Cholacol Review – 17 Things You Need to Know

Cholacol Review 

											- 17 Things You Need to Know
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Cholacol claims to be an essential dietary supplement supporting healthy fat digestion. Offering purified bovine bile salts, it also supports gallbladder function. While the gallbladder is a non-essential organ, it plays a crucial role in healthy individuals.

Considering the role the gallbladder plays in healthy fat digestion, our research team was focused on the benefits to overall health and wellness. Our first task was to explore the benefits of the ingredients while offering information about potential side effects. Then, we gathered any relevant research supporting the claims. Finally, we compiled our research into the bottom line.

Cholacol can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Cholacol?

Cholacol is a gluten-free, fat digestion supplement. The parent company Standard Process earned an “A+” with the BBB. The company has been accredited by the BBB since 2020 and has received no customer reviews or customer complaints. Claims include:

  • Claims enzymes help break down fats.
  • Claims to support fat metabolism and absorption.
  • Claims to promote natural intestinal cleansing.
  • It contains nutrients from multiple animal and plant sources.
  • Quality manufacturing process.
  • On-site chemists and microbiologists conduct tests on raw materials.
  • Vitamin and mineral analysis.

According to the manufacturers, this fat digestion supplement is unique due to its attributes, but what does the research have to say?

  • StructureAlthough some research into bovine salts shows it can help certain pancreatic processes, little research suggests it has other benefits.
  • HepatologyBile salts may have a role in benefiting the liver in certain patients.
  • The British Medical JournalArchives suggest collinsonia canadensis to benefit colon health, but little to no modern research exists about the supplement.

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Company Bio

Who Makes Cholacol?

Standard Process is the company behind Cholacol. Founded in 1929, Standard Process operates on five core values:


Fostering the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual health of employees and customers.


Focused on the importance of using whole food concentrates and herbs.


From farming to shipment, each process is high-quality.


Supporting the environment through environmentally-safe business, farming, and manufacturing.


Strengthening the company for future generations.

The founder of Standard Process, Dr. Royal Lee, chose a holistic approach to wellness, challenging established scientific beliefs. His goal was to provide dietary supplements containing nutrients often found in nature. He sought out to keep nutrients intake and not split them from their natural synergists. By doing so, it improved bioavailability.

Customer Service

Customer Service Contact Information

  • Address: Standard Process Inc. 1200 W. Royal Lee Drive Palmyra, WI 53156
  • Phone: 800-848-5061 (toll free) 262-495-2122 (local)
  • Customer Care Phone: (Orders) 800-558-8740 (toll free) 800-438-3799 (fax)
Return Policy

Return Policy

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is required for all returns and it must be visible on the outside of the shipping box or on the mailing label. To receive a RMA, call Customer Care at 800-558-8740 within 30 days of the order date and state: Product name, Invoice number, Reason for return, and “Best Used By” date. Returned, unopened product must be in the original container (carton and bottle). There is a 20% processing fee on all returned products. Any products returned without a visible ARN will be refused by Standard Process Inc.

Why Use Cholacol?

Why Use Cholacol?

The use of Cholacol falls back to one of the claimed benefits of supporting the gallbladder function. According to Informed Health, the gallbladder holds bile, the greenish-brown fluid secreted by the liver, helping digestion. The gallbladder holds bile and releases it when we consume greater amounts of fat. The bile is then released into the small intestines where the first stage of fat digestion occurs.

After further digestion, the fat then becomes absorbed. The liver continues to create bile, even when the gallbladder doesn’t function at optimal levels. This is where the supplement comes into play. Especially with its key ingredients – Collinsonia root and purified bovine bile salts. The two work synergistically to encourage absorption in the intestines and support fat metabolism.


Cholacol Benefits

There are a host of claimed benefits of Cholacol, including:

  • Supports healthy fat digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Reduces gastric discomfort.
  • Stimulates the function of the gallbladder.
  • Nutrients from plant and animal sources.

The formula encourages the gallbladder to contract, releasing bile and supporting the breakdown of fats. Bile salts in the ingredients promote healthy digestion and reduce bloating and full feeling after eating.

Cholacol Ingredients

Cholacol ingredients are a proprietary blend containing:

  • Collinsonia root
  • Purified bovine bile salts
Details About the Ingredients

Details About the Ingredients

Collinsonia root

Collinsonia root is an herb used in traditional medicine to support digestion and the bladder and kidneys’ healthy function.

Additional research published in The British Medical Journal supported Collinsonia’s use, which showed it supported a healthy digestive system, aided in chronic gastritis or indigestion.

Purified bovine bile salts

Cholacol contains a concentrated source of bile salts. Bile salts play a role in the absorption of fat and digestion, according to PubChem. Research presented in the journal Frontiers in Medicine concluded, “bile salts are antibacterial agents…control the structure of the intestinal microbiome…and play a role in intestinal homeostasis.”

According to the journal Structure, “bile salt-activated lipase (BAL), possesses unique activities for digesting different kinds of lipids.”

What Makes Cholacol Unique?

Standard Process claims Cholacol is a unique fat digestion supplement. What makes it unique?

The supplement contains a 700 mg proprietary blend with Collinsonia root and purified bovine bile salts. The company states the two work together to provide whole foods in a convenient form.

Standard Process also sources nutrients from animal and plant sources. Purified bovine bile salts taken from the bovine gallbladder promote the human gallbladder’s healthy function while promoting fat metabolism.

Collinsonia root promotes healthy liver function, and the vitamins and minerals work together for maximum effect.

One of the corporate values of the Standard Process is “Process.” When focusing on ingredients, the company doesn’t isolate the components. By not isolating the components, the nutritional values remain intact.

The company employs on-site chemists and microbiologists to conduct analytical and bacterial tests to ensure safety and quality standards.

Standard Process also analyzes vitamin and minerals, ensuring only high-quality nutrients are delivered.

Side Effects

Potential Cholacol Side Effects

While user feedback doesn’t mention side effects, there’s a chance some may notice side effects from Cholacol ingredients, including the consumption of too much iron.

One study published in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine found that overconsumption of iron can be extremely harmful to health.

Bovine bile salts

The National Institutes of Health – LiverTox only mentioned the adverse effects of bile salts in those with existing medical conditions. According to the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, “bile salts “adverse effects include constipation, nausea, flatulence, bloating, and abdominal pain.”

Where to Buy

Where to Buy Cholacol

When visiting the official Cholacol website, you’ll notice there’s a “How to Order” button on the page. After selecting the button, you’re taken to a screen asking you to enter your zip code, and the system finds the nearest healthcare professional selling Cholacol. You cannot buy the product on the official website.

However, you can buy Cholacol at some local Walgreens, and it’s available through Amazon.


What is the Cost of Cholacol?

On Amazon, the price is $18.

How to Take

How to Take Cholacol

The recommended dosage is two tablets with meals; or as directed by a healthcare professional. Considering each container contains 90 tablets, one bottle lasts 45 days.

Cholacol II vs. Cholacol

Cholacol II, now known as Gastrex, is different than Cholacol. While the original is a fat-digesting supplement, II is a natural cleansing supplement. II ingredients are a proprietary blend of:

  • Bentonite 415 mg
  • Collinsonia 15 mg
  • Purified bovine bile salts 7 mg

Benefits of II include:

Promotes intestinal health

Ingredients – bentonite, Collinsonia, and purified bovine bile salts – work together to cleanse the intestines. Moreover, II ingredients help mucous membranes in working conditions, help break down fats, and help move waste through the intestines for elimination.

Encourages regularity

Ingredients cleanse the intestines causing irregularity.

II isn’t available on the official website, but it’s sold on Amazon.



Standard Process filed lawsuit for trademark infringement against The Antitrend, LLC, Daniel Earle (Antitrend’s owner), and 100 John Doe defendants. Standard Process alleges that defendants are selling its products without authorization through, thereby undermining its quality controls, confusing consumers, and harming its business.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“If you don’t have a gallbladder, these are the pills you need to digest food and they work awesome for me. Just wish they tasted a little better.”

“I cannot take them. They make my stomach hurt. I took them 2 days, 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner. My stomach hurt, I felt bloated and had a lot of gas. I was hoping they would help with my diarrhea, since I have no gall bladder. They didn’t.”

“Tastes terrible but it’s helping my digestion. The pills aren’t very big so they are fairly easy to swallow.”

Cholacol Ingredients

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Cholacol

Cholacol is a fat digestion supplement offering a proprietary blend of Collinsonia root and purified bovine bile salts. It’s also an iron-containing product. Cholacol benefits include support for healthy fat digestion and help enzymes break down fats.

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What is Cholacol?


Cholacol is a gluten-free, fat digestion supplement that claims to support fat metabolism and absorption, promote natural intestinal cleansing, and contain nutrients from multiple animal and plant sources.

What is Cholacol supplement used for?


Cholacol is a dietary supplement that is used to help individuals maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It contains ingredients such as Chitosan, Phaseolus vulgaris extract and Policosanol, that act together to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and to promote its excretion.

Is Cholacol for weight loss?


Cholacol is for digestive support. The formula is supposed to help break down fats so the body can use them more easily for fuel.

What are the Cholacol ingredients?


The three ingredients in Cholacol are collinsonia root, purified bovine salts, and iron.

What are the claims of Cholacol?


Cholacol claims to help break down fats with enzymes, support fat metabolism and absorption, promote natural intestinal cleansing, contain nutrients from multiple animal and plant sources, and have a quality manufacturing process with on-site chemists and microbiologists who conduct tests on raw materials and perform vitamin and mineral analysis.

Where can I buy Cholacol?


Cholacol can be purchased using their Official Site.

What research supports the benefits of Cholacol?


While there is some research suggesting bovine salts may help certain pancreatic processes and benefit the liver in certain patients, little research supports the other claimed benefits.

How does Cholacol support fat digestion?


Cholacol encourages the gallbladder to contract, releasing bile and supporting the breakdown of fats. Bile salts in the ingredients promote healthy digestion and reduce bloating and full feeling after eating.

What makes Cholacol unique?


Cholacol contains a proprietary blend of Collinsonia root and purified bovine bile salts, sourced from animal and plant sources, and undergoes quality manufacturing with on-site chemists and microbiologists.

Are there any side effects associated with Cholacol?


While user feedback does not mention side effects, consuming too much iron from Cholacol ingredients can be harmful. Bile salts may cause adverse effects, such as constipation, nausea, flatulence, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Is Cholacol for men or women?


As there is no gender-specific language on the Cholacol website, we believe it to be safe for men and women.

Are there any free trials or free samples?


No free trials or free samples are available on the Cholacol website.

What is the top Cholacol complaint?


The most common complaint, based on Amazon reviews, is a feeling of nausea or feeling “sick.”

When should you take Cholacol?


Cholacol is a dietary supplement that should be taken with meals. It’s best to take one capsule with each meal to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. Taking Cholacol at the same time as eating each meal will also help you remember to take it regularly and get the most out of its effects. To reap the full benefits, it’s recommended that you use Cholacol for at least two months.

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