paradise Extract
  • Vinpocetine
  • BioPerine®
  • Yohimbine Hydrochloride
  • Huperzia Serrata


  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Gymnema Extract
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Banaba Corosolic Acid
  • Vanadyl Sulfate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Invertase
  • Amylase
  • Pectinase
  • Alpha Galactosidase
  • Glucoamylase

Confined EAA/BCAA

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Instantized L-Leucine
  • Instantized L-Isoleucine
  • Instantized L-Valine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Threonine
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • L-Methionine
  • L-Histidine
  • L-Tryptophan


  • Vitamin B3
  • L-Citrulline
  • Beta-Alanine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract
  • 2-aminoisoheptane Hydrochloride
  • Higenamine
  • Paradoxine® Grains of Paradise Extract
  • BioPerine®
  • Yohimbine HCL
Do They Work?

Do Condemned Labz Products Work?

do condemned labz products work

The most common ingredients in the Condemned weight-loss are as follows:

Caffeine Anhydrous

Research shows that caffeine anhydrous has a positive impact on strength and sprint performance, says JISSN. As a result, aggressively formulated recovery supplements, such as Condemned Labz, that have caffeine anhydrous may have a promising impact on those that engage in strenuous exercise workouts or pre-workouts when working on weight loss. Condemned Labz Convict has 150 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous per serving.

L Tyrosine

Many individuals already know that weight loss can often be impacted by stress, workout stress can be included. L-tyrosine is one common ingredient found in Condemned Labz products that has been shown to help the body recover after undergoing stress, says the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience

As a result, this ingredient may help athletes and bodybuilders reduce stress levels after their workout and support their overall efforts for weight loss. Condemned Labz Convict has 250 milligrams of L-tyrosine per serving, Thyrogenic has 500 milligrams per serving, and Arsyn has 375 milligrams of L-tyrosine.


Studies show that the lack of magnesium is associated with the prevalence of obesity and the metabolic syndrome, as per research published in Nutrients. Magnesium is a common ingredient within Condemned Labz products. 

Research shows that adequate magnesium levels in the body support healthy weights and metabolic processes. Condemned Labz Thyrogenic has 30 milligrams of magnesium per serving which equals 7% of the recommended daily intake. Condemned Labz Confined EAA/BCAA also has 30 milligrams of magnesium per serving.


According to the National Institutes of Health, branched chain amino acids or BCAAs have had a limited number of research trials but has been known to deliver energy during the exercise and intra-workout process due to its ability to be absorbed by the mitochondria within the skeletal muscles. Furthermore, there are no safety concerns for this product with the use of up to 20 grams per day for up to six weeks. According to Cell Reports at ScienceDirect, BCAAs have shown some promise in providing metabolic support for weight loss.


In a study by the Journal of International Society of Sport Nutrition that tested a weight-loss supplement that includes yohimbine and caffeine, found that there was a significant difference in the amount of energy output for those who took the supplement as compared to those who took the placebo pill. As a result, the study concluded that products that include these ingredients may be helpful to expend additional energy during the weight-loss process. Condemned Labz Convict has 1.5 milligrams per serving, while Arsynist has 3 milligrams per serving.

Weight Loss

Condemned Labz and Weight Loss

condemned labz and weight loss

Arsynist is the sole fat-burning formula, as labeled by Condemned Labz. The company promises it will “obliterate hunger, annihilate appetite, enhance fat burning, increase thermogenesis [and] rev metabolism.” So, will it do that?

If you look at just the ingredients, there are a few that will definitely impact metabolism and appetite, according to Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. The most pronounced effect will come from the 300mg of caffeine. That’s a lot of caffeine in one sitting and a large dose of this stimulant can cause excess energy, headache, stomach ache and nausea. Of course, if you’re nauseous you’re not hungry. The caffeine, however, also increases heart rate and blood pressure, which may not be safe for everyone.

There are a few other ingredients with some stimulating effects like matcha green tea and synephrine. Green tea comes with its own set of promising weight loss benefits, according to Clinical Nutrition.

Side Effects

Condemned Labz Side Effects

One of the potential side effects associated with Condemned Labz products comes from a sensitivity to caffeine-based products. Individuals that have a sensitivity to caffeine may experience the inability to fall asleep, may suffer from upset stomach, shakes, or jitters. However, moderation is always advised when taking caffeine.

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Upset stomach
  • Shakes or jitters
  • Headache
  • Nausea
Where to Buy

Cost and Where to Buy

All Condemned Labz products are made in the U.S.A. and include pre-workouts, weight-loss and recovery products. Some of the many products available from Condemned Labz include: those that can be found at Amazon, eBay, and the official site. The cost of most of their products without using a Condemned Labz discount code is usually between $35 to $45.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Arsynist may provide fat-burning support.
  • Prices are reasonable.
  • Users claim intra-workout products taste great.


  • Potential side effects from caffeine sensitivity or sensitivity from other herbs used within the blend.
  • Lacks some vitamins and minerals.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Condemned Labz Results

Weight-loss supplements such as those provided by Condemned Labz seem to be an optimal choice for some customers, but not for everyone. Whether the customer is searching for pre-workouts products or premium blends, these products are likely ideal for athletes or bodybuilders. 

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Condemned Labz

What types of products are available from Condemned Labz?


Condemned Labz offers pre-workout support, metabolism boosters, hydration support, muscle support, and weight-loss supplements products.

What does Condemned Labz do for the body?


Condemned Labz is a range of pre-workout supplements designed to help give athletes an edge in their workouts. These products are packed with ingredients that help to improve physical performance, increase energy, boost metabolism, and reduce fatigue. By taking these supplements before a workout, athletes can increase their strength and endurance while also burning more calories and fat.

Who are Condemned Labz products intended for?


Condemned Labz products were established as part of a product line for fitness enthusiasts to boost their health goals.

Are there potential side effects associated with Condemned Labz products?


Yes, individuals with sensitivity to caffeine-based products may experience difficulty falling asleep, upset stomach, shakes, or jitters.

Are the ingredients in Condemned Labz products safe for everyone to consume?


No, excess caffeine can cause side effects like excess energy, headache, stomach ache, and nausea. Some ingredients may not be safe for individuals with certain medical conditions or sensitivities.

Where can I buy Condemned Labz?


Condemned Labz can be purchased using their Official Site.

What does Condemned Labz claim their Arsynist fat burner product does?


Condemned Labz claims that their Arsynist fat burner product provides customers with heightened mood, increased focus and energy level, increased metabolism, improved mental acuity, increased fat burning, and eliminated fat storage.

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