14 New Year’s Resolution Examples: Preventive Health

14 New Year’s Resolution Examples: Preventive Health
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If you are coming up with New Year’s resolution examples, you need to focus on preventive health care. Sadly, many people only seek medical care when they think something is wrong with them. It’s always easier to prevent a problem from happening than to fix it once it has arisen. Therefore, why not stop yourself from developing medical issues in the first place? When you invest in preventive health screening and preventive health services, you are proactive about taking care of your body and health. With this in mind, take a look at a few of the top New Year’s resolution examples that have to do with preventive health care. Give yourself a present this year and take care of your body as well as your mind.

Get Your Annual Physical

To take care of your body, you need to visit your primary care provider at least once per year. Particularly when people first reach adulthood, they tend to lapse on their annual physicals. Unfortunately, many problems might arise during this time. For example, some people might develop metabolic issues, cardiovascular issues, or other medical concerns that might be caught by an annual physical. If you wait until you are already showing symptoms of serious medical conditions, you might develop complications that could otherwise be avoided.

During an annual checkup, your healthcare provider is going to perform a few critical tasks. These include:

  • An updated medical history, asking if you have gotten sick or injured recently or had to go to the emergency room for any reason.
  • A comprehensive physical exam to look for potential medical problems.
  • Order a few blood tests, checking your urine, and updating your immunization record.
  • Answer any questions that you might have.

An annual exam’s primary goal is to catch potential medical conditions or injuries you might otherwise have missed. By detecting these issues ahead of time, they can be addressed quickly. That way, you will prevent serious health complications from developing in the future. If you are looking for New Year’s resolution examples that involve preventive health, make sure you get your annual physical.

Your annual physical is also a large part of losing weight and keeping it off because it gives you the opportunity to talk with your healthcare provider about any concerns about weight and vice versa. Take control of your weight this year – get started with your free trial offer of Noom today!

Resolve To Quit Smoking

Another important part of preventive health care is identifying vices that could be harmful to your health. One example is smoking. There is no longer any debate. Smoking is hazardous to your health. It can lead to cardiovascular problems, pulmonary problems, mental health issues, and a wide variety of other medical complications. Many people start smoking when they are young. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly challenging to quit smoking. Because of these challenges and the serious medical concerns that smoking creates, tobacco companies are no longer allowed to advertise.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of people who are smoking don’t enjoy it. In reality, they would like to quit if they could. According to information that has been published by the CDC, 70 percent of the people who are smoking would like to quit. People who don’t understand addiction often believe that quitting smoking simply requires willpower. In reality, it takes far more than a desire to quit.

One recently published study showed the average number of tries it takes before someone can quit smoking for good could be as high as 30, according to BMJ Open. People try to quit smoking dozens of times before they can put down cigarettes for good. If you have been smoking regularly for a long time, you may believe you can’t stop. Instead, make this one of your top New Year’s resolution examples. Some of the strategies that could make it easier for you to quit smoking include:

  • Get to the root of the reason why you smoke in the first place. By identifying the habits you have that lead to smoking, you will change the underlying causes why you pick up a cigarette in the first place.
  • Look for nicotine replacement to deal with the cravings that inevitably arise when you go without a cigarette. For example, gums and patches are common tools that you can use to replace your nicotine.
  • Take a look at a few mobile applications that will send you words of encouragement to help you stop smoking.
  • Meet with your primary healthcare provider and discuss ways that you can stop smoking. They might have access to new products that could help you stop smoking for good.

Make the decision this year to invest in your health. Try to put down cigarettes for good. Just about every organ system in your body will thank you.

Sign Up For Your Annual Mammogram

A critical part of women’s preventive health, it’s important to get an annual mammogram. Therefore, one of the top New Year’s resolutions examples you should consider a signing up for a mammogram. According to statistics, there are still more than a quarter of a million women diagnosed with breast issues every year, according to NCI statistics.

Many women are nervous when they sign up for a mammogram. That’s okay. The good news is that there have been advancements made when it comes to mammogram technology. Mammograms are shorter and less painful, and they were in the past. A mammogram’s goal is to catch any problems that might impact the breast before spreading to other parts of the body. Also, the earlier these conditions are detected, the more effectively they can be treated. As a result, this could lead to improved prognoses.

A few of the common symptoms that women might discover that could indicate a problem with one of their breasts include:

  • A lump that they overlooked in the past.
  • A lump in the breast that is getting larger.
  • One of the breasts is changing colors.
  • There is bloody discharge coming from the breast tissue.

In addition, women with a positive family history of breast conditions need to make sure they get their mammograms on time. Some issues impacting the breast run in families. For all of these reasons, you need to invest in women’s preventive health. Sign up for a mammogram and make this one of your preventive health care resolutions this year.

Get Your Annual Flu Shot

Vaccinations completely eradicated smallpox from the planet. Even though your parents probably got the smallpox vaccine, there is a good chance that you didn’t need to get this shot. That’s because smallpox no longer exists. Unfortunately, many people don’t get their annual flu shot.

This is because the flu shot may not be as effective as other vaccinations. The flu virus tends to mutate faster than other conditions. Therefore, the effectiveness of the flu vaccine varies from year to year. Regardless, the CDC’s statistics indicate that getting your flu shot will reduce your risk of getting the flu by about 50 percent. When you think about the fever, aches, pains, and overall discomfort of getting the flu, why not get your flu shot?

A few other relevant statistics about the flu include:

  • As many as 45 million people have been infected annually with the flu since 2010.
  • As many as 800,000 people have had to spend time in the hospital annually due to the flu since 2010.
  • As many as 61,000 people are killed by the flu virus every year since 2010.

Part of preventive health care includes preventing viral and bacterial illnesses. When you think about the nuisance that the flu can create in your life for a few days, imagine having to spend time in the hospital because you contracted a severe version of this virus. You decrease the likelihood of infection by getting the flu shot. More importantly, you work to prevent yourself from spreading it to someone who could be more vulnerable to the illness. Even though it’s true that the flu shot is not perfect every year, the risks of getting the flu shot are minimal. Speak with your primary healthcare provider if you have concerns about the flu vaccine; however, most people have few to no side effects at all. As one of the top New Year’s resolution examples for preventive health care, get your flu shot.

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Resolve To Visit the Eye Doctor

Even though many people are used to visiting the medical provider once per year, too many people overlook the importance of seeing an eye doctor. In reality, you should visit the eye doctor once a year. Even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts, it’s still important for you to get your eyes examined by a trained ocular professional.

When you visit the eye doctor for a preventive health screening, a few tasks will take place. These include:

  • The doctor will test your vision by asking you to read a chart at the other end of the room. You will be asked to read this chart with each eye individually.
  • After this, the eye doctor will check your visual fields individually. Some people have difficulty seeing out of only one portion of their eye.
  • Next, the doctor will use a small device that looks like a pen to check the pressure behind your eyes. If the pressure behind your eyes is elevated, this could be a sign of a serious ocular problem.
  • Finally, the doctor will dilate your eyes. They will use a mild ocular solution to widen your pupil. This will provide them with more room to see what is going on behind the eyes. The eye doctor will check the retina, nerves, and blood vessels for any signs of problems.

You must invest in preventive health services from the eye doctor. There are lots of potential eye issues that might be caught before they start to show symptoms. On the other hand, if you don’t get your annual preventive health screening from the eye doctor, these problems could be missed. If you want to ensure you can see well into your later years, you need to get your eyes examined regularly.

Lift Weights Three Times Per Week

If you would like to prevent yourself from developing chronic medical conditions, you need to exercise regularly. This includes weight training. If you are trying to start an exercise routine for the first time, resolve to lift weights three times per week. You don’t have to lift heavy weights; however, you should regularly work with weight training as a part of preventive health care because the health benefits reach far beyond weight and body composition.

For example, some of the key results from studies include:

  • If you lift weights regularly, you reduce your chance of developing chronic medical problems down the road, according to AACR.
  • Another study in the BMJ suggested that if you lift weights regularly, you will improve your long-term balance. Particularly in older adults, poor balance is a significant contributor to fall injuries, which can be serious.

With all of this in mind, if you are planning on lifting weights as a part of preventive health care this year, it’s important to do so safely. Those who are lifting weights for the first time may want to consider going to the gym with a friend who lifts weights. That way, you will learn how to lift weights properly and safely. In addition, there is a chance that your local gym may offer lift classes with a personal trainer. This is one of the top ways for you to learn how to lift weights effectively and safely.

Overall, lifting weights is one of the most common New Year’s resolution examples. It can provide you with a wide range of benefits when it comes to your long-term health. You will reduce your chances of getting hurt, and you could prevent the development of chronic medical conditions.

Invest in Prostate Screening

One of the essential New Year’s resolution examples is prostate screening for men’s preventive health. All men need to make sure they get the prostate checked. The good news is that your healthcare provider will remind you when you need prostate screening if you get your annual physical performed. The prostate is a small gland that is located in the lower abdomen. Over time, problems could develop that could lead to urinary issues. Unfortunately, prostate problems are common. According to information published by the AC Society, between 150,000 and 200,000 men are diagnosed with issues involving the prostate annually.

Some people at risk of developing problems with the prostate include:

  • Those who are of advanced age, as most people who develop prostate problems are over the age of 65.
  • Individuals with family members who have a history of prostate problems.
  • Individuals who are of African American descent are more likely to develop issues with their prostate.
  • Those who have issues with their weight are also more likely to develop prostate issues.

Many issues involving the prostate don’t cause symptoms until the condition is relatively advanced. Therefore, if someone waits until they are already showing signs to get treated, they place themselves at risk of developing serious complications.

As part of men’s preventive health, it’s possible to get screened for potential prostate issues through something known as a PSA. This is a widespread blood test that healthcare providers regularly perform on men at risk of developing problems. If you are looking for a great New Year’s resolution example involving preventive health care, contact your healthcare provider about prostate screening. This is an important measure that you need to take to make sure that any problems you could develop are caught as early as possible.

Research shows that overweight men are at increased risk of certain prostate conditions. Weight-loss apps aren’t just for women, guys. Check out the free trial offer of Noom today and find out how much weight you can lose in 16 weeks.

Get Screened for Cervical Problems

While prostate screening is a critical part of men’s preventive health, cervical screening is just as crucial for women’s preventive health. According to information that has been published by the CDC, issues involving the cervix used to be a major health concern in the United States. Now, thanks to advances that have been made when it comes to cervical screening, these rates have dropped significantly.

One of the most important cervical screening measures available is a pap smear. A trained OBGYN usually performs this test. By scraping a few cells from the cervix and placing them underneath the microscope, it’s possible to identify potentially serious problems involving the cervix before it can spread to other parts of the body. Because many conditions affecting the cervix don’t show symptoms until they have progressed, pap smears have the potential to detect issues before they start to cause serious medical problems.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Another one of the top New Year’s resolution examples for preventive health involves reducing alcohol consumption. Specifically, try to reduce your alcohol consumption to no more than two nights per week. Furthermore, try to limit yourself to no more than one to two drinks in a single sitting. Long-term alcohol consumption can lead to serious medical problems. For example, prolonged alcohol use can lead to problems with liver health. If you develop issues involving your liver, you may also develop problems involving your cardiovascular system, as the two are closely related.

Even a single episode of drinking too much can lead to potentially serious problems. Some of the side effects of alcohol consumption include:

  • You may notice that you are starting to feel tired.
  • You are going to have issues seeing and hearing clearly.
  • You will have problems making appropriate decisions.
  • Your inhibitions will be reduced.

If you need help reducing your alcohol intake, trained professionals are willing to lend a helping hand. Some of the signs that you may have a problem with alcohol include:

  • You noticed that people are complaining about your drinking more often.
  • You tend to get annoyed when people complain about your drinking.
  • You feel guilty about how much you are drinking, such as hiding empty cans and bottles.
  • When you wake up, you feel like you need another drink immediately to help yourself feel better, commonly referred to as an “eye-opener.”

Even if you don’t have a problem with alcohol, you can still prevent potential issues from developing down the road by resolving to reduce your alcohol intake. If you do have concerns about drinking, contact your primary care provider for assistance. One of the top New Year’s resolution examples for preventive health should be reducing alcohol intake. When you take steps to reduce your alcohol intake, you invest in your overall health.

Visit the Dentist Twice This Year

When you were growing up, you were probably told to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. You probably also went to the dentist every six months. Your parents were very diligent about making sure that your teeth are healthy. Unfortunately, when many people reach adulthood, they tend to let their visits with the dentist lapse. There are very few people who look forward to going to the dentist. It’s not exactly comfortable to have the plaque removed from your teeth. On the other hand, this is still an essential part of making sure that your teeth are healthy. According to Healthy.gov, less than half of people in the United States are visiting the dentist as often as they should.

Some of the key problems that your dentist may detect during the visit include:

  • The dentist may find cavities that you did not see.
  • They will help treat gum problems and inflammation.
  • If you are suffering from the loss of enamel, your dentist can help you address this issue.
  • If you have periodontal concerns, your dentist can help you better understand your treatment options.

If you are looking for a preventive health screening and preventive health services to become part of your New Year’s resolution examples, resolve to go to the dentist twice this year. In addition to detecting potential oral health problems, your dentist can prevent oral health issues from arising by removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. When you visit the dentist every six months, you invest in your preventive health care.

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Get Your Cholesterol Screened

Another one of the top New Year’s resolution examples is to get your cholesterol levels screened by your healthcare provider. Your cholesterol and triglyceride levels are significant to your overall health. Unfortunately, a typical American diet can cause people’s cholesterol levels to rise way too much. Those who suffer from high cholesterol levels run the risk of developing serious cardiovascular complications. On the other hand, knowledge is power. Those who get their cholesterol screening will identify potentially serious cholesterol problems before they get out of hand.

When you visit your healthcare provider for an annual physical, they will probably draw your blood as part of the appointment. This blood draw is designed to look at all of your metabolic processes, including your cholesterol levels. Some forms of cholesterol are referred to as “bad” cholesterol, including your LDL and VLDL. On the other hand, one form of cholesterol is called “good” cholesterol, which is your HDL. Your healthcare provider needs to have all of these values to provide you with an accurate assessment of how your cholesterol levels are doing.

A high cholesterol level is not necessarily going to cause any symptoms. Therefore, one of the few ways to detect high cholesterol levels is the screen for them. If you wait until you have high cholesterol symptoms to do something about it, it may be too late. Some of the dietary changes that you can make to lower your cholesterol levels include:

  • Try to reduce your intake of saturated fat.
  • Try to get more of your protein from plants instead of meat.
  • Swap out your refined grains for whole grains.
  • Try to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay away from fried foods.
  • Exercise regularly.

If you are looking for New Year’s resolution examples for preventive health, get a health screening for your cholesterol level. By getting your cholesterol screened as part of your preventive health services, you may just prevent potentially serious cardiovascular complications from developing down the road.

Make Sure that Your Immunizations are Updated

One of the primary examples of preventive health at work is making sure that your immunizations are updated. The vast majority of immunizations are delivered within the first ten years of life. Therefore, you may not even remember getting many of your immunizations. Some of the most common immunizations that are administered during childhood include:

  • Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines.
  • The polio vaccine.
  • The Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis).
  • The hepatitis A vaccine.
  • The Hib vaccine.

Because most of these vaccines are delivered early during your childhood, it’s easy to forget about your immunizations. Apart from getting the flu shot once per year, there are not many immunizations that you need as an adult. On the other hand, when the need for immunizations arises, you need to make sure that you get them. Therefore, contact your healthcare provider and make sure that your immunizations are up-to-date. If you are behind on any of your immunizations, such as your pneumococcal vaccine or your tetanus vaccine, make sure you get it this year. This is one of the top New Year’s resolution examples.

Get Screened for Colon Conditions

Everyone must make sure that their colon is healthy. For the vast majority of people, they should get their first colonoscopy at age 40. On the other hand, those who have a positive family history of colon problems may have to get their colonoscopies starting sooner. Those who have questions or concerns need to make sure they reach out to their healthcare provider for more information.

Unfortunately, statistics show that there are close to 150,000 new cases of colon or rectal issues every year. Because there is plenty of room in the digestive tract for these problems to grow and expand, they usually don’t show symptoms until they have progressed significantly. By this point, it could be more challenging to treat. Fortunately, there are ways to catch these problems early with colon screening.

This is one of the most essential parts of men’s and women’s preventive health. Even though it might not be comfortable to clean out your colon for a screening, it’s a critical part of keeping the body in tip-top condition. When you take the time to get screened for colon conditions, you will detect these issues when they are still incredibly small. That way, they are easier to treat, and you can recover more quickly.

If you are concerned that something might be wrong with your colon, some of the signs include:

  • More frequent bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
  • Blood might be present in your stool.
  • Drops of blood are falling into the toilet bowl.
  • Feeling tired and lightheaded.
  • Losing weight quickly.

Make sure that you get screened for colon conditions on time. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to your healthcare provider for more information.

Perform Cardio Exercise Three Times Per Week

Suppose you are looking for ways to incorporate exercise as one of your New Year’s resolution examples, resolve to perform more cardio exercise. This is one of the most important parts of preventive health care. The good news is that you don’t have to run fast to enjoy cardio activity benefits. If you are willing to move regularly, you can enjoy significant health benefits.

For example, one study published in Sports Medicine specifically showed that individuals who regularly engage in cardio activity could reduce their chances of developing serious metabolic problems down the road.

There are lots of different ways that you can engage in cardio exercise. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Walk around the neighborhood.
  • Go for a run after work every night.
  • Use the elliptical machine at the gym.
  • Go for a bike ride with a few friends on the weekend.
  • Swim a few laps in the pool.

If you are thinking about starting a cardio exercise routine for the first time in a while, it’s important to start low and go slow. For example, you may want to start by walking around the block for 30 minutes continuously every night. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you walk. Simply make sure that you walk for 30 minutes straight. As you get in better shape, you will realize that you can walk farther and faster. Then, you can progress to some of the other exercises on the list. You may even want to set a goal for yourself in the future! You and a friend may want to sign up for a 5K in a few months.

Focus on Your Preventive Health with These Creative New Year’s Resolution Examples

You need to take care of your overall health this year. This means investing in preventive health screening and preventive health services. When you are trying to develop your New Year’s resolutions list, ensure that preventive health care is at the top of the list. Your body and your mind will thank you.

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14 New Year’s Resolution Examples: Preventive Health

What are some healthy new year’s resolutions?


Eating nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. Exercising regularly – think of ways to make it fun. Making time for yourself and getting enough rest. Taking steps to manage stress levels and stay happy and calm. Setting achievable goals that you can work towards over the year.

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