1-Db Goddess Review – 10 Things You Need to Know

1-Db Goddess Review 

											- 10 Things You Need to Know
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1-Db Goddess is a fat-burning diet supplement designed for the uniqueness of a woman’s body. The company claims to restore hormonal balance in women to help achieve health goals. But with secrecy about the formula, is there any support to back up these claims?

1-Db Goddess can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the 1-Db Goddess Fast Pack?

The 1-Db Goddess Fast Pack is a combination of three supplements: 1-Db Goddess, Thyro-Drive, and Opti-Greens 50.

Thyro-Drive – A metabolism booster with green coffee bean, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, guggul extract, and ginger root extract, among others.

Opti-Greens 50 – A superfood powder packed with phytonutrients, plants, enzymes, and probiotics.

What does the research have to say about these kinds of ingredients?

  • Gastroenterology Research and PracticeSome research shows green coffee extract may be able to aid in weight loss.
  • FoodsGinger is thought of as a “power food” as it can have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, neuroprotective effects.
  • Food & FunctionRaspberry ketones have limited benefits on weight loss.

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Company Bio

Who Makes 1-Db Goddess?

As listed on the official website, 1st Phorm manufactures the advanced fat loss acceleration system. The company shares quite a bit of information, including a complete label showing all 1-Db Goddess ingredients.

If you need help with your product, you can contact 1-Db Goddess customer service by live chat, but we tested the chat function twice, and we weren’t able to reach a representative.

1st Phorm’s address is:

2091 Fenton Logistics Park
Fenton, MO 63026

You can also reach 1-DB Goddess by email at [email protected].

1st Phorm and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

1st Phorm is accredited by the BBB. They’ve earned a rating of A+. Their customer review rating is good, as well, with an average rating of 4.21/5 based on 24 customer reviews. What really impresses the BBB is that in 13 years of business, they’ve only had to close two customer complaints.


What is the Cost of 1-Db Goddess?

The first concern is related to the cost of the 1-Db Goddess. “One bottle is $69.99,” said our Research Editor. “While not expensive, when you look at of 1-Db Goddess ingredients; it’s more than comparable supplements out there.”

One customer complained, “The 1 Db Goddess Fastpack ended up costing me $100 after their 25% discount for being a radio listener. I think it has put my body into starvation mode because I have not lost any weight at all. It just makes me feel sick to my stomach any time I eat, no matter what I eat.”

On the other hand, some users found the cost-competitive with other brands.

“The price point is competitive,” commented a customer.

Negative Reviews

Are Negative Reviews Concerning?

We tend to look for customer reviews on both sides of the fence. This way, we have a clear indication of user experiences. “I took the DB-1 Goddess and Thyro-drive (recommended dose) about a year ago, and it made me jittery. I have ten stubborn pounds that I cannot get to go away,” commented a user.

We focused on the positive ones.

“I’ve tried the 1-DB Goddess Prime! I liked it,” said a dieter.

“I use the thyro drive and metabolism pills, and I do NOT exercise…been on this for a little over a month now, and lost about 7 pounds,” reported another.

Does it Work?

Does 1-Db Goddess Work?

1-Db Goddess claims it’s an effective weight-loss option. We looked for research supporting the claims. However, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients. There’s research into the effectiveness of green tea and caffeine.

Plus, we found studies supporting the antioxidant effect of ashwagandha. The cocoa, guarana, and green coffee extract could be your connection to enhanced metabolic rate.

Research published in both the Journal of International Medical Research and Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions noted that ashwagandha has strong antioxidant properties.

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that green tea also had strong antioxidant levels due to its catechin content. Additionally, research published in Nutrients notes that guarana may lead to an increase in the energy metabolism.

More research published in Nutrients found that the flavanols in cocoa could help with oxidative stress and inflammation.

Nutritional Neuroscience found that green coffee extract could have beneficial effects on the brain metabolism, while more research in Nutrients found that this same extract could have benefits on cardio-metabolism.


How to Take 1-Db Goddess

There is a tolerance phase suggested by 1st Phorm. After taking a single pill, wait for 5 hours. If your reaction was as expected, you could take two capsules, five hours apart each day. You should never take more than the suggested amount and avoid taking after 3 pm to prevent the stimulant affecting sleep.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy

You can purchase 1-Db Goddess for around $70 on the official website, as of mid 2022. You can choose to subscribe to have bottles sent every 14 or 30 days.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of 1-Db Goddess

What did our research uncover about the good and not-so-good features of this fat burner?


  • You can purchase it from the official website.
  • Stimulants is proven to promote metabolism.


  • The cost is higher than some comparable products.


A woman, Catherine Bauer, suffered a stroke from taking a “Thyro-Drive” diet supplement, she claims in a lawsuit against the manufacturer, the distributor, and the store that gave it to her. Catherine Bauer sued 1st Phorm International, Supplement Superstore, its store manager Jordan Pea, and Buff Enterprises, in St. Clair County Court.

1-Db Goddess Ingredients

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does 1-Db Goddess Work?

Can 1-Db Goddess be a game changer? Based on the ingredients, there’s a chance. We like that there’s research backing several of the extracts. But, there are concerns. We have an issue with a few negative comments and reports that the supplement costs more than expected.

We’re all for moving toward a healthier life and we know that means living at your healthy weight. It can sometimes be hard to make lifestyle changes, but it doesn’t have to be with a clinically-proven system.

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1-Db Goddess

What is 1-Db Goddess, and who is it designed for?


1-Db Goddess is a fat-burning diet supplement designed for women. It claims to restore hormonal balance in women to help achieve health goals.

What does the 1-Db Goddess Fast Pack contain?


The 1-Db Goddess Fast Pack is a combination of three supplements: 1-Db Goddess, Thyro-Drive, and Opti-Greens 50.

Who manufactures 1-Db Goddess?


According to the official website, 1st Phorm manufactures the advanced fat loss acceleration system.

How can you contact 1-Db Goddess customer service?


You can contact 1-Db Goddess customer service by live chat or email.

Does 1-Db Goddess work?


While there is some research to support the effectiveness of certain ingredients in 1-Db Goddess, more research is needed to support the supplement’s overall weight loss claims.

Where can I buy 1-Db Goddess?


1-Db Goddess can be purchased using their Official Site.

What are the side effects of 1 Db Goddess?


According to several user reviews, 1 Db goddess side effects may include dizziness and nausea.

What are the ingredients in 1 Db Goddess?


1-Db Goddess ingredients include Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) Vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxine HCL) Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) GSD Complex: Micro-Encapsulated Sustained Release Caffeine Anhydrous Blend, L-Theanine, Theacrine, Sulbutiamine, Synephrine, CDP Choline and Huperzine A BioTherm: Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, Coleus Forskohli Extract, Hordenine, Evodiamine, Cayenne Pepper Extract Goddess Blend: Ashwagandha, Damiana, Diindolylmethane (DIM), Rhodiola Extract.

Does 1 Db Goddess work?


Unfortunately, there is no science to support the fact that this product works. Some of the ingredients in the formula are cause for concern, including synephrine and huperzine.

How much does 1 Db Goddess cost?


A single bottle of 1 Db Goddess costs $69.99 plus shipping and handling.

What is 1 Db Goddess’s BBB rating?


They have BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. There are 24 reviews as of April 2022.

How should you take 1-Db Goddess?


You should take 1 Db Goddess twice a day. Take the first dose 30 to 45 minutes before breakfast, and the second dose five hours later. You’re supposed to take it for five days, then take a break for two, so a single bottle will last four weeks.

Can I take 1 Db Goddess if I have a health condition?


It is always a good idea to speak with your doctor or other health professional before starting a supplement like this one. This is especially true if you have any health conditions, because ingredients in supplements like this could interact with prescription medications. Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, or under the age of 18.

Do I have to buy Thyro-Drive, too?


While the manufacturer recommends you purchase both supplements together to get the best results, it is not required.

Does 1 Db Goddess come with a guarantee?


If you are unhappy for any reason, return the unused portion of the bottle, with your receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, plus another 10%. This is only valid for up to 30 days after purchase and applies only to purchases made from the 1st Phorm website, not retailers who carry their products.

What is the 1st Phorm 8-week challenge?


The 1st Phorm 8-Week Challenge is a program designed to help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals. The structure of the program includes an 8-week meal plan, fitness programming, supplementation guidance and habit coaching. The goal of this program is to provide users with all the resources necessary to develop healthy habits that they can sustain long term. Specific topics such as nutrition and exercise will be covered within the 8 weeks in order for users to gain a better understanding of how their habits affect their overall lifestyle and performance. Ultimately, 1st Phorm hopes that this challenge provides users with the tools needed to reach lasting success in creating a fit and sustainable lifestyle.

What are the ingredients in Thyro-Drive?


Thyro-Drive contains green coffee bean, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, guggul extract, ginger root extract, among others.

What are the ingredients in Opti-Greens 50?


Opti-Greens 50 contains phytonutrients, plants, enzymes, and probiotics.

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